New (to me) Bike Traffic Lights


@ryan2499 tweets us:

“New bicycle signal at Rhode Island Ave, M St, Connecticut Ave is too darn cute.”

First one I’ve seen of these in DC. Nice.

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  • They are all along the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave between the White House and the Capitol.

    • You may want to check that again. There is one at Pennsylvania and 15th (near Freedom Plaza), but that’s the only one along that stretch. DOT is talking of adding them, however, since currently the cyclists share the light with straight-traveling motorists, which limits signal timing flexibility.

  • They have them at 16th/New Hampshire and U St NW too. These in particular were just installed for the M St cycle track.

  • There’s one at the 16th/U Street/New Hampshire Intersection as well.

  • yay, actually stopping at red lights!

    Hopefully this will ease some of the driver/biker tension by improving predictability.

    • The only lack of predictability was on the part of the bikers who blow through red lights, leaving car drivers to guess whether a biker plans to stop or not.

    • Don’t forget the pedestrians. I had to stop walking in the middle of a crosswalk (I had the walk signal) when a biker decided to blow through a red light and not stop for me (or even veer slightly to indicate to me that she wasn’t trying to play chicken).

      • I don’t know how many times I’ve almost crashed my into pedestrians who have waited patiently for the cars to pass before crossing against red signals without paying any mind to cyclists that might have the right of way. Just sayin’

  • Haven’t seen them before- are they timed the same as the regular traffic light at a given intersection or differently?

    • They are slightly different. The one at 16/U/New Hampshire is green when all of the car lights are red. The one at M/Connecticut/Rhode Island (pictured) is green when the M st car light is but not the RI light.

  • They are just like the bike lights all over Holland.

  • Is there a sign that gives instructions with the lights? Like, can a cyclist in that lane cross using normal M St signals as well? Or are they supposed to wait only for the cycling signal? I wonder if some cyclists in the track might get confused and use the normal R.I. signals. I ride in to work via R.I. through this intersection every morning, but I am on the right side of the road (cycle track is on the left). Fortunately for cyclists, those of us on the right side of R.I. can use the regular traffic signal AND the pedestrian signal to legally cross Conn ( It would be interesting to see if people try to use the ped signal from the LEFT side of R.I. (i dont think that would be legal or safe)

  • Wow, that is a rare sight – I have yet to see a cyclist actually use the new bike lane on M street – Every time I walk by, they are usually going down the middle of the street….

    • Well, the M St cycletrack is not completely finished yet. And cyclists are not required to ride in it. Some feel safer in the cycletrack. Some feel safer with the rest of traffic. Besides, it might be a bit irresponsible (and unsafe) for a cyclist to go 15-20 mph.

    • I’ve tried to bike in it, but until it is finished it is too dangerous. I nearly got t-boned by parking cars twice in a block and then gave up. Once it is not just a hopscotch-block here and block there system I’m sure more people will use it.

  • I appreciate this.. Perhaps it wil alleviate some of the angst between bikers and drivers

  • I appreciate this. Perhaps it will alleviate the angst between bikers and drivers

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