Multiple Stabbings on H Street, NE around 2am, One Arrest Made

From MPD:

“There were 2 seperate ADW incidents that occured at basically the same time on 04-24-14 at around 0215 hrs. in the 1300 block of H St NE a subject stabbed the complainant in the abdomen after a verbal argument, when another individual attempted to intervene he too was stabbed in the abdomen. Both victims received medical attention and are in stable condition. At the same time there was an altercation in the 1100 block of H St NE where 2 subjects were stabbed by a subject with an unknown object. Subjects were transported and received medical attention. An arrest was subsequently made in the 2nd incident. The incidents were not related.”

@_christopher tweeted in regards to one incident:

“To recap: Club XII has been reopened by ABC for <30 hrs and they've had yet another stabbing. XII patron was stabbed in face & head, dragged down stairs by hair, according to those inside room." Update from MPD:

“At approximately 2:45am today, during hours of operation, two individuals inside of Club XII located at 1320 H St NE were stabbed with an unknown object during a fight. MPD officers quickly intervened and subsequently placed an individual under arrest.

The victims were transported to area hospitals for treatment.

Due to the seriousness of the offense, the Chief of Police has exercised her authority and closed the club operations for 96 hours. ABRA will be holding a hearing on the establishments license on Tuesday morning.”

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  • Shut that club down!

  • Why does DC give so many second chances? Macombo Lounge is the same way. C

  • brookland_rez

    This location should revert back to a Cluck-U

  • This is insane!

    Mayor gray – shut this place down.

    XII needs to be permanently closed.

  • I’d terminate their liquor license and only let them have it back if they implement a serious
    security plan. (Metal detectors, frisks, additional bouncers).

    The place seems to be a magnet for felony crime

  • If this place keeps the license after this, that is conclusive proof of my theory that in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, the only two things that will be left in the District will be cockroaches and ABRA licenses. Once you get a liquor license in DC, no amount of stabbings or shootings or drug arrests or noise violations seem to ever get a place closed. Even horrible places like TruOrleans never got the liquor license revoked – they got shut down by OTR for not paying taxes.
    I do wish, however, that DC government would wise up and realize that out of 2,000+ licensees, 90% of the problems are with the same dozen or so places. Some people just cannot run a bar or restaurant or nightclub. It’s just not meant to be. If they would close these places quicker, fewer people would probably get stabbed in the face and dragged down the stairs by their hair like what happened here.

    • You are absolutely right on, ShawGuy.

      Sure, we should once again demand the closure of these same few repeat violators such as Club XII and The Scene. But if that doesn’t happen then we need to demand the replacement of ABRA leaders and all of the ABC Board.

  • How about the penalty be a large placard detailing the kinds of crimes that have occurred on the premises? For example:
    In the last 12 months:
    3 stabbings
    17 sexual assaults
    1 shooting
    That way, the stabbers have a place to hang out and don’t end up at Tabard Inn while I’m on a date there. And, the stabbees went into it with full knowledge. Seems fair, right?
    In all seriousness, though, closing the club punishes the owners, I guess, for failing to lock the place down tight enough. But the kinds of people who like to stab other people, and their friends and their enemies, aren’t going to stay home. They’re going to take their antisocial behavior elsewhere.

    • it’s not about failing to lock the place down. it’s about the promoters you work with, the tone you set in your advertising, the market you target, and so on. i’ve been a nightlife promoter and seen this firsthand. competent security is certainly an important factor but it all begins with the type of night you are trying to put on and how you promote it.

    • adding on to this,

      I wonder if it is easier for ABRA to work with an established club with a solid cash influx than a brand new owner.

      Sure, you can yank an alcohol license from an established club with a bad reputation. But another one will pop up, and they’ll have to start from ground one with a brand new owner who is more interested in profit than security…

      Continually yanking licenses from violent but established bars and granting them to violent but unestablished, unprofitable bars with less financial stake in spending money to improve security seems like a bad strategy. But that seems to be what POPVille folks are advocating???

  • It’s really about the sort of people they’re allowing through the doors. Put up a metal detector, and if someone looks like they’re high, deny them entry.

  • Club 12 literally gets away with murder. They have friends in abra and dcra so they do what they want. Small businesses who take pride in doing it right suffer because they can’t seem to follow the rules and give the nimbys amo to attack everyone… Including the ones who dot their Is and cross their ts…AND pay the exorbitant taxes, fees etc that come with opening a small business in The District. Even other bars are disgusted with them and want them gone so I ask the public not to use them as an example of why there should be less liquor licenses etc. when so many bars and restaurants are respectful and responsible and take the abra regulations very seriously.

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