Ledo Pizza Coming to Brookland? Update – Nope

Rendering of 12th and Otis St, NE via JBGR retail

Thanks to a reader for passing on this interesting marketing material for the corner of 12th and Otis St, NE in Brookland from JBGR retail.

12th-Otis-Streets-NE (PDF)

According to the document Ledo Pizza is on board for the new development. The location is not yet listed on Ledo’s website but you can see their menu here.

UPDATE: Since @LedoPizza favorited the tweet about coming to Brookland – I take that as a very good sign they’re coming!

UPDATE 2: Sadly a rep from Ledo Pizza writes:

“We don’t have any plans right now for that site. Although, reading through the comments, a Brewery/Ledo Pizza sounds Awesome! We were looking at the space in March last year but things fell through. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything in the pipeline for Brookland right now.”

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  • Dude… no! No more pizza!!!

  • As a Brooklander, I recognize that there is an influx of pizza places in the area, but this fills the void of a good, delivery-style pizza place. Menomale is great for sit-down and &Pizza is fast food, but none of the delivery options in the area are very good. I’m excited about this!

    • +1000 I totally agree. Other than Menomale, we resort to ordering takeout from Pizza Bolli’s which is ok, but nothing great. No more driving over to GA Ave to pick up Ledo’s!

  • Ledo’s doesn’t deliver!!!

    • Bummer! Didn’t know that. Well, still a good take-out option.

    • Actually, it does. (!!!)

      • IIRC some locations do, and some do not. I remember that the one in Rosslyn did not. Given how close this is to a college campus and lots of young families, it would be very smart for them to make this a delivery location.

        • Yep- the one in Rosslyn never delivered during the 9+ years that I lived there. I know the one at Ft. Meade and the one on GA ave do deliver. I think the one off of Wisconsin does too. Fingers crossed that the Brookland location will, but if it doesn’t, I don’t mind walking down the street to pick up my order 🙂

        • This one will probably be delivery. There’s plenty of parking, which is usually the thing that a delivery place needs and can’t get in a city.

    • The one in Georgetown delivers.

  • yessss. moar delicious square pizza please. i love ledo

  • Well, it’s better than a closed down car repair shop, but that’s a lot of pizza places in a small area.

  • Ledos is a nice local chain, but MORE pizza?! Working that Brookland “Little Rome” angle, are we?

    • More pizza, but it’s better than the other delivery spots now, so I can’t complain. Plus, they have good salads!

  • Hey, its better then what is currently there, a barren wasteland of trash for like years.

  • I love Ledo’s (even if we’re at like 4 new pizza joints in Brookland over the past 2 years), but WTF is up with that building?! YUCK.

    • Have you seen what’s in that space now?

      • Why yes, yes I have. Have you noticed that this location is a few blocks from the Metro in a desirable neighborhood in one of the top real estate markets in the country? “Better than nothing” doesn’t cut it anymore. We still have a housing shortage and a major road congestion problem, and the fact that D.C. zoning still allows development like this is shameful.

        • Calm down, Francis.
          Put your money where your mouth is and develop the lot if it’s so easy to get done. These guys are renovating the spot and giving good pizza to Brookland. This isn’t Logan Circle.

          • brookland_rez

            I agree with Eponymous. This is a block from the Metro. Why not build some housing with a Ledo’s at street level?

          • I’m with Eponymous as well. If someone is going to spend the money to build something, it is likely to be around for many years/decades. Therefore, zoning should force the construction to be done in a way that benefits the neighborhood, even if the pizza shop closes. This is especially true, given how close it is to the metro and the nice walkable strip on 12th. “Better than nothing” and “this isn’t Logan Circle” are crap responses. Logan Circle is Logan Circle BECAUSE they fight against this kind of lazy, anti-urban development.

          • I doubt the Ledo’s crew has ANY say in whether or not this get developed as housing. They have a friggin’ lease.
            I hate to say it, but posters on PoPville have ridiculously entitled expectations about what is possible in the city. Perhaps the owner doesn’t have the funding to develop the lot? Perhaps they don’t have the expertise? Or, perhaps, they don’t want to be burden with managing such a project and don’t feel like selling?
            In the same vein, why don’t the rest of the SFH owners in Brookland a few blocks from the Metro knock down their houses and build “boutique” condo buildings? That would be useful, yes? I mean, it’s wasteful to have low density, SFHs near a Metro stop. Right?

