Man Riding Capital Bikeshare Bike Hit by Car and Injured Very Badly behind Union Station – Police Looking for Driver

Last night at 10:17pm a reader wrote:

“Just saw a biker being loaded into an ambulance on H St bridge. Is he okay? They’d cut off clothes and he wasn’t moving. There was a bikeshare next to him. Hope he’s okay.”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Street closer for pedestrian struck on 3rd and H St. NE. H St. from North capital to 3rd St/ both East and West Bound.”

Now NBC Washington reports it was a hit and run and police are looking for a gray Honda SUV:

“The bicyclist was taken to an area hospital with serious to life-threatening injuries.”


“The Metropolitan Police Department’s Major Crash Investigations Unit is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a vehicle of interest in connection with a hit and run involving a bicyclist which occurred in the 200 block of H Street, Northeast.

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, at approximately 9:48 pm, an adult male operating a bicycle was travelling eastbound within the 200 block of H Street, Northeast, near Union Station, when he was struck by a dark grey, four-door, Honda Accord with unknown tags. The vehicle continued eastbound on H Street, NE, failing to stop.

Anyone with information about this vehicle or its driver is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

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  • man it gets me how people are so willing to hit and run
    i was hit a little over a month ago on my motorcycle, went up in the air 20+ft… hit and run
    driver still at large

    i guess i can see running from a fender bender(not really but it isnt as bad to me) but to hit someone walking or on a bicycle/ motorcycle and keep going is cold blooded

    they are out here leaving people for dead

    hope the best for whoever was hit this morning

    • brookland_rez

      Most car drivers are a heartless bunch. Car culture in this country dictates a sense of entitlement. If we had stricter licensing standards like in other countries, most drivers in the USA wouldn’t qualify for a license. In a entitlement centric place like DC, car entitlement culture combined with DC entitlement culture yields some pretty nasty results.
      That’s why when I ride I treat everyone like they’re stupid and going to break the law. And if I have to break the law to stay safe, I do. I’ve always thought it’s better to get a traffic ticket than a funeral.
      Did you get another motorcycle yet?

      • lovefifteen

        I don’t own a car, but I must say that what you’ve written is ridiculously stupid and embarrassing.

        • eh.. he isnt far off
          its the drivers mentality in the US thats the major issue
          you look at other places in the world who operate bicycles, motorcycles/ scooters, and cars with less space, less infastructure, and more concentration of these things. they seem to navigate their roads in a much more harmonious fashion than any major city in the US
          ask anyone who rides a motorcycle and they will tell you they ride like anoyne in a cage(car) is out to kill them.
          i have stories for days about how people just do nasty shit in cars torwards bikes like it isnt a life they are playing with

          • brookland_rez

            People drive in this country like it’s their god given right. That’s why people don’t take driving seriously here, because it takes very little to get a license in the first place, and a lot to lose it. This is because driving in this country is subsidized by the U.S. Government through road construction, zoning that requires free (subsidized) parking minimums, etc. And in most parts of the country, there are no viable transportation alternatives. Driving in general is a self-centered, anti-society activity. It’s all about me, my car, getting where I’m going, F everyone else. This may work ok in a soul-less, anonymous, homogenous suburb, but unfortunately this type of mentality isn’t compatible with a city designed for a greater society not in cars- hence the high number of pedestrian/bicycle/motorcycle/anyone not surrounded by a cage of airbags and steel fatalities versus car in a city.
            People do all sorts of stupid things when they drive. Cell phones, texting, putting on make up, reading the newspaper, eating, and on and on. This is because there is little consequence. Even when a car driver hits and kills someone, there is little consequence (see article I posted below).
            Compare to Germany, for example. Most cars don’t come with cup holders because Germans take driving seriously- to the point where they don’t want to do anything else except focus on driving. As a result, Germans drive better, faster (hello Autobahn), and get in fewer accidents.

          • brookland_rez

            And in case anyone brings it up, No, gas taxes and tolls do not begin to cover the true cost of driving.

          • studies show that car drivers more than cover the cost of roads, as well as the environmental cost of fossil fuels, through the heavy taxes and tolls that are levied upon them in the USA.

