Good Deal or Not? “private deck w/ spiral staircase with sweeping views” edition

1135 6th Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1135 6th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Top floor, #4 with lg. private deck w/ spiral staircase with sweeping views. High ceilings, bay window, stainless steel appliances, granite, W-I-C, h/w floors, pocket doors, lots of interior storage, pull-down ladder to attic for storage. Tandem parking space in rear-auto garage door. 1 blk metro-Near O St Mkt, new Marriott Marquis, the new Restaurant Row-lots of upside-Op House Sat/Sun.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $649,990 ($254 monthly fee.)

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  • justinbc

    Being the owner of a spiral staircase, I would never list that as a positive feature. (people who visit for the first time are always wow’ed, but they never have to actually use the damn thing)

    • Agreed. They look nice and all but I always picture myself tripping while trying to carry grocery bags up the stairs in high heels.

    • +1. Just ask them to take a trayful of drinks up and down a couple of times – that will change their minds!

      • justinbc

        Ours is inside, which is even worse. Carrying laundry up and down that thing is a MFer, and forget about furniture, that has to go all the way outside to the rear stairway and then pass through the whole upper level. We’re having a traditional staircase built in to replace it as part of our kitchen remodel. It can’t be gone soon enough.

  • This place seems absolutely tiny. Is there really a second bedroom or just a walk in closet? I assume you have to walk up to the fourth floor, right? As a neighborhood owner, I wish I could believe they would get this amount.

    • Redfin listing from 2013 (when it last sold for $600k) lists it at 990 sq ft.

    • maxwell smart

      I saw an apartment once where the “bedroom” was actually the attic and it was accessible via pull-down attic stair; somehow I would not be surprised if that was the case here. Also 2 bedrooms in 990 square feet – those are some small bedrooms.

      • justinbc

        Depends on the layout. I lived in a 990 sqft 2 BR / 2 BA in college and it was pretty spacious. Didn’t hurt that it was an old converted mill which meant 14 foot ceilings, but the overall size of the bedrooms was still totally acceptable. You just have to turn the rest of the floorplan into a very open layout.

      • we live in a 2bd/2ba of roughly the same size and the rooms aren’t small

  • Also live close, so would be thrilled if they get this price but I sort of doubt it. Is this really what 649 buys you now here? I like that block but it’s nothing special (although it is insanely close to the metro). Deck looks nice but how could you throw a party up there? Getting food up the stairs would be a nightmare!

  • Without actually seeing it, I think $600K seems reasonable for this. The place appears to be a proper two bedroom (second room appears to be an office in the photos), it has parking, and it has outdoor space. A smaller ground-level unit with what looks like a smaller second room, no second bath, no parking, and a ground-level (rather than rooftop) outdoor space just went under contract nearby, and it was listed for just under $500,000. This is a good option for buyers that like this neighborhood but want to avoid the high-rises across NY Ave.

  • redfin has it as only 990 sf and as a 1br w/ den. It also says it sold for $600k last year.

  • tiny kitchen. tiny living room. no dining room/space. bedrooms aren’t huge but at least they appear to be legal bedrooms (not just 1 + den). you are paying for that private roof deck but agree with what others said about the spiral stairs. i wouldn’t pay this much but maybe someone will. would love to see what this sells for…

  • $600 per sqft is fairly normal now with condos in desirable areas closer to Logan. This one is very close to Mt Vernon metro, and it is on the top floor, which is a big plus. So id say 600 psqft is ambitious, but potentially attainable in the hot spring market. But that only gets you to about $600K.

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