Painted Bike Lane on 1st Street, NE near Union Station


Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting us:

“Fresh paint on the new bike lane on 1st st NE across from CNN DC.”

I love when they paint the whole lane! Which do you guys prefer – painted or plain?

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  • Painted!! They need to re-do the bike and arrow stickers though, as they’re covered up in some spots. I rode down it on Sunday evening.

  • Painted is much better!

  • I saw another street that was painted- but it was only a small section where there seemed to be a right lane merger opportunity. is that typical?

  • Painted is great! Too bad they striped it first, then painted, and now will have to restripe.

    • I think they are painting it because of numerous reports of drivers parking in the lane (hello?).

  • painted is better, it makes the lane more visible to everyone!

  • I prefer the version that doesn’t have cars parked in it…

  • Curb-Protected lane > Parking Protected lane > flex-post protected & painted lane > flex-post protected lane > regular lane painted > regular lane > sharrow > nothing

  • More bollards and other physical barriers. Paint at mixing zones.

  • Drivers see the paint and respect it more, but it can be slippery in the rain!

    • The green paint is a different material than other striping and road markings (which I believe are thermoplastic), and not supposed to be slippery when wet.

  • clevelanddave

    Oh, God, plan. Do you know what a maintenance nightmare these are going to be? They are going to look terrible as they wear through and you know here in DC it will take forever and be haphazard to be fixed. I’m not crazy about the green but given the choices in the almost fluorescent hue is isn’t bad, I guess.

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