          • “Therefore, zoning should force the construction to be done in a way that benefits the neighborhood, even if the pizza shop closes.”
            Thank god this isn’t the actual law and you’re just wasting your own time typing that drivel.

          • brookland_rez

            The single family homes give Brookland its charm. Vacant 1950’s era gas stations do not. 12th St is a commercial corridor. If we’re redeveloping blight, why not build something that improves the neighborhood and adds density? 12th and Jackson, 12th and Franklin, the Colonel Brooks site, Monroe St Market, all of these are being developed in a smart way. Why should this site be any different?

  • anonymouse_dianne

    A group of eight went to Ledo’s in Oxon Hill for admin asst day. The service was strange – first orders came in quickly then one person’s veggie pizza arrived as we were all finishing. Nice twist, tho they gave us 10% discount cause we work for Census. So check out discounts!

  • I love ledos (long time marylander) i always wondered why they dont open more locations in DC. Its a nice place to get a good meal it is avoids all the “hipster” trends that are just becoming more and more obnoxious by the day. This place is just minimalist and puts out a great pie! I hope they do deliver (the one on wisconsin avenue near glover does, albeit very slowly)

  • KSB

    My first reaction is also “Seriously?! More pizza!?” But I guess it really is better than nothing…

  • Agree! NO MORE PIZZA!! Plus this ruins my dream of turning that old service garage into a rock-a-billy bar 🙁

  • Can I get some Indian up in this joint?

  • Please deliver to Petworth.

  • YES! This is awesome! I used to walk right by that derelict lot coming and going from the metro, and it was just about the ugliest thing in Brookland. Plus there was one possibly homeless guy who would defecate there in broad daylight.

    I looked it up and found the lot wasn’t being assessed at the vacant or blighted property tax rates, so I emailed DCRA to tip them off. I will allow myself to dream that maybe a higher tax bill lit a fire under their butts to find a new tenant or owner!

  • I’m shocked no one takes issue with the building/site plan. Does Brookland still have that far to go? This looks like something that would go up in 1990 in a third ring suburb, not in 2014 a block away from a metro stop.

    • i’d agree it’s pretty heinous looking – but brookland is indeed a pretty suburban feeling neighborhood.

    • what do you want? another 5 story mixed use condo building that looks like all the other ones?

      • brookland_rez


      • False choice. There are plenty of taller mixed-use buildings that are architecturally interesting. The flatiron building at Monroe Street Market is a reasonably good example.

  • brookland_rez

    I was getting gas across the street earlier this week and I noticed that lot was fenced off. I searched around on DC’s permitting website and found some permits but no name attached. Thanks for providing more information.
    That lot has been empty for the longest time. I was hoping someone would develop it into housing. It’s a great location in the heart of Brookland, a block from the metro. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put a small scale apartment or condo building (4-5 stories) with a Ledo pizza at the street level?

    • Agreed that more housing would be better. Sadly looks like it’s zoned C-1, which only allows 3 stories.

      It may just be that the cost of financing and construction nowadays to completely do over the lot can’t be made up for with the rent from only 2 floors of apartments above the ground floor commercial, against the default here of sticking with an intact, workable 1-floor commercial building.

      New housing and new restaurants are a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: developers won’t build housing if there aren’t amenities attracting renters, and restaurants won’t go in if there’s not enough demand. So I’m looking on the bright side and figuring the further enlivening of 12th street will help, eventually, lead to more housing construction on this side of the tracks.

      • brookland_rez

        They could build something like they’re doing at 12th and Jackson or 12th and Franklin:


        • Agreed that’d be sweet. The jackson flats have an alleyway access for all that off-street parking; no such alleyway here. But maybe they could just build one. Also notice that there’s no retail/commercial on the ground floor at Jackson. Maybe something like that’ll come together here in the near future but in the meantime any use of the lot is a huge upgrade form creepy blighted vacant lot.

  • Ledo was the DC area’s best 20 years ago. The locations vary a lot and there certainly are more and better options now.

    Delivery? Often a sign that some place sucks and it often winds up being soggy and cold if you’re not the first stop.

  • What would be amazing here…Ledo’s or not, is partnership with a microbrew to make it a Ledo’s with local beer and an outdoor seating area.

    That would be amazing.

  • Ledo: Come check out space in Petworth. We just lost Moroni Bros so are lacking in the pizza area. A sit down restaraunt could do really well!

  • are there people not from maryland or the midwest that like Ledo’s?

    • I am from the midwest and the last time I was at Ledo’s, the pizza had a large pool of grease in the middle. I haven’t been back since and probably won’t.

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