List of Winners for this year’s Great Streets Small Business Capital Improvement Grants

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From a press release:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor L. Hoskins today announced the second round of FY2014 awards for the Great Streets Small Business Capital Improvement Grants. These investments aim to stimulate small business creation, expansion, and retention while also creating new job opportunities for District residents, growing the tax base, and improving commercial vibrancy along the District’s emerging corridors and in surrounding neighborhoods.

The Mayor awarded 40 small business recipients approximately $1.3 million in grant monies.

Businesses in 11 corridors throughout the District were eligible for today’s round of awards. The Great Streets corridors are Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue/South Capitol Street SE/SW; 7th Street NW; Bladensburg Road NE; Georgia Avenue NW; H Street NE; Minnesota Avenue/Benning Road NE; North Capitol Street NW/NE; Pennsylvania Avenue SE; Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE; Rhode Island Avenue NE; and Connecticut Avenue NW.

Awardees are as follows:

· WellCare Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy located at 3923 South Capitol Street SW, Unit A.

· Kraft Studio, an artist studio and gallery located at 1239 Good Hope Road SE.

· DC Modern LLC, a design and building firm located at 1231 Good Hope Road SE, Gallery E.

· Capitol Services, Inc., a construction company that is expanding small business office space located at 3215 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE.

· Lia’s Rainbow, a child care center located at 3109 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, Unit 4.

· First Choice Masonry, Inc., a construction firm located at 3109 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, Unit 8.

· Grubb’s Pharmacy SE, Inc., a retail pharmacy located at 1800 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE.

· J. Roberts, Inc., a construction firm located at 2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE.

· 1905 Bistro, a neighborhood-serving restaurant located at 1905 9th Street NW.

· Pekoe Acupuncture and Wellness Center, an alternative therapies center located at 1410 9th Street NW, #1.

· Document Managers, an IT firm located at 510 Florida Avenue NW.

· Compass Coffee, a neighborhood-serving coffee shop located at 1535 7th Street NW.

· Off Road Cycling LLC, a fitness studio located at 905 U Street NW.

· Jenks Hardware, a hardware retail store located at 910 Bladensburg Road NE.

· Long Story Short Media, a media production firm located at 2830 Georgia Avenue NW.

· Upshur Books, a retail bookstore located at 827 Upshur Street NW.

· Lofft Contractors, Inc., a home improvement company located at 616 Kennedy Street NW.

· The Maskari Group LLC, a neighborhood-serving restaurant located at 3911 Georgia Avenue NW.

· J&C Unisex Barber Styling Shop, a barber shop and beauty salon located at 3545 Georgia Avenue NW.

· Mani’s Cafe & Market LLC, a neighborhood-serving coffee shop located at 5320 Georgia Avenue NW, #3.

· R & R Janitorial, Painting & Building Services Inc., a building maintenance company located at 2849 Georgia Avenue NW.

· Powell’s Barber Shop, a barber shop located at 1232 H Street NE.

· Old City CrossFit, a fitness facility located at 810 H Street NE.

· Maketto LLC, a community retail marketplace located at 1351 H Street NE.

· Oliver Opticians LLC, an eye care center located at 331 H Street NE.

· Proven Strength and Conditioning, a gym located at 1365 H Street NE.

· Wilson-Epes Printing Company, Inc., a printing-publishing firm located at 775 H Street NE.

· Health IT 2 Business Solutions, LLC, an IT, healthcare finance, and health IT services firm located at 1711 North Capitol Street NE.

· Nest DC LLC, a property management firm located at 87 Florida Avenue NW.

· El Camino, a neighborhood-serving sit-down restaurant located at 108 Rhode Island Avenue NW.

· Uncle Chip’s Cookies, a bakery and sandwich shop located at 1514 North Capitol Street NW.

· Sky Real Estate, LLC, a real estate development firm located at 1703 North Capitol Street NE, #1.

· Drake Incorporated, a construction services firm located at 4315 Sheriff Road NE.

· Fabulous Kids Child Development Center, a child development center located at 5140 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE.

· Plenary Enterprises, LLC, a general contracting firm located at 1613 Rhode Island Avenue NE, #3.

· Good Food Markets, LLC, a fresh food store located at 2006 Rhode Island Avenue NE.

· S2 Development LLC, a real estate development firm located at 1509 Rhode Island Avenue NE.

· Mess Hall, a food business incubator located at 703 Edgewood Street NE.

· VMG Resources LLC, an employment agency located at 2630 12th Street NE.

· Indique, a neighborhood-serving restaurant located at 3512-14 Connecticut Avenue NW.

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  • I thought Maketto was a Fundrise project. I wasn’t aware such a project was eligible for grant money. Interesting.

  • Aaaaand once again nothing in my area.

    • whats your area?

      • The forgotten part of Petworth .

        • What’s · The Maskari Group LLC, a neighborhood-serving restaurant located at 3911 Georgia Avenue NW?

        • If you want restaurants and/or other retail businesses to come to your area then by all means email them and let them know of your interest. It will help put your area on their radar. We’ve reached out to many restaurants to recruit them to the Petworth area (Georgia Av by Safeway, Upshur Corridor) and there is lots of interest. In some cases, the owners just need people to point them in the right direction. In addition, many weren’t aware of the Great Streets Grant. I’ve also let them know how to apply and tried to connect them with key people in the neighborhood. Keep trying. I haven’t seen any sort of active economic development group in Petworth, so it’s up to us as residents to recruit these folks.

  • jaw-droppingly unbelievable that the city is handing out tax dollars to businesses like Indique. WTF?

    • Agreed. And since when is Connecticut Ave. NW an “emerging corridor”??

      • that area is an emerging area its not a destination point by any means…i lived there for a year and business continue to struggle.

  • Three Little Pigs was awarded the Great Streets grant as well. There are many businesses on Georgia ave that were awarded the grant that are not on this list. Three Little Pigs is going to expand there market offerings and is renovating their second floor for more classes and events.

  • Is there any enforcement/agreement that the money be used towards its goals as laid out in the application?

    Last year the list also had the amounts and intentions for use of the monies. For example, Ivy and Coney got $85,000; what have they done with it?

    • We’ll help answer this question. The city does not blindly just strike a check for $85K and walk away. They have checks and balances as it’s a reimbursable grant. This means we have to tell them exactly what we are using the money for in the application. Then we have to come up with the money ourselves first and complete the work. Then we show them the receipts and have them inspect it before they cut us a check back. Currently we are close to finalizing our plans and hope to start construction soon.

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