          • brookland_rez, people do *everything* in this country like it’s their god-given right, but you’re narrowly focusing on car drivers as if it’s somehow specific attributable to those people. I agree with a lot of what you say about car culture, but it’s not responsible for people acting like dicks, it’s the other way around. Also you’re cherry-picking your examples of how “other places in the world” do better. The Germans take driving more serious, you say? The Germans take *everything” more seriously than we do – German efficiency and order are real things, not just made-up stereotypes. Go to Italy and see how great their drivers are (hint: not great).
            There has to better cooperation and awareness among all users of the road, for sure. But to single out another set of users as the source all problems (using flimsy arguments) while giving yourself a pass is pretty weak.

          • brookland_rez

            Anon 12:50, im focusing on car drivers because, well, that’s the subject of this post. If you want to start a discussion on entitlement mentalities in general, i guess start your own blog and make a post.
            There are plenty of countries that have better drivers. In fact, of all the first World countries, the U.S. has some of the highest fatality statistics on its roads. Pretty sad since we have pretty much led the world in the automobile “revolution”. We should be setting the example for the rest of the world and take driving more seriously than anyone else. And that gets back to our sense of entitlement that allows people to die on the roads with little to no consequence.

      • no, i wont be able to ride again until around fall due to the elbow surgery.. in physical therapy three times a week now
        so i chalked up this entire season, might take a couple rides late season on a cousin or friends bike
        i will start shopping late fall through winter (best prices)
        looking for another crossplane r1…

        • brookland_rez

          That sucks about not getting to ride this season.
          Winter is a great time to buy, especially Jan-Feb. Also, it’s good to look for a year old model. I bought my 2012 ZX10 in May 2013 after my deer accident. It was brand new in crate. I got $3000 off. Got it at Atlantic Cycle in Waldorf.
          A friend of mine just picked up a 2012 R6, also new in crate from Atlantic. He got like $3000 off too.
          Atlantic Cycle is a good place to score those kinds of deals, in my experience.

          • yea, i dont plan to buy new though
            looking to find one on good shape with most of the big purchases already made ie full exhaust, ecu reflashed(really popular with the xplanes), ect…
            there is one in texas that a guy didnt plan to sell that is decked out cf parts everywhere, full acra system, dynoed, flashed, plus a lot of component upgrades… ohlins etc
            id love to buy it but cant justify it if it has to sit around for a year

          • brookland_rez

            People sell bikes all the time with low miles. My 2007 ZX10 I bought in 2011 with only 7k miles on it. It had all the upgrades. I got it for like half of what is was new.
            So, yeah you can definitely get a good deal buying used.

      • Let’s analyze shall we? :

        “Driving in general is a self-centered, anti-society activity. It’s all about me, my car, getting where I’m going, F everyone else.”

        “That’s why when I ride I treat everyone like they’re stupid and going to break the law. And if I have to break the law to stay safe, I do. I’ve always thought it’s better to get a traffic ticket than a funeral.”

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sometimes they run b/c they are scared. I have a dear friend who did a hit and run when he first got his license. He ran b/c he was terrified. Sadly, the person he hit died. But he did tell his parents and they convinced him to turn himself in. This was about 20 years ago and he still doesn’t drive because it was so traumatizing (in his case it was a kid who ran into the street after a ball and he couldn’t stop in time). Of course it was worse for the kid’s parents, but it was still terrible for my friend. Most people don’t want to kill other people, especially kids.
      I’m not trying to excuse anyone who does hit and run, but there are more complex reasons that just being cold blooded. Sure some are cold blooded, but not all are.

      • ehh… scared or not its pretty cold blooded to leave someone for dead after plowing over them in a 2-3 ton vehicle
        just my humble opinion of course

        • Not necessarily. If the hit and run happens near Union Station in DC, what help does the driver offer to the scene? There are plenty of other people around to call, assist, etc. The driver is going to just sit in his car in shock/shame (I am not condoning a hit and run, just countering the point that it is cold blooded).

