Heads Up Industry Folks – Reader Reports Thief Targeting Tip Jars in Dupont and 14th Street

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Photo by flickr user Dave Dugdale

“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to give you a heads up so other workers can be aware of what’s happening. There’s a thief roaming Dupont and 14th Street taking what he can from tip jars when workers aren’t looking. The thief has hit at least two locations since yesterday and may be looking to hit up a few more. He’s a 5’9″ average build black guy in his early 40s with a shopping bag filled with lots of cups and other junk. He’ll ask for a cup of water and just hang around looking at customers or staring at the window. When a worker is helping another customer, he’ll take what he can from the tip jar and quickly leave the store. He’s awkward and will give normal people the creeps.

I know the description isn’t super helpful but if others are aware this is happening, they may be a bit more cognizant of not having too much cash in their tip jars. Every little bit helps.”

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  • just once i would like to catch someone doing that and i would crack their heads in half

    • Internet Tough Guy to the rescue!
      PS – No, you wouldn’t actually do that. You’d probably take a picture, make a passive-aggressive Facebook posting, and then complain about how MPD isn’t doing their job.

    • …said the anonymous commenter.

    • I wish you would, but nobody does that around here. This is the Passive Aggressive Capital of the World!

  • justinbc

    I bet it’s someone trying to prove a point about paying employees in tips versus providing an hourly “living wage”.

  • If your bar/restaurant doesn’t have cameras, shame on you. If you give out “cups for water”, you’re an idiot. Period.

    • What exactly is “idiotic period” about giving someone a cup of water? Maybe not being observant is concerning, but giving someone a cup of water still counts as “kind”. And I’d bet that everyone reading this has received at least one “cup of water” at some point.

  • That jar of money is sitting right there. Sooo tempting. Tip jars are ridiculous anyway.

  • There must be a special place in hell, or at least Reston, for people who would pull this shit.

  • They need to get rid of tip jars. I refuse to put money in them.

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