New Jazz Lounge and Jamaican Restaurant, The Pitch, Coming to Petworth

4015 Georgia Avenue, NW

Potentially awesome development for the space above the Petworth Laundromat at Georgia and Shepherd St, NW. A recent liquor license placard has been posted for The Pitch:

“This will be a lounge that will provide entertainment and American/Jamaican Food. The entertainment will be a jazz band, open mic, dancing and DJ. Total occupancy load is 50, Sidewalk Café seats 8, Summer Garden Café seats 6.”

Updates as construction progresses and they get closer to opening.


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  • You lost me at “above the laundry mat”, but I wish them well.

    • Is it bad to be above the laundry mat?

      • Yeah, I’m not sure why that’s a problem, fumes from the soap?

        • Not an ideal place to say yeah meet me at the place, its right above the laundramat. But then again, U street music hall is under one and they seem to be doing well

          • I don’t even understand your issue. Do you feel that people would think less of you for suggesting a place above a storefront ? What if it was next door, bad too?

  • justinbc

    On a related note, anywhere left to find reliably good jerk chicken? It seems like most of the old places are going out of business, and the newer ones that open up start out doing it proper but then all fizzle out in flavor shortly thereafter or just change to a totally different concept.

    • have you tried sweet mango? we love it! the customer service isn’t amazing and there is usually quite a wait even if you call ahead. but %90 of the time, the jerk chicken (and rice and peas) is amazing.

    • There’s a Jamaican place just across the border into MD on Riggs Road at Chillum, Junction International Market and Jerk Center, that has good Jamaican food, including jerk chicken.

    • Pimento Grill, 4405 Bowen Road SE. Best Jamaican in the city. Might be out of your comfort zone though.

      • justinbc

        Out of my comfort zone? I can’t imagine what you would possibly be implying there, but there is nothing in this city out of my comfort zone. Funny, just before you mentioned it, I read a friend of mine’s review of the place and it does sound pretty awesome.

    • jim_ed

      Uptown is full of good Caribbean restaurants. I’m partial to Lil GT Cafe on Georgia Ave. Their jerk chicken and goat curry are awesome, with huge servings and cheap. Best enjoyed while sitting on the hill in the park next to the Emery rec center, with incredible views of downtown.

    • saf

      Andrene’s, on Kennedy Street.

      • justinbc

        Damn, that one looks solid too. Between the suggestions here all up in that area I might just have to do a Jamaican crawl one Saturday afternoon.

    • I’ve had good luck with Jam Duong’s on NCap in Bloomingdale. Though I’m not sure how much longer it will be around as the building was recently put up for sale.

    • Sweet Mango is pretty good. I went there for the first time on Sunday. When I got to the register I told him “this is my first time here…tell me what’s good.” But, I’m also a woman, so maybe he was being sweet on me. Regardless, the food ended up being delicious. Not sure what the “rude” comments were about…

      • consider yourself lucky! i wouldn’t say ‘rude’ as much as ‘apathetic’. if you catch them on a good day you get average service, i’ve never had them treat me or my bf rudely but i’ve seen them treat others like that.

  • This could be awesome….or it could be the return of Island Cafe.

  • Good name choice, nobody will ever get it confused with the Pinch just a few blocks away.

  • I’m waaaay more excited for the new Safeway (June 27th opening according to Reps at Celebrate Petworth) and Crane & Turtle. Glad to see more development though!

  • Surprised another Jamaican place is opening to compete w/ Sweet Mango’s. Then again, U st has Jamaican Joes and the Islander. I’m all for it!

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