Props to DC Cab Drivers – “Commission Commendation Corner”


From the DC Taxicab Commission:

“The DC Taxicab Commission feels it is important to recognize the efforts of staff, drivers, owners and operators, riders and the public for making a positive impact within the District’s public vehicle for hire industry. Highlighting these individuals and raising awareness of their good works will hopefully provide inspiration and encouragement to all to continue to put forth their best. These actions serve as examples to motivate the continued contributions to improving the quality of service that should be expected from our industry. The Commission is delighted to honor those who have gone beyond the call of duty. Select the Commendation links below to read more.

Public Compliments.pdf

Special acknowledgement of exemplary service provided by taxicab drivers and DCTC staff.


Special acknowledgement of taxicab driver Charles Coles – Yellow Cab B456


Special acknowledgement of taxicab driver Daniel Haily – Grand Cab E067″

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  • This really pisses me off. The cab commission has flatly refused to take complaints when I’ve tried to submit them. They say “they have no mechanism for doing that.” If they won’t even log complaints I can’t take this seriously. That’s almost certainly not fair to these drivers, but I can’t just can’t trust the commission given their history and actions. Rating drivers is sufficient reason, to me, to use uber.

  • So nice to finally read some good comments!!!

  • binpetworth

    It is nice to hear of some great cab drivers, however, why did they redact the commenters’ names in the letter and yet keep their names in the PDF title?

  • What a joke. This is so obviously a pathetic, desperate PR move.

    I assume the point of this is for the DC Cab commission to say “look, we aren’t ALL that bad!”

    How about they publicize the backlog of complaints? I filed one over 1 year ago regarding a cab charging me more to pay via credit card and have heard nothing.

    Or maybe they should spend time and money to actually attempt to improve service (gasp!) by publically skewering (and banning) the cab drivers that violate policy. I’d applaud that effort. But this one stinks of desperation.

    • “Pay no attention to the drivers who kidnap customers to scare them into paying in cash. Forget the ones who try to guilt trip you out of using credit, or get you to use some sketchy off-brand machine instead. Ignore the rapists and the sexual harassers. Forget about the ones who drive like crazy people or take you the longest and slowest way possible to increase your fare. We have a few who don’t suck! Let’s talk about those!”

  • MPD should set up something like this for their officers, perhaps giving them incentives to be….well, you know…

  • It’s disappointing that the Taxicab Commission considers returning lost items to passengers “exemplary service” and “going beyond the call of duty”.

  • Desperation is a stinky cologne.

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