          • lol really?
            i cant tell if you are being serious or not

            when would it ever be acceptable to flee the scene
            my accident was 3 blocks from union and nobody feels as though the person that hit and ran was justified because there were other people around to help

            beyond the physical help at the time of accident what about paying for everything?
            my insurance is covering everything right now and i have had to come out of pocket to cover things like pain meds etc

        • Emmaleigh504

          Because everything is black and white, no room for grey.
          Let’s all be safe people. And I do hope the driver is found and the cyclist is not as bad off as it sounds.

          • brookland_rez

            Ummm. You hit someone. You stop. There’s no room for shades of grey? Seriously?
            That Man A, You’re too nice. No offense, but I wouldn’t be prefacing any post with IMHO if I had been made victim by a hit and run. I’d be up in arms about it.

      • houseintherear

        That’s so tough, what happened to your friend. A toddler sister of a buddy of mine in high school was hit and killed by a mail truck when she rain into the street from the driveway… from what I heard after, the mailman took early retirement and basically went insane, had to have live-in help and couldn’t go outside alone, etc. I can’t imagine. And, according to witnesses, he was driving like 10 mph, and there really wasn’t anything he could have done. Of course, lke you said, not saying it’s as rough as the family who lost a member, but it’s still sad, and I’m sure fear is a big part of why someone would drive away from an accident like that/this.

        • I had a close call with a tourist child who ran out into the street several years ago. I’m as careful as humanly possible while driving, and I think I still tapped her. Not hard enough to even knock her over, but had I been traveling even one mile an hour faster (and I was going well below the speed limit having just taken off from a red light, so I could still have been driving very, very carefully and legally and caused serious damage)… It’s been over 5 years and I could still pick her out of a lineup (what she looked like then…not now, of course).

          It’s incredibly scary, and made even more frightening by the fact that the dad took the time to curse me out (after I had jumped out of the car and rushed up to make sure she was okay, I didn’t even reply due to shock), carried her over to the sidewalk, and then set her down and walked away without holding her hand. She was, like, 3…it wasn’t her fault, but dad obviously learned nothing from that incident. As much as I hate the SUV-sized strollers, after that I wanted to start issuing them to tourists with little kids.

          • Also, if you were one of the witnesses to this, THANK YOU very, very late. I was pretty shaken up, and a couple of women got me seated on the curb and found me a water while a guy with them pulled my car over so I could calm down before continuing on my way. I think they were tourists, too, but I needed that right then.

      • That is an interesting and sad story. Good for his parents for convincing him to do the right thing and turn himself in. Did he face prosecution?
        Sometimes otherwise careful people have accidents; sometimes otherwise good, moral people do bad things.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yes, he pleaded guilty for the hit and run, I’m not sure if he had manslaughter or whatever charges. He had to spend some time in jail (not prison) and was on probation for like ever. I think he also wasn’t allowed to drive for a good bit of time, but he didn’t want to anyway. He’s really one of the nicest people I know and it really upset him to have caused the death of someone else. I remember several anniversaries of the the accident where he would just break down in tears because he had killed little kid. Again, it’s wway worse for the kid’s family, but it really traumatized my friend.

          • Unfortunately being an irresponsible coward is just as dangerous as being cold hearted. Your friend’s regret or the many complex reasons that may cause someone to leave the scene of an accident do not help the child who bled out on the side of the road while your friend cruised on home.

            I’ve been hit by cars and had many close calls. I would guess the vast majority are not cold hearted drivers, the are simply people too ignorant and self-involved to realize they are piloting a killing machine. “Oh sorry I didn’t see you there” does no good if you just accidentally nudge someone off the road and sever their spine.

            You, your friend, and anyone who drives should treat operating a vehicle with the seriousness it warrants.

          • brookland_rez

            I agree 1000%. This is the reason why we need more restrictive driving licenses. So every irresponsible coward and cold hearted killer doesn’t get behind the wheel of a 3 ton death machine…..

      • As someone who’s often wondered what I would do if I hit a pedestrian while driving, and have never been able to come up with a definitive answer, I appreciate this response.

        And the person hit in this case was my good friend.

