Mark Your Calendars – World Cup Watch in Dupont Circle Thurs, June 26 with US vs Germany

Celebration at Full-Force
Photo from last World Cup in the Circle by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Back in December we heard that World Cup watching hoped to come back to Dupont Circle. Happy to report that the deal was sealed last Friday and it’s now official for Thursday June 26th – USA vs Germany. @DupontFestival and [email protected] both tweeted the good news:

“Are you ready for #WorldCup2014? Watch the game with us in #DupontCircle!”


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  • I assume a time hasn’t been set yet for this match. It’s also slightly possible that the date could change, since one of the stadiums in Rio still isn’t completely ready.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Yay! I can cheer for my favorite team in the great out of doors.

  • Was this actually a viable viewing spot 4 years ago? Was the screen big enough and could you hear the announcers?
    I had a great time watching at Biergarten 4 years ago. Awesome crowds, though you had to line up before they opened. They were at capacity within 20 minutes of opening their doors.

    • Yes, you could hear the announcers if you showed up early enough to get a decent spot for both the USA-England and Spain-Netherlands games. Yes, it was insanely crowded and unmanageable and I have no desire to do it again for a team I actually care about.

      So this year for the final I’ll stay home and watch Clint Dempsey lift the world cup trophy, then join up for the after party.

      • justinbc

        Are you going to be watching that on your PlayStation or XBox?

      • +1. If you’re really interested in really following the game, go to a bar with large TVs or better yet quit being so cheap and subscribe to cable. The thing in the Circle is a lot of fun if you’re into drinking something with a paper sack wrapped around it and a general party atmosphere, but you’re gonna be standing for hours and it’s crazy crowded.

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