Good Deal or Not? “Clean lines, superb finishes, expert craftsmanship” edition

1845 L Street Northeast

This house is located at 1845 L Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Clean lines, superb finishes, expert craftsmanship. Newly renovated throughout! Gleaming hardwood floors, large well-placed windows.Two generously sized bedrooms with ample natural light. Airy kitchen features granite countertops, stainless steel appliances. Storage shed and rear off-street parking! 2 blocks to grocery and shopping, just a little further to hopping H St bars & restaurants.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $374,900.

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  • justinbc

    Well, here’s a good reference point for people who say they can’t ever afford to buy anything in DC. That’s one hell of a low estimated mortgage payment.

    • taxes are low too

    • You can get something bigger for less money east of the river that will probably have a better ROI though.

    • It’s deeeeeeeeep in the ‘hood. That area ain’t ever changing due to the heavy concentration of problematic low-income block-style housing one block away. Hence the cheap price.
      But yes, I agree with you. It is affordable. But at this price point, I’d rather buy in/near Historic Anacostia near the Metro. More SFHs over there and nicer curb appeal. More upside potential in the coming years, IMHO.

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • meh, the crime isn’t that bad, comparable to places like petworth and columbia heights if you look it up on the dc crime map.

      • You realize that Columbia Heights has a ton of public housing and that changed dramatically. Lots of people are moving into this area which is changing quickly.

        • brookland_rez

          It’s true. Also as areas improve, public housing complexes become more selective about who they admit. There’s huge waiting lists for public housing. From what I’ve heard, when someone causes a problem, they get booted pretty quick and replaced with someone else.

          • Almost NO ONE gets booted from public housing. the paperwork is too onerous and they DCHA is so understaffed. As for the 70k waitlist, a lot of that is due to poor record keeping, not updating deaths, duplicates, moved away etc.

        • The projects in Carver Langston are much different from the one’s in CH. It’s block upon block of generic apartment buildings segregated in a far, not-easily-accessible from the rest of the city. The projects in CH turned around because they were surrounded by commercial development, a Metro stop, and mixed residential (lots of SFHs, small apartments buildings, large buildings, etc) that drew in a wide variety of people (Latin immigrants, young Whites, middle class blacks, poor people). There’s nothing in Carver Langston that’s a draw for future development in the next 10-15 years. That’s why I’d rather go to Anacostia than consider this place at this price.

    • you mean the ones who want a penthouse in logan or a grand victorian in Logan, as the boat passes them by.

    • People say they can’t afford to buy anything *desirable* in DC. This is $446/sq ft nowhere near a metro station, with its best location asset being “walk .6 miles down Bladensburg to get to the end of H Street.” It was bought in February for 200k and flipped in 2 months. Buyer beware.

      • justinbc

        Again, not claiming it’s a deal. It simply goes to show that if you want something sub-400K you can get it (something which is routinely questioned here). The “desirable deals”, if they can even be called that, likely have dozens of people competing for them, and get jacked up in price rather quickly.

      • Point is this place would be 575k plus if it was near a metro or in the middle of H st. The days of finding this price range near a metro is LOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGG gone in DC. Thus these areas are becoming more desirable as people run from those high rents area.

        • It’s 840 square feet. 575k if it’s in the middle of H? That’s $684/sq ft, which would be pretty far out of line with any recent sales I’ve seen.

        • Actually you can still buy a house in Ft Totten for under $400,000. Red, Green and Yellow lines within walking distance.

      • This. The per sq ft price is laughable in this area. It’s also not an especially easy commute to anywhere, and I would not want to walk there from H St after dark.

        • brookland_rez

          I didn’t realize it was that small. It will be interesting to see how that area changes over the next 10 years. That price is pretty high on a $/sq foot level. I bet it’ll sell though.

      • It’s a 0.4 mile walk to a future streetcar stop (also an X9 stop right now, which will take you all the way to Metro Center fairly quickly), and a third of a mile to DC’s only Aldi. The location might be worth taking a gamble on.

  • I like the kitchen, off street parking is nice, below 400k in the district is nice, BUT its small, the bathroom leaves something to be desired, and the neighborhood is not somewhere I’d see myself. I’d classify it as an “ok” deal, but not a good one.

  • Why would they leave that gap in between the top cabinets and the ceiling in the kitchen? Looks nice for the rest, but I just would be suspicious that this was more a cheap flip than a decent gut job.

  • If the alley is wide enough to allow for “rear off-street parking,” why are the garbage/recycling bins in front of the house? (Had they just been delivered? If so, shame on the real estate agent for snapping pics without moving them.)

  • brookland_rez

    I’d say it’s priced about right. That area used to be pretty sketchy, but I would say now is a good time to get in there. The trolley will be running soon, you’re pretty close to all the good stuff happening on H St. Plus you’re within walking distance of Aldi!

  • Very interesting, and overall fair, comments! I would add a couple of things:

    Yes, H St proximity is important, but Bladensburg has Jimmy Vs, Bardo Beer Garden, Mother Ruckers subs, Dennys (I hate Dennys!) etc. It has its own amenities and will continue to develop. And yes, bus service to downtown is excellent. That said, Bladensburg needs a road diet badly isn’t the nicest.

    You could definitely get more for your money in HA, plus be near a metro. And there are 3 sit down bars/restaurants in that nhood now (plus vintage shops, art galleries etc). Still the gap of the river, though. More attractive, though less intact, housing stock in HA.

    Price per sq ft seems high but it looks like a nice reno. Plus, I think you are normally going to pay a premium per sq ft on a smaller house. Just the way it works. Are we sure the sq ft is accurate, though?

    • Agreed. HA is better value – and this is coming from someone in the general carver/langston neighborhood. Hindsight is 20/20 but hopefully you’re right and Bladensburg development continues.
      HA’s certainly is – busboys and poets going in is a great addition to that area.

  • Craftsmanship my ass.

    75% Home Depot, from the fixtures to the bathroom vanities.
    The concrete walk looks cheap, because it is cheap.
    Are those laminate floors or maybe engineered hardwood?
    Why oh why must there be a storage shed in such a tiny yard?
    8-foot security fence is a bit unnecessary even in Langston.
    Shoulda done hardwoods upstairs instead of carpet.

    Should be more like 350k.

    • As someone who lived in Carver-Langston for two years, I would argue an 8 foot fence is not unnecessary. However, the yard here seems to have a 6 foot fence and only be fenced on one side. I would definitely completely secure the back or else you’re a major target.

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