  • boy I feel awful for the bicyclist, hope he or she is ok. One of my biggest fears is being left for dead by a driver who doesn’t have the decency to stop for the person they hit.

    that being said, I wonder if Capital Bikeshare will charge the person for having the bike out longer than 30 minutes and make him or her responsible for the damage to the bike? I wonder if they’ll buy the excuse “I couldn’t return or lock my bike because I was in a freakin’ ambulance.”

    from the bikeshare websiite: The bike remains your responsibility until it has been properly locked at a dock, or handed over to a Capital Bikeshare representative. Otherwise, you must secure the bike until you are able to return it to Capital Bikeshare.

    • First and foremost, my best wishes the cyclist. I hope he or she is okay and the identity of the driver is discovered.

      Second, as someone who suffered through a car hitting me while on a CaBi, I can confirm you are indemnified from damage to the bike because of an accident through their insurance. Amusingly, I technically still have that bike “checked out” on the website and the minutes keep on growing. They were really supportive to me during that ordeal.

      • When I was hit by a car while riding a CABI, I called CABI and the company came to the scene picked up the bike and drove me home.

    • methinks the trivialities of bikeshare charges are the least of anyone’s concern here

    • – 1 for the trolling effort. C’mon, Rick Roll as your name? You need to up your trolling level.

    • I doubt that. Bikeshare’s customer service is great. I’ve had friends who have come home late at night, dockblocked at every station within a mile, and they didn’t feel comfortable walking over a mile from the closest station. They called bikeshare’s customer service help line they let them take the bike home as long as they docked it first thing in the morning, no additional charge. I think they’ll give the poor cyclist a break for being hit by car.

      • Yeah, Bikeshare’s been super understanding with me in the past. Once I didn’t correct dock a bike and had a $200+ charge–I called and frantically promised to never do that again and they waived the fee. I am positive this biker won’t be charged for getting hit by a car. I’m really hoping he’s OK!

      • This is my first time hearing “dockblocked.” Great term!

  • I don’t know if this cyclist was wearing a helmet or not, but this sure does offer a terrible reminder to resist the convenience of capital bikeshare when you don’t have a helmet.

    • where did you read that this was a head injury?

    • How effective is a helmet in protecting against getting hit by a car? And if they are effective in preventing injuries, should we say the same thing about crossing the street? “It is a terrible reminder to resist the convenience of using unsignalized pedestrian crossings when you aren’t wearing a helmet”.

      I wonder if the increased ridership in DC that occurs due to the presence of a convenient bike share service effects increased overall safety to all riders. Thoughts?

      • Well, depending on where the impact was, a helmet could be incredibly effective in preventing injury. I’ve heard stories of people getting legit run over that were relatively unscathed BECAUSE of the fact that they were wearing their helmet.

        And further, I’d recommend wearing a helmet when riding a bike moreso than when walking across the street because you have less balance and less of an opportunity to get out of the way than if you were walking and a car came at you.

        I don’t understand why anyone would try to make an argument that people shouldn’t be responsible and wear a helmet when riding a bike.

        • No one is arguing that people should not wear helmets.


          A. If someones choice is to ride without a helmet or not ride at all (which is often the case for CaBi) they may be better offi riding without a helmet – the cardio vascular disease and other health benefits of exercise will be greater than the risk of head injury – note that will depend on how and where they ride, what their weight and CVD risk profile is, and how likely they are to get other exercise
          B. An over focus on helmets and the dangers of biking, may reduce the numbers who bike. aside from the direct health consequences of that, it reduces the critical mass of cyclists, which has been shown to directly impact cyclist safety (its safer to bike in cities where more people bike for several reasons)
          C. Over focus on helmets leads to neglect of other factors driving safety such as infra, driver education, cyclist education, etc. And of course helmets are not necessarily even the most important piece of bike equipment for safety. For those who ride at night, lights are more important (CaBi bikes of course come with lights, but thats a huge issue for owned bikes)
          D. Over focus on helmets can lead helmeted cyclists to ride recklessly. A helmet wont prevent non-head injuries, which can kill, and even some serious head injuries are possible while wearing a helemt.

