Good Deal or Not? “fusion of historic charm and modern finishes” edition

DC8333186 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1313 Emerald Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“It’s time to be amazed! A beautifully renovated, 3 BR at a great price in the Capital Hill/H Street corridor. Gigantic dream kitchen is just part of the open airy layout. Jacuzzi Tub, exposed brick, pocket doors and more light than you can imagine. Quiet one way street just blocks from H Street and Lincoln Park. Don’t miss this beautiful fusion of historic charm and modern finishes. Open 5/4. 1-4.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $575,000.

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  • definitely H st, not cap hill, but it seeems like a pretty good deal to me.

    • justinbc

      The border is 13th St, so at least they can see Capitol Hill from there! “H Street” is not itself a neighborhood. For this apparent quality of house on this block I would say this is definitely a good deal. I walk by this intersection pretty frequently and it’s very quaint feeling.

      • yes i like that little part of town south of maryland like 9-14th or so. wish I had half a million dollars.

        • justinbc

          You only need 30-40 to buy it 🙂

          • can i borrow it from you? 🙂

          • Can people really get away with that in this market anymore? To say nothing of the prudence of the decision (a $3800/month payment once you add in PMI seems tough if you can only put 40 down), aren’t there generally 20%+ down offers for pretty much any desirable property given the low inventory?

      • justinbc, why is 13th the official border? I live between 13th and 14th and I still definitely feel like I’m in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, but I’ve never seen anything definitive on the boundaries. What’s your source for that precision demarcation?

        • Yeah, 13th certainly isn’t an official border. Historic district stops at 11th or 12th but Cap Hill keeps going. For whatever reason I can’t bring up the city’s map right now.

  • The all mosaic bathroom is sick!

  • A few questionable design decisions there – the refrigerator looks like an afterthought and the chain linked backyard is a turnoff – generally seems like a good deal.

    Although for 575K I would want a second full bath so I would cross this of my list. Might be a good bargaining chip in the sale of this place.

    • Re: frigerator. It does seem very very odd, almost like they forgot to put one in. It’s not even the same finish as the rest of the appliances. Why they didn’t go with a galley kitchen with cabinetry on either side of the hallway? Seems like that would have been a pretty good layout.

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing about all your points. The kitchen especially would be a turnoff for me. The bathrooms are also…not my taste.

  • the first floor layout seems a bit strange for some reason

    • It’s definitely weird, and holy hell, that half bath looks absolutely terrifying. The rooms are parceled out weirdly on both floors, and it appears to suffer from the dreaded “where are the closets?” problem,. The concreted-over-backyard is a bummer, too. If that isn’t tied to the foundation somehow, what would it cost to jackhammer that thing to death and put in some plants?

  • Seems like a fair deal but sweet jesus, the schools:

    • Thanks, Captain Obvious! For some reason that doesn’t seem to hurt home values. This would be a killer deal if it really sold for that, but it will be bid up by at least 10%.

  • That’s some pretty distracting staging furniture/decor. “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find AS MANY BLACK-AND-WHITE PATTERNED OBJECTS AS POSSIBLE… WITH DIFFERENT PATTERNS.”

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