New Liquor Store Coming to Mt. Vernon Square, New Bakery Possible Too

440 K Street, NW

A liquor license placard has been posted for a new liquor store, Grand Cata, in the Lyric building at 440 K St, NW. And in other retail news for the Lyric – District Source reports:

“The owners of Baked & Wired, a popular Georgetown cafe, are negotiating a lease at Mt. Vernon Triangle’s The Lyric, 440 K St. NW, to open a new bread shop and cafe. They are hoping to lease 4,000 square feet to house a bread bakery, retail space and cafe seating.”

That would be a big score for Mt. Vernon Square.

looking west towards 5th Street

Also of note about a block away Eye Street Cellars recently opened at 425 I Street, NW:


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  • A brand new liquor store JUST opened on I Street between 4th and 5th – literally on the other side of The Lyric. Plus, there’s a store at 5th and K that is going up-scale to match the area’s gentrification. And Safeway is down the block. Oversaturation much?

    • accendo

      I agree, and Tunnel Wines & Spirits over on Mass Ave as well. I think we’re covered and I love booze!

    • +1. There is also Kiflu’s Wine and Spirits at the corner of 5th & M (previously named Good Libations). The previous owner sold due to a serious in business as a result of first Safeway followed by Costco. According to him, he couldn’t match those prices for hard liquor, especially when DC allowed big box liquor sales on Sundays. I doubt the area can support all these stores.

  • I love the prospect of another Baked & Wired. And I’m so excited to see what they can do with bread; if it’s anywhere near their proficiency with pie, we’ll have a contender for best bread in the city.

    • I always feel sorry for those suckers standing outside Georgetown Cupcakes when Baked and Wired is so close… they just don’t know…

      • Last few times I’ve been to B&W it’s had a considerable line itself, though nothing compared to the ridiculousness of Georgetown Cupcake.
        It’ll also be good for B&W to have a more standard layout, with more seating. The current store’s layout is confusing and inefficient, but because of structural elements, there’s nothing that they can do about it.
        I used to work just down the street from B&W. It’s probably good for my waistline that I don’t anymore.

    • They’re not going to sell the same sort of stuff as B&W – more bread and less sweets (according to their conversation with the Georgetown Metropolitan).

  • I think Baked & Wired would do well at this location. I promise to be a customer! Their zucchini bread is amazing.

  • If there’s one thing the District is over saturated with its liquor stores. My neighborhood offers little but what I call the “suck the money out of the less fortunate” businesses – liquor stores, carry outs, nail salons, and storefront churches.

    • As a group, a lot of them draw heavily from Maryland where there is much more regulation of , esp. wine. This area probably could support something more than the little old timey places. i don’t know that some new small plates place is necessarily less of a sucker of money than a carry out, although I’m glad a lot of the the money gets sucked out of clueless suburbanites

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