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  • I’m not too sure how this thing is going to be retractable…..it looks fairly permanent :-/

  • I’m not sure the roof is actually going to be retractable on this thing; I’ve been upstairs this week and it looks like a solid wooden roof with a couple of skylights. Maybe they’ll retract? Either way, it’s a loss of a great roofdeck.

  • The owner decided that the retractable roof was too expensive. Apparently he felt that the small patio at the front was enough to draw in those craving a rooftop drinking experience. Oh well.

    • Well that sucks. Guess I won’t be stopping by anytime soon. This is a bad business move for Nellies, in my opinion. Their rooftop deck is what drew many during the summer.

      • I think they were getting A LOT of noise complaints. City is cracking down on violations of the noise ordinances. It wouldn’t surprise me if Brixton is next – I can hear that place from Duffy’s on busy evenings.

    • The small patio is probably going to be for smokers, just like it was with the temporary tented roof. So not sure if you’re a nonsmoker how that will compensate.

      My only thought with this is that if it is not air-conditioned, that area is going to be way, way too hot in the summer.

  • this is not good, they had a wonderful roof top. same thing happened to Lauriol (food quality aside) since they’ve installed their new windows the rooftop has become less enjoyable, imo.

  • Probably lots of noise complaints as others have pointed out.

    Also might be a business move since having the space covered/enclosed with a permanent roof gives you more square footage year round. I’m guessing the temporary tenting was problematic during severe weather and just makes more sense long term to have a real roof.

    • Do we actually know if Nellie’s was ever cited by the city for noise complaints?

      I do not even understand who lives close enough to complain. The backside of the block on T Street? Guess what, you live a block from U Street, what do you expect?

      How long will Dacha Beer Garden (and the many others) with annoying neighbors like this? It’s a commercial area. Take the equity you built in your home thanks to neighborhood establishments like Nellies making that area more desirable and move elsewhere.

      • If it’s anything like the homeowners in The West Village in NYC, they will only feel more entitled as their property values rise (and the homeowners get older). I understand your point and agree with it, but you can’t talk any sense into privileged folks.

        • I mean I usually don’t pull the “move to the suburbs” card because I understand there should always be a balance, but sometimes you just have to recognize you’re never going to make some people happy until you close your doors and move out and you should frankly ignore those people altogether.

          It really is a shame to see Nellie’s make this decision. I thought the temporary tent was a crappy idea when it stayed up even on really beautiful days. A retractable one would have been perfect. Honestly, they should gut that entire story of that building and start over if they are going through all this trouble. I love Nellies but the layout has always been terrible.

      • Psmitty311

        Your stance makes it sound like there shouldn’t be any good relationship between local businesses and residents. Businesses should get to do whatever they want, and screw everyone else, no matter how long they’ve lived there? I live at 9th and V, and can sometimes hear people screaming from the rooftop of Nellie’s and Brixton. I moved in after Nellie’s existed, but well before the Brixton went up. I understand that I live in a busy area, and it’s one of the main reasons I moved here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be annoyed by blatantly obnoxious behavior by the establishments around my place, or their customers. Duffy’s is way closer to my place and also has an outdoor space, but it’s quiet. District Flea is next door and attracts hordes of people, but I never hear them. If the city is finally cracking down on noise in busy bar corridors, then I applaud Nellie’s for finding a solution instead of treating the fines as an operating cost. I’m sure their customers would prefer this to the alternative of being asked to tone it down or leave.

        • Psmitty311

          I also meant to add that I did like the open roof, and that a retractable top would have been a better solution. That little corner for smokers is kind of sad-looking now =(

          The good news is that there are more roof-top bars in DC than there ever have been, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a viable replacement.

          • I don’t understand why they didn’t just build a roof over without the solid walls. Or put in large glass sliding walls that can open up on a nice day. The roof should really have dampened the noise to a more reasonable level for neighbors. But this looks like it takes away the entire rooftop aspect altogether. Sad.

        • I think if you move to an area that is right off one of the busiest commercial corridors in the city, then you really don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to griping about noise. If i move next to a fire station, I shouldn’t gripe about sirens. If i move next to an elementary school I shouldn’t gripe about children on the playground making noise.

          Furthermore, Duffy’s is a completely different establishment than Nellies and Brixton. District Flea is a flea market not a club/bar…

          • There’s a difference between usual noise and obnoxious noise. And if there are noise restrictions then why shouldn’t people expect the city to enforce them? My rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t behave that way in front of your own house, then it’s obnoxious regardless of where you are at. Talking in a normal voice=fine. Screaming, leaving litter behind=Not ok.

          • I don’t understand this comment. Are you saying gay people are somehow more obnoxious?

          • leaving litter behind is never ok. but with regard to noise, you are in an area with vibrant night life and noise comes with the territory. people don’t talk in a normal voice when they are at club or a bar. it’s ridiculous to think they would. and no, the notion that behavior is either appropriate or inappropriate regardless of the venue is, in my opinion, short sighted.

          • Of course I’m not talking about only a particular subset of people. Don’t even try that. Scream all you want inside. After 2am, talk, not scream, all you want outside.

        • I’m not sure how anyone distinguishes the noise of one establishment from the other. El Rey is also on that block and I’ve been there and can imagine they contribute a great deal to the noise north of that block.

          As a patron, I’d much rather see Nellie’s just pay the fines and I’ll happily absorb the cost than lose the rooftop. It was the reason why everyone loved Nellies in the first place.

          Maybe Nellies, The Brixton, and El Rey can all close and you can have another Chipotle or Nandos Peri Peri there instead.

          • Maybe the owners of Nellie’s actually care that their establishment is making an ungodly amount of noise and don’t just want to pay off the fines.

          • Like I said: “As a patron…”

            I wasn’t speaking for Nellies’ owners.

          • It is not the Noise of the patrons, it is the speakers they blare on their roof on Sundays. That distinguishes them from other establishments and is illegal.

          • LOL, a bit dramatic yes? Personally, I can understand neighbors being frustrated about the noise. Noise sucks when you are trying to sleep. But, I do personally believe that if you move to an area like that you knew what you were getting into. U Street is probably the busiest commercial corridor in DC. It’s noisy…duh.

          • Agreed. Nellie’s isn’t the first noisy establishment on U Street. God, go down to 14th and U on any Saturday night at 2am. It’s like moving onto Vernon Street in Adams Morgan and then complaining about all of the noise.

            Get a better realtor next time.

  • From the inside it’s pretty scary how the open windows are so close to the drink ledge. People sit on the ledge and could easily get knocked over. I hope they put some sort of protection up.

  • The problem with Nellies is the number of people they allow on the roof at once. I can’t imagine how/why the fire marshal has not done something about it.

  • I bet those huge windows will open all the way up like the new ones downstairs. It’s not a roof deck, but it’s still plenty of fresh air!

  • Don’t lose site of the fact that 4 new buildings are going up between the 9:30 Club and Nellies containing 600 units for approx. 1,000 new residents! Nellies has got to at least partially be doing this to contain sound. The 9:30, Nellies, Brixton, DC9, and Town are all about to be engulfed.

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