          • Studies have shown two things: the risk of riding without a helmet is smaller than the benefits from cycling, and helmet laws actually lead drivers to treat cyclists MORE carelessly, since the motorists see the cyclists as “protected” by their helmets and, therefore, follow, pass, and cut in too close to them. From personal experience, I have a couple of friends who always wear helmets and have had the above-mentioned problem of drivers getting too close (even to the point of being hit), and others who never wear helmets who have no such complaints.

            That said, helmets are a good idea. Not even so much because of collisions with cars, but to protect you from other stuff. I’ve had two bad bike accidents in my life, both when I was young, both sans helmet, and they were a result of hitting an obstacle – pothole, wrinkle in the pavement – and going flying. A helmet wouldn’t have saved me the scuffs, bruises, and – in one case – broken arm, but it would have saved me the concussion when I hit the pothole. I’m not religious about it now (when I’m on Bikeshare, I’m not going terribly fast or far), but I helmet up about 75% of the time given those incidents.

      • I got in a motorcycle accident when I was in high school (not in the US). A car was merging, didn’t see us (2 of us on the motorcycle), and hit the back of the bike. We were on somewhat of a highway, so we were going fast enough to bounce along the road. While it sounds nasty, I think that saved us from not being hit by the cars behind us. The driver of the car just kept going.
        Luckily we were relatively OK. I lost most of the skin on my arms, legs, and hip. My buddy had a shattered ankle and foot.
        In the country where I was living, a lot of people commuted on scooters and motorcycles, and most people only kept one helmet with them. If, for whatever reason, you wanted to give someone a ride, you just had to walk up to the nearest row of parked bikes and “borrow” a helmet. Everyone did it, it was expected. It just happened that the helmet I took that time was one that had a visor. When I stood up after the accident, the visor was cracked and full of asphalt. It was dumb luck that I didn’t need to have my face rebuilt.
        Bad things are going to happen regardless. Little safety measures, like helmets, just help to limit the damage that comes from those accidents. People can weigh the inconvenience of wearing a helmet (do you have to carry it with you all day? will it jack up your hair?) against the probability of getting in an accident in which a helmet would save you. Probably doesn’t make sense for crossing the street, but it likely does for most people who ride bikes frequently.

    • I agree, nkc3. Although we don’t know if he/she was wearing a helmet, it makes me so angry seeing all the CaBi (and other bikers) not wearing helmets. I used to work in the head trauma ward of Washington Hospital Center and I would say that the overwhelming majority of patients were there because of bike accidents and not wearing helmets. I hope the biker makes a full recovery and I hope the driver gets hit by a bus.

      • brookland_rez

        A bike helmet is more effective than none at all.
        But you also have to think about road rash and other injuries. With a helmet, you may be spared death, but you will probably have to deal with all sorts of other injuries.
        Makes me glad to be able to wear full leathers and armor with my motorcycle. My worst accident was when a deer T-boned me at 65mph. I walked away without a scratch. Don’t think typical bicyclist spandex would have offered that kind of protection. Then again, I wouldn’t have been going 65mph LOL. But even at 25mph, I think leather and armor will protect better than spandex. Of course leather isn’t practical when performing an athletic endeavor like bicycling…

        • A deer t-boned you while you were on your motorcycle?!? That’s some bad luck! I’d be cursing the gods forever.

          • Not that surprised. My very first “accident” ever when I got my license was a deer running into the SIDE of my car on the highway. Messed up my car something wicked…it would have been something awful if I didn’t have a ton of steel around me.

          • brookland_rez

            I’m just thankful my mind blocked out the whole incident. My friend who was riding behind me and saw the whole thing is still traumatized by it.

  • I have been seeing posts on social media that unfortunately this was fatal. Awful.

    • sheesh
      damn…. sobering moment

      wishing the best for the family
      & i hope they find whoever hit them & they get everything that they have coming their way

    • Do you have a link? None of the news stories have been updated with that information. They did say life-threatening, but if it ended up being fatal, that’s awful. The driver really needs to come forward.

    • Not fatal. He’s in an induced coma

  • You’re telling me the 24/7 security car that is parked by the stationary trolley cars at 3rd and H NE were not able to see anything??? Or follow the car??? Are you kidding me? This is absurd…

  • Not fatal. He’s in an induced coma

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