Hyatt Place Hotel Nearing Completion on New York Ave in NoMa

33 New York Ave, NE

From JBG:

“Hyatt Place – Washington DC/US Capitol is a new 200-room all-suites hotel opening in June 2014. Featuring lobby entrances on both New York Avenue NE and N Street NE, the design of the building will create a gateway presence for this portion of NOMA while cultivating a pedestrian-friendly, live-work-play neighborhood. Located two blocks from the NoMA Metro Station and less than a mile from Union Station, the Hyatt Place will feature meeting space, the signature Hyatt Place dining experience, a state‐of‐the‐art fitness facility, and an outdoor pool and terrace overlooking N Street. Many of the guestrooms will have spectacular views of the Capitol, Union Station and several of the monuments around the district. The building is striving for LEED Silver Certification.”

Like the way it turned out?

looking east

looking west toward North Capitol Street

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  • I think it looks great! Onward and upward NoMa!

  • Is Covenant house still operational?

    • I believe that’s there administrative offices…but I could be wrong. The shelter is across the river.

    • I believe that is their administrative office whereas the shelter is across the river.

    • Because you would rather have neglected/abused/discarded teenagers just tossed out into wilds to fend for themselves?

  • I miss going to the Go-Go at Mirrors. So much fun, so many stories from that place.

    • seriously…
      well i miss gogo being what it was back then
      but deff a spot that carries many memmories
      its somewhat crazy to me that this is a hotel

  • The buildings to the East look great and yet will most likely be torn down. The hotel is okay…looks out of place at the moment. Is the nightclub with the problem past still open around the corner?

  • I don’t get it–the hotel looks like it was built on the assumption that there would be new buildings to the east built, but that Covenant House on the west will stay there indefinitely. Seems like a risky assumption.

    • Orrrr maybe they’re not making an assumption but have researched the zoning/air rights at the Covenant House parcel. But I guess it’s possible they spent tens of millions of dollars without looking into it.

  • I have to hate this building because it blocked my view of the Library of Congress done from my deck. I used to be able to point out the reading room and the gold flame on top of it. Progress robs some. : )

    Outside of that, it is a decent looking building (hint hint VMP developers). It would be nice to hear the full story of the site like what is going to happen at the CH building / lot right beside it. Obviously they know their won’t be another tall building there and the building there now is crap so if it was ever sold it could only be a park or some low building…… and where will the next building go that will house the Landmark Theater that is set to open in 2016?

  • Fugly.

  • Is this the project that also includes the movie theater? Maybe on the adjacent lot, but also part of the JBG development?

    • This is not the movie theater project. That’s planned to be built across N st NE, just south of this from what I remember.

    • Yes, this is the same project as the movie theater, but of course not the same lot. JBG owns nearly all of both sides of this block of N Street. The building with the movie theater will be on the other side of N, closer to 1st, below offices & residential (replacing a parking lot & 8 story office building).

      Directly across from this hotel will be an apartment building, 33 N Street NE. JBG also controls the McDonalds at the corner of 1st & New York and some (but not all) of the low buildings to the East of the Hyatt.

  • The transformation of this area is still one of the most astounding to me. It’s so stabby so close by.

    • It’s built around a metro and walkable to a lot of great neighborhoods, why is that astounding?

  • Alright guys. I’m moving to NoMa in a couple of weeks. I know nothing about this neighborhood, even though I’m a DC native. Give me deets.

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