Good Deal or Not? “blend of vintage charm and modern amenities” edition (reader request)


This house is located at 1842 13th Street, NW. The listing says:

“This charming 3 level, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath is located ONE block from popular 14th Street restaurants, Trader Joe~s, shops on U Street and the U St/Shaw Metro Station. Sitting high up and back from the tree-lined 13th Street, the front yard provides a garden with a generous shaded blue stone patio. The interior is a blend of vintage charm and modern amenities.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $949,000.

The reader notes that this was also a reader request back in 2012 when it was listed for $809,000.

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  • I can’t unsee it.

  • Admittedly I don’t know a lot about this price point but this strikes me as a good deal. That has to be one of the most in-demand locations in the city right now, I would imagine.

  • Sold for $875K in 2012. Unless they over-paid then, its gonna sell for well over $1 million. The market for single family homes in Logan/U St has gone up a lot more than 8.5% in the last two years. Bidding war, there’s no good inventory near the U St metro stop.

  • Four bedrooms at that location I think it is a good deal! Wish I could afford it– that back yard is gorgeous!

    • justinbc

      It’s 4 bedrooms spread over only 1500 sq ft. That’s certainly not the most desirable ratio for some. $600+ per sq ft isn’t really “deal” territory here, given the random condition the interior is in.

      • These houses used to have 3 bedrooms all on the second floor. The attic above had a very low ceiling and at least I would be unable to stand up straight. This house now has two bedrooms on the second floor and two on the third floor. I suspect the third floor bedrooms are not included in the square footage.

      • There aren’t many livable single family homes in the area under $1 million. I’m sure the sellers know this and are getting a few people’s hopes up that they can still land a SFH in a GREAT location for under $1M. I’d bet a lot of $$$ that this goes for over $1M in about two weeks. There’s a huge premium to be paid (regardless of how much/sqft it costs) to have a non-condo in this area.

  • it looks really nice to me.

  • Love the front and back patios and the bathroom with the spa tub (although the statues are a bit much.) Hate that ugly kitchen.

  • Will sell for less than $1 million because it has no parking.

    • No parking in that area is a big deal. Even if YOU don’t personally own a car, chances are your visitors will have a car and appreciate the dedicated parking spot. That being said, inventory is low so it’s possible someone might be willing to overlook the parking situation and get in a bidding war.

  • maxwell smart

    It’s hard to believe this series of photos is all from the same unit – so many mismatched styles and a bizarre blend of really cheap to just over-the-top. Hard to tell if’s a deal given how much money would need to be spent up-front to resolve various bad design decisions.

  • That black and white bathroom is terrible.

  • Holy shit! My old place is on the market again! I could have put both kids through college on the capital gains!
    Admittedly, it’s a much nicer place, now, but still….

  • i don’t think I could face that bathroom in the morning. Turning an attic into rooms = low ceilings and claustrophobic space. Nice sized rooms, though. The kitchen seems surprisingly small, lacking in storage. Some of the cheap looking stuff may be staging.

  • I went to the open house Sunday and this is a beautiful house in great condition! I believe it is larger than 1500 square feet and will go for more than $945K. Having said that I should disclose I live in one of the three houses like this one in that row so I’m a wee bit biased. I wish I could trade houses but they would be trading down.

    True we don’t have parking out back but the upside to that (besides being one block from the Metro) is that years ago the neighbors pitched in and erected a locked gate on the walkway to T St because hookers were taking their Johns back there. Now the hookers have long moved on and due to that gate you don’t have to worry about someone stealing stuff from your back yard or breaking into your house from the back. One of the neighbors keeps the walkway nicely decorated with bushes and flowers.

    Buy this house and you’ll have a stairway just like mine that I took a dive down!

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