Popping Up on L Street, NE


This one is located at 618 L Street, NE – you can have a look inside one of the units here (3 bed/3.5 bath unit going for $699,900.) What do you think of the pop up (possible completely new construction?) itself?

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  • This building had a long and negative history in our neighborhood. The developer illegally razed a nice home to build this condo building. DCRA refused to enforce any DC laws and regulations regarding some possible violations during the demo and construction, the councilman’s office claimed his hands were tied, and the Mayor’s office refused to engage on any of the issues. The developer has a very poor relationship with the home owners in the neighborhood due to his behavior when speaking with neighbors. I can’t speak to the quality of the build but I have zero confidence in the developer. I believe his name is Greg or something like that. I would recommend keeping that all in mind prior to purchasing. I personally do not like it – the extra wall makes it seem extremely out of place for the block. Of course, unless DCRA begins enforcing the law this guy will likely keep knocking down homes for his condo buildings.

    • In some parts of the city, we need more condos, not more rowhomes. So that makes sense in some places. I don’t really hate this. It could definitely have been worse. Those first few photos make me extremely claustrophobic though.

    • +1 as a neighbor. The top unit of the condo is under contract for $799K.

      • No. Effing. Way. $800K for a floor in a rowhouse?!
        I’m sure there are crazier sales in this city but that just threw me off the cliff of credibility.

  • Looks not bad!

  • I haven’t seen the inside, but I like the exterior and massing.

  • You’d think if the realtor went to the trouble of staging they would put the toilet seat down. Adding to that: seeing the underside of the seat shows that the seat is the very cheapest, thinnest molded plastic seat manufactured.

    • +1, Viking appliances but plastic toilet seat….

    • maxwell smart

      Also – tile backsplash + 4″ countertop backsplash… basically the belt and suspenders of kitchen remodels.

      • maxwell smart

        there are so many bad decisions made in the interior, i don’t even know where to begin.

    • Agreed on the toilet seat. I’m always surprised when I see real estate photos where the toilet seat is up. And as Angry Parakeet notes, that’s one cheapo toilet seat.

  • I’m sorry, but that building is devoid of character and shows total lack of respect for the neighborhood.

  • I know that every time a pop-up is featured here (Prince of Pop-Upville) there’s a lot of arguing back and forth about scale vs. need for more housing. Without getting into all that, we should all be able to agree (all of us with functioning eyes, at least) that this exterior is absolutely hideous. It just is.

  • maxwell smart

    “It’s a brick…. house. It’s mighty, mighty, and just lettin’ it all hang out”

  • Love the roof deck view

  • There’s no perfect science when it comes development, but it seems to me some of our neighbors are being deliberately malicious for no particular reason.

  • justinbc

    Didn’t we discuss this one before? I know there’s no way there could be two houses with that terrible brick pattern on them…

  • ^ its the same developer doing the same poorly constructed condos. He’s was desperately trying to sell a couple units on 3rd ST by the Giant. If anything needs to be raised, gutted, smacked, popped, and whatever…It’s DCRA. The neighborhood has had enough and won’t let this go further.

  • The height and fenestration are okay, but that brickwork is a barbarism. Paint, paint, paint.

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