Props to the Cops – Arrest Made in Scooterjacking Robbery in Shaw

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“On May 9th, 2014, at approximately 10:04 P.M., police officers from the Third District were dispatched to a 911 call for a robbery at Marion Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. Once on the scene, the officers located the victim, who advised that she was sitting on her motor scooter when a young male ran up and pushed her off of the scooter. The suspect was joined shortly after by another male. Both suspects jumped on the scooter and fled eastbound from the location. The suspects escaped with the victim’s scooter and her purse. A lookout was provided to police units citywide.

Approximately 15 minutes later, officers assigned to the Department’s Sixth District spotted the suspects riding on the victim’s scooter on Benning Road, SE. The suspects were stopped and apprehended without incident. Both individuals were arrested for Robbery Force and Violence, and the victim’s scooter and purse were recovered. After their arrests, the defendants reported that they were both juveniles.”

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  • “After their arrests, the defendants reported that they were both juveniles.”

    Ha. Like when kids are playing cops and robbers (or whatever, geez) and no one ever gets shot or captured because they manufacture some magical immunity to whatever would put them out of the game. “We’re juveniles! We have a special power that keeps us from facing consequences!” And they kind of do.

    • Yep, they’ll be back to scooter-jacking in no time. By the way, is it just me or has anyone else noticed a big uptick in juvenile crime in the past two years?

  • I almost thought that was an arrest for swaggerjacking!

  • I call dibs on the band named “Scooter-jack!”

  • Scooter Jack is my hipster porn star name

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