Family Oriented Sports Bar, Halftime, Opening on H Street May 22nd

1427 H Street, NE

Back in Feb. we first heard about Halftime Sports Bar coming to the eastern part of H Street near the Argonaut.

Their twitter page now says:

“Sports Bar & Lounge located in the heart of the Atlas Theater District. A family oriented establishment that supports all local sports teams.

Join us as we open our doors for a soft opening on May 22, 2014″

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  • Yes!!! It’s a shame they missed March Madness by a couple months. At least they will have NBA Championships and the Stanley Cup Finals though.

  • Nothing says family like alcohol, flat screen concussions and birthday party food for fat kids.

  • Can’t wait to see the menu. Family friendly? I’m assuming very little (if any) alcohol and some sort of policy to limit/remove cursing. Maybe there will be a separate section/floor? Sounds promising though.

  • “Family” now conjures 38,000 calories for 4, diabetes and watching TV indoors on an otherwise pleasant weekend afternoon, unless families go to sports bars with the tykes on school nights.

  • For me, all I want in “family friendly” are high chairs that don’t have broken straps and changing tables in both restrooms. People boozing up around me or my kid are the least of my concerns.

  • Wow, there are some very jaded Washingtonians here today. Did no one else have a restaurant growing up where you’d go with your family to watch sports, eat a burger, and enjoy a casual atmosphere?

  • I think “family friendly” is code, folks.

    In other words, not Nellies.

    Just a guess.

    • people are always assuming “code words” are meant to be exclusive of others.

    • In my experience, kids actually really like drag queens.
      They’re like sassy colorful clowns, but instead of balloons they have condoms,

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