One World Fitness Closes – What’s Next for 14th and S Street, NW?


“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if you anyone knows what’s up at 14th & S, NW? One World Fitness has been shuttered for a week or so now and their website is no longer online. Wondering what’s next for this spot.”

Hmm, I don’t think this is part of the new Logan Hardware location – anyone hear anything about this spot?


Ed. Note: Sad to have lost their mural out front – from 2008:


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  • Another restaurant?

  • A proposal to completely redevelop the property is making the rounds:

    Certainly won’t miss this facility which for years stationed pushy sales people out front to pressure passersby to buy expensive packages. This was always a shady business with few people actually inside. Never heard anything positive from anyone who had contact with them. Looking forward to seeing what replaces them.

    What is amazing is that this new proposal doesn’t involve the empty lot next door. That is one of the only two remaining empty lots in the neighborhood. I wonder how long it will take for something to happen there?

    • My thoughts exactly. When is that lot getting redeveloped? Hell, I’d rather see another beer garden on the property than continue to put up with that eyesore of car storage for Marylanders.

  • Check the reviews, especially the filtered ones, about this place on Yelp. I know from experience what kind of “business” they were running out of this place, and I for one am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED that they are gone. I don’t care what comes in its place – even an outpost of the DC jail would be a better choice. At least then you’d know it was full of crooks from the big sign that said “jail” out front.

  • At what point does 14th St reach capacity? We generally don’t go there because there is no parking and it’s not convenient in regard to public transportation.

    • Huh? U St Metro and walk one block to 14th…. McPhereson Square if on Orange Line and take one of the Metro buses or Circulator that runs down 14th street. UberX.

    • jburka

      That’s a joke, right? The 52/53/54 bus AND the Circulator run up and down 14th street. And if you have something against taking a bus, it’s literally 3 blocks from the referenced corner, 14th and S, to the U Street metro. A lot of people pay big money to pay in neighborhoods with such great public transportation.

      Besides, the neighborhood is literally crawling with Ubers and UberXs at all times of day. Surely you can manage somehow without your private automobile. Somehow.

    • Too far to walk from 13th and U metro exit?

    • where do you go?

    • You do realize that most of the large new developments on 14th are primarily condos/rentals and that those people are going to purchase goods and services, right? Furthermore, are you aware that far denser cities than DC exist, with a far greater density of both people, as well as stores per capita. Don’t go thinking for a hot second that DC is anywhere close to saturated.

    • Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded…

  • Will not miss the creepy block of fake fat the gym would set out on the street for advertisement. Let me drink my $14 mojito and $25 burger in peace!

  • I’m very sad. Contrary to the other comments I see here, we had a great experience with One Fitness World. It was indeed a gem of authentic down to earth business in the midst of the flashy restaurants and shops that rip us off. I’ll miss them.

    • While I do understand the at large vitriol aimed @OWF, THANK YOU Vincenzo for speaking up for some of the scrupulous & decent trainers that worked there…as well as their Clients

  • Would love to see something, anything, that is not a bar, restaurant or furniture store.

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