Good Deal or Not? “Sun-filled Unit on Top Floor” edition

2101 N Street Northwest

This unit is located at 2101 N Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Perfect – Ideal Location, Sun-filled Unit on Top Floor. Nice Building, Pet Friendly, One Bedroom- with Pretty,Wood Floors, Fireplace, South Facing Windows w/Wide Sills , Open Kitchen, Washer/Dryer . Quiet street where you can walk to everything and have easy access to Dupont Metro. Extra Low Condo Fee-$213! Great Value. Go!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $384,303 ($213 monthly fee.)

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  • Top units get real hot and stuffy in summer. (<—voice of experience).
    I would look down a floor, or two.

    • There are positives and negatives to every condo. Being on the top floor is certainly (IMO) the most desirable floor. Well, as long as it has an elevator or not a huge walk up.

      Not having someone living above you is the key, and it has the best view. That’s why price per square foot is always highest on the top.

      • There is also the historical reason of upper floors being more desirable because they are accessible only by an elevator which was an amenity usually restricted to the upper classes of society. It used to be that lower floors were more expensive, but invention of the elevator changed that. Certainly better views, sunlight and perceived safety didn’t hurt.

    • They’ll also get roof leaks and noise from any roofdeck.

  • I wish they would put the square footage on it — the pictures make it look very small for that price.

  • Yeah my guess is that this really is as small as it looks. For an average-size 1 BR in decent condition in this area, that price seems pretty low. Something’s gotta give, and from the pictures it seems like it’s the square footage.

  • 420 sf according to Redfin.

  • Expensive fr the size. Looks like a fairly renov in the recent past–they often aren’t hugely cheaper to do in a small unit and these often don’t get the attention of larger ones. The fee is probably ok for a unit this size, although given the age of the building, I’d want to know the history of assessments.

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