Good Deal or Not? “Steps to Union Market, Gallaudet U. & shops & restaurants of H St.” edition (reader request)

1213 West Virginia Avenue Northeast

This house is located at 1213 West Virginia Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“The open main floor plan features a gourmet kitchen w/ granite counters,SS appliances&a large island,spacious living room & dining room & a family room.Upper level is complete w/ 4 BRs, including a master suite.The lower level offers generous ceiling height,2 BRs & front/rear entrances.Off street parking for 2 cars!Steps to Union Market, Gallaudet U. & shops & restaurants of H St. Corridor!”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/3.5 bath is going for $699,900.

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  • I went to see this on Sunday. It’s too bad they didn’t put in a full kitchen in the basement; as a separate unit, that probably would have rented for $2000+, which would put a nice dent in the mortgage.

    Otherwise, it was a nice, wide house, but the interior looked about the same as every other flip these days.

    • LMAO @ the idea of getting $2K in Trinidad for a basement apartment.

      • I’m getting $1500 for my 1bdrm basement rental(730sqft) in my new place. I had ton of interest and was gone after one weekend. Utilities are included though.

    • I’m pretty sure they intentionally leave kitchens out of the basement because then you have to get a C of O or a different zoning or whatever legal headache comes along with it.

      I think the general idea is that people will buy it and then put in their own kitchen, and hopefully never have to deal with DCRA.

      • You can put in a full kitchen in the basement without getting a Certificate of Occupancy. You just can’t advertise it as “Legal rental! Separately metered!”
        That’s why you’ll see many listings with basement apartments described as in-law suites or au pair suites.

  • Too ‘hood for my bank account that price, IMHO. But someone with two young kids will be desperate and buy it. And probably have to move in a few years once they realize their crap options for schools.
    That similarly sized place on Florida Ave sold last year for just under $1 million. So I think this price is attainable.

    • +1. Happy to see that Trinidad is doing well, but what motivates people to pay these prices there is a mystery to me.

  • Are people really paying that kind of coin for Trinidad now?

  • I just dont see 700k on WV ave right now
    id be pissed dropping that on a home only to find that there were woMEN selling tail from my front porch late at night
    WV cant be there yet

  • It just seems like there are lots of places where you could get that much space and be just as far from the metro, but with equal/better schools and more yard (near Forest Glen, Ft. Totten, Cheverly, College Park, etc.)

    It could be a great rental for a group of Gallaudet students though. Someone could put 20% down, charge $4300 a month ($850 for the master, $750 for the other upstairs rooms and $600 for the two in the basement), and earn money right away.

    fun note from looking it up on the real property database: menkiti has owned it since 2005. wonder if they rented it out for a while, then flipped it.

    • This house is one block N of Florida ave. Pretty much has its own park like view being that it faces gallaudet’s campus. Homes with way less square footage goes for more S of Florida do they fall in a different school district? It is within 5 blocks of both Hst scene and Union market.

      • Sounds like a unique property with the view you describe but probably best to cab home when checking out the market or H St. Scene

      • a park-like view is nice (and you don’t have to maintain it!) but it’s different from having your own yard.

      • No. I’m sorry but you are wrong. I am a neighbor of this house. It is 4 blocks to 12th and H, which is pretty much the center of the action on H street. I know this because I have walked it hundreds of times. If you DROVE to H street at dinnertime and PARKED you would be lucky to get more than a block or two closer than this house. A cab would disappear in a second if you tried to get them to take you from H back to here, which would be a ridiculous thing to do anyways.

    • I live near this house and am slightly in awe about how much they are putting the house up for. However, they do have the basement “rental” with a front entrance and it is side lot with LOTS of windows.

      I did look up the house as well and noticed it went for around $345k in 2005. I believe someone did live in there for awhile (we have only been in the area 2 years). It got VERY rundown though and has been sitting vacant for maybe 6 months or more.

      My fingers are crossed it goes into a bidding war.

  • 6 bedroom, seperate entrance basement and 2 off street parking spots. this is a good price.

  • I hope desperate buyers/greedy sellers start checking themselves soon because housing prices seem extraordinary insane. I realize that real estate inventory is “low,” and buyers are prob freaking out that the interest rates aren’t going to remain this low for much longer, but I can’t help but wonder if there is a bubble forming throughout the city right now. There’s a row house w/rented basement on Walbridge Pl in Mt Pleasant going for $750k. It’s not renovated but it looks nice in the pics. When you compare the neighborhoods, access to public transit and established neighborhood amenities between Trinidad and Mt. Pleasant — if I were buying/investing — I’d probably try to buy in MtP vs Trinidad at this price point. And yet someone will buy this at $700k and help contribute to market demand/market value.

    • While prices are overwhelming, I’m not sure it’s due to a bubble. I think they were undervalued for 50 years, and we are finally starting to see true valuations. I just read a report that the average price in DC for a home in 2025 will be $1 Million. We have more super zip codes connecting in our metropolitan area than anywhere. Avwerage incomes are insanely high and people that once wanted to live in Fairfax now want to live in the city because crime rates aren’t that bad anymore.

      • This. Compare D.C. to other major transit-oriented cities. Many people who move here seem to have come from Atlanta or Houston and expect similar prices.

    • That Mt. P house is selling for $140/sq. ft more than this house and it hasn’t been renovated. I don’t think the two properties are good comps.

    • Different people have different needs, though. When I was looking to buy in the ~300K range a couple years back, I looked at several neighborhoods that were ‘nicer’ in a lot of ways than Trinidad. However, Trinidad is super close to the Hill for the price, and I think that is important for a lot of people. My husband can ride his bike to the Hill in 10 minutes along residential streets with bike lanes. You might find better schools and being in NW important, but others, like myself, may prefer a fully renovated home and an area with maybe less established value but more of a potential ROI than Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant is already ‘there’- Trinidad, especially once the Whole Foods goes in about a half mile from this house, could still improve a lot and prices could go up a lot more.

    • I agree somewhat that the prices in Trinidad are all seemingly shocking at the moment, but as others have highlighted, I wouldn’t assume bubble. Cochrynn noted the coming wholefoods, the proximity to the Hill but add that the house is also a quick stroll to Union Market (and its coming attractions), H St. (with its added transport -if ever), along with a steady flow of Galludet students / potential renters. Jumping to the bubble assumption IMHO is out of place here. The prices are crazy – I get that; but compared to the “established neighborhoods,” they aren’t off the mark.

    • This is a silly comparison. This house in Mt. Pleasant would sell for $1M or maybe more. To be honest, you have to be tracking the local market week in and week out to truly understand the prices that agents are putting on these houses. This house will go for asking or slightly above.

  • If this house were 1.5 blocks south (across Florida), there wouldn’t be any debate. But yet I remember when I was buying on i street a couple blocks away 5 years ago, the same points were being made about buying “north of H”. So you know what, to all those who don’t think this is a good deal–that’s fine, whoever buys this and enjoys all the amenities that are walkable from here will be happy, probably see appreciation in value, and have gotten a good deal, just like people who bought 5 years ago in the dreaded “north of h”. These boundaries are artificial and they shift over time, obviously. This is a fine deal, in line with comps in “the area” (a little lower than the houses that are 1.5 blocks south, south of florida and a little higher than those a few blocks north).

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