Props to the Cops – More Package Thief Arrests

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD yesterday:

“Earlier today, officers assigned to the Third District were patrolling within PSA 305 with an added emphasis on combatting theft of packages within the Third District. As the officers entered the 800 block of T Street, NW, they observed packages that had recently been delivered to a residence in the block. The officers set up an observation post in the vicinity so they could conduct surveillance of the packages and the residence. A short time later, the officers observed a subject remove the packages from the porch and walk away; the individual was stopped a short distance away and found to be in possession of various packages. The officers were able to locate three different complainants and make an arrest.

If anyone has any additional information regarding this matter, they are encouraged to contact the Metropolitan Police Department on (202) 727-9099.”

And on Wednesday:

“Earlier today, members of the Third District received a call for a subject in 600 block of Kenyon Street, NW, who was acting suspiciously by going on the front porches of residences in the block. The officers, who are assigned the additional task of combating stolen packages in the Third District, monitored the call and responded to the area. Utilizing the lookout provided, the members canvassed the area and observed a subject matching the description. The officers also canvassed the immediate area and located an empty box with the shipping label still affixed. After contacting the intended recipient of the package, the officers were able to link the subject to the package’s contents and place him under arrest. This is yet another example of the community and the Metropolitan Police Department working together to solve crime issues in the District of Columbia.”

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  • Good news. Props to MPD for the proactive police work on T St, and props to the neighbor on Kenyon for calling 911, and to MPD for taking the call seriously and making an arrest. Really, a good job all around.

  • Good work, everyone please remain proactive to deter future incidents

  • Love it.

    Depending on the value of what was stolen, can these criminals be charged with grand larceny?

    • Depending on whether USPS was the delivery vehicle, they could possibly be charged with Federal mail fraud. Lock ’em up.

  • MPD, please come to NE Columbia Heights. It’s ridiculous over here.

  • Great. I still will get my stuff delivered to work.

  • So it looks like to 3rd District “put an emphasis in package thiefs” and whattya know? They caught some guys! Did the Fourth District do the same? Task Forces (or emphasis) works. It’s proven. I don’t understand why DC doesn’t do more of this type of special enforcement in trouble spots.

  • That is so unbelievably brazen, to just unabashedly steal someone’s property off of their front lawn!

  • Great work 3D! The 800 block of T is right around the corner from me!

  • Have lived in NYC, where you would never have packages left at your door – if you aren’t home, the delivery service leaves a sticky note on your door, and you either arrange to have them deliver when you (or a neighbor) will be home to accept delivery, have them deliver elsewhere (like to your office if the package is small), or you go pick it up at their location (which can be a real pain if you don’t have a car.) Moving to DC, I’m surprised that anyone would have packages delivered here when they aren’t home, as if it was still a safe suburb or small town somewhere – it just seems very odd to me the delivery people just leave them to be stolen if you aren’t home when they arrive.

  • Any suggestions for how to report stolen packages? Just call the police station or is there a special pipeline for this sort of thing? I’m in the third district and package-stealing has become pretty epidemic on my block.

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