“Now instead of new cans I didn’t need in the first place, we have NONE”

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“Dear PoPville,

The city seems to have a new problem with Supercan removal. In DPW’s zeal to remove old trash cans in Ward 1, they are removing cans without the yellow “take me” stickers. It happened to me on 11th street. Now instead of new cans I didn’t need in the first place, we have NONE.

Not sure how widespread it is but yet another example of just how horrible this entire saga has been handled. I got DPW on the phone and they claim they will rectify the situation soon but could not make any promises as to a time frame. Fingers crossed.”

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  • YES WE CAN!!!

  • This was so OBVIOUSLY an election year giveaway by Grey in an effort to bribe constituents (primarily those who couldn’t afford to pay the $40 for a replacement garbage can). And, of course, once he loses the election the entire program has been botched because he doesn’t give a sh#t.

    • I’m no fan of Gray but I’m not so sure about this theory. New trash cans = worst. election. giveaway. ever. Many of the containers were reaching the end of their expected useful life (10 years). It’s in the best interest of the city to replace them — helps with sanitation, controlling the rat population, etc.

      • Why would that be the worst giveaway ever? Seems like an easy way to win low and middle-income homeowners’ votes. Why do you think trash can theft is such an issue? Because low income homeowners can’t afford the replacements.
        You may be right that they need to be replaced and it’s in the city’s best interest. But do you replace them before or after the election? Any sane pol would do it before and claim credit for it. Duh.

  • you should bring your garbage and recycling to the 5th floor of the Wilson building (mayor’s office) each week until this gets resolved. They have trash cans there; let them handle it!

  • This trash can fiasco (note: my perfectly good can was taken, without a yellow-sticker attached!) should be paid for out of the mayor’s budget. Are you listening: Jim Graham? March Cheh? David Catania? Jack Evans?

  • Email Kevin Twine at DPW. He got my mistakenly taken trash can returned the day after I emailed him.

  • In Bloomingdale, they were collecting on trash day. Can’t imagine that ending well.

  • While I empathize with how frustrating it is to lose all of your cans, I can understand the removal folk’s problems as well. After all of the heavy rain we have gotten pretty much all of those yellow stickers on my street had fallen off by the time they collected our discarded cans. Fiasco indeed.

    • But isnt t it safe to assume that a brand new can that’s out on trash day isn’t out there to be removed?

  • The DPW folks (or contractors) were taking old cans from private property – I told them to put my cans back (it was too late for my neighbors – the cans were already compacted. Guy said he was told to pick up all old cans even if it meant taking them from private property.
    I email DPW about this and got a response first thing next day – they said they’d replace any cans taken by mistake.
    See today’s WPost article about the poorly planned/execution of this new can rollout.

  • I requested alley sweeping several times since the last snowstorm. Hasn’t happened once. I guess it’s Gray’s way of saying “F’me” for not voting for him. Well at least it will likely be swept after November.

  • The debacle continues.

  • Are you sure your new cans weren’t stolen? They are pretty different from the old ones and it seems like it would be hard for DPW to confuse them. Especially the recycling cans that are twice as big!

  • There was a post here, on the WaPo website, on my neighborhood listserv, etc. that ANY can left in the alley or on the curb (ie. any public space) would be picked up with or without the sticker. If your cans were taken, that would seem to indicate they weren’t fully on your private property.

    • houseintherear

      Yep. Thanks for pointing this out. Many people seemed to miss this memo.

    • Yeah, but that was on a Friday, and the collection of cans began on a Saturday — not much time for people to get the word.
      And from what MPinDC and a woman quoted in the WaPo article have said, the contractors were observed removing not just cans that were in the alley, but also cans that were on private property.
      What a mess.

  • My old can was taken from behind my fence on 8th St.

  • As is often the case with DPW blunders, no problems in Ward 6.

  • This seems like a fairly easy thing to do right.
    1. Deliver the cans to a neighborhood on a day other than their regular trash day
    2. Have a note on the cans saying you will pick up any unwanted cans in exactly 7 days
    3. Run the same truck that delivered the cans through the same route the next week and grab any old cans sitting where the new ones were delivered.
    If there’s enough demand you can run the route one more time. After that, anyone who misses their can disposal day can call 311 and go into the regular bulk pickup queue.

  • #BringBackOurTrashCans

  • they should have said: if you want your trash can removed, put it upside-down. problem solved!

  • TAKE MINE!!!

  • My can had trash in it. They dumped it out on the ground and took the can!

  • Yep, us too!! They actually came onto our property and took on of our 2 trash cans (2 unit row house with 5 renters, so we need more than the one teensy one they allotted).

  • They took all of our old cans and crushed them in the garbage truck with the trash. Most of the cans were brand new and did not have yellow stickers. This whole thing is infuriating. It was a waste of money, totally unnecessary, and bad for the environment. If they had extra money for new trash cans, they should have just made them FREE if you call in for a replacement like they used to be. That way those who actually needed them could have called and got one.

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