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  • yay!

    • Don’t you only eat ribs? Or, now that Freddy’s is gone, are you starting to eat healthy? Sorry, spoilers.

  • Great! The Giant on 14th and Park is waaay too crowded.

  • Praise the good not-lord above!

  • Seriously? That’s amazing. It doesn’t look even close to being done! Will all the construction also be complete by then?

  • OMG! So excited that I won’t have to drag myself to the Giant in Columbia Heights anymore.

  • long time coming, very cool

  • This is what they call a GAME CHANGER. If I were a restaurant or small business, I would want to open as near to that place as possible. It’s a 63,000 sq ft grocery store with a metro across the street. The amount of foot traffic will be insane. Plenty of space in Park Place, on Upshur St as well as various storefront on Georgia Avenue. I hope Safeway spurs increased retail development in Petworth!

    • Umm, how much of a game changer was the new Safeway across from the Metro at Waterfront SW?

      • pretty huge. middle class people actually shop there now. obviously it didn’t spur a lot of development as that is happening anyways and the areas are totally different in terms of available store-fronts, etc.

        • There always has to be one nay-sayer. This is amazing news. I can’t wait to never set foot in YES! Organic again. Plus I haven’t shopped in DC since they shut down that safeway 2 miles north on Georgia. No more driving to Virginia.

      • Comparing SW to Petworth is Apples & Oranges. Petworth and Columbia Heighte have ten times the amount of foot traffic and residents that the SW Waterfront does. Not to mention, much more store fronts available. The restaurants that are there now are making money hand over first. Totally untapped potential which I hope the new Safeway creates even more development! It’s all strollers & Labradors now… These families need places to eat and shop!

  • I think the grocery store will operate before the apartments are ready to rent. Glad they arent waiting on those to be finished (or the long wait for a C of O) to get the grocery store running. I really hope its a decent safeway and well run. This is great for GA avenue!

  • What’s going in on top of it, office space?

  • That is fantastic news. I’ve been using the one at 5th and L, NW, because it’s close-ish to my work, but that means dragging grocery bags onto the 63 bus after work. Can’t wait to be able to walk to the grocery store again, and have a clean, modern one at that.

    I thought they might be close to done, because it looked like they were setting shelving up the last time I went by on the bus (the 63 does provide a great view over the pedestrian walkway).

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