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  • i give this place no more than 6 months. Terrible location, no foot traffic

    • maxwell smart

      I take it you don’t live in the area – there is a lot of foot traffic coming from the Van Ness metro station, which is only a stone’s throw away. Plus if they can ride out the construction, once Park Van Ness opens and the Student Center is finished, this area might be turning around. I will give you, it’s a terrible looking building, but the same could be said about the entirety of Van Ness.

      • The location is great, it’s right on Connecticut close to a number of large apartment buildings, embassies, Howard and UDC, Giant, and other shops and restaurants. The problem is that the ugly 1960s architecture seems to hide everything, and the location has been cursed with sub-par restaurants for a while. The Jamaican place that was there last year closed down because the food was average and service super slow – and the Indian place before it was terribly overpriced. I’m hoping Laligraus has better luck but I walked past there on Saturday night and it was empty. The best thing for that block of Connecticut Ave would be for someone to bulldoze it and start over with a mixed use development, like what they’re doing with the old Van Ness center up the street.

        • maxwell smart

          “walked past there on Saturday night and it was empty” I’m going to chalk that up as they literally just opened and I doubt many people knew they were open. Also it looks like they have a take-out special going.

  • FWIW, I stepped inside yesterday and it looks really nice inside. Menu was pretty typical for Indian cuisine around here, but they also have Nepali momos (dumplings). I hope to give the food a try within the next week or so.

    • Momos!!! That is AWESOME news!!! I’ve been wanting a reasonably convenient source for these!

      • I am now very very happy! I stopped by here and got an entree size order of momos. They were very good, and the sauce is truly wonderful. So my momo – fix needs were nicely met. The people who work there were very friendly and very nice. I will definitely be going back here soon!

  • dal bhat…24 hour power!!

  • This is North Cleveland Park. Van Ness is a street and the name of a Metro station. For someone who is so picky about neighborhood names, I would’ve figured you’d get this one right.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I don’t give a frog’s fat ass what you call it. I, and many others, call it Van Ness. Please don’t mix that up with me being picky about neighborhood names… as I said, I will take no offense at whatever you want to call it with your pals.

    • maxwell smart

      If anything, this is Forest Hills, but given that the Van Ness Metro station is 350 feet away door-to-door, I think it’s pretty safe to call this Van Ness.

    • Just to pile on, in all my many years in this area I’ve never heard anyone use the term “North Cleveland Park”. Most of the people I know refer to this area as Van Ness.

      • Maybe, but before Metro arrived, people actually did call it Forest Hills. It wasn’t North Cleveland Park.

        • I believe that. I was too young in the pre-metro years to notice what people were calling things. I have heard people call it Forest Hills on occasion more recently though. Still, never heard anyone say “North Cleveland Park”; I may have heard people say “north of Cleveland Park” though.

      • North Cleveland Park and Forest Hills are two different neighborhoods. Roughly speaking, North Cleveland Park is the area west of Connecticut to the north of Cleveland Park, and Forest Hills is the area east of Connecticut (boundary maps here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Cleveland_Park; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_Hills_(Washington,_D.C.)). I’ve heard people use “Van Ness” to refer to the concrete jungle along that stretch of Connecticut, and I think that’s the popular term for it by now. But when people use “Van Ness” to refer to the neighborhoods on either side of Connecticut, things get confusing because it lumps together areas that aren’t part of the same neighborhood.

    • I have been living in this neighborhood for 8 years and have always called in Van Ness. People seem to know what I am talking about.

  • How is the sushi place next door? I’ve heard good things so far, but like just about everybody else, I have zero reason to be in this neighborhood unless I’m zipping past in my car on the way out of town.

  • First of all I think that building is usually to blame for the failures – it’s awkward and overpowered by the larger ones around it. Secondly. I’ve never heard this referred to as anything but Van Ness. Don’t pick on the man that provides the most useful information and updates in this area.

  • I live in this area – North Cleveland Park, Forest Hills, Van Ness, whatever you want to call it (I call it Van Ness) – and I was thrilled to see an Indian restaurant come in. I’ve eaten there twice – delivery on a Thursday night and eat-in on a Saturday afternoon. Both times there were two or three tables occupied. I tried the Paneer Tikka Masala and it was excellent. I’ve been eating eating Indian food for 10-15 years and this was the best I’ve had. For my second meal, I tried the Samosas, a Chicken Choila (Nepali) and Kheer (rice pudding). The samosas were okay with an underlying cardboard taste that made me think they were out of box – not made on site. The choila was weird but I’ve never had that before – it’s hard to judge and the kheer was decent. I’ll give them another shot – the servers were very attentive and the prices were on the edge of a reasonable take-out Indian place.

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