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  • “I guess they think the house needs no description…”
    I posit that a house in Chevy Chase will sell itself, so long as the price is not astronomically high. Tons of families want to be there. So tell me again, why is this seller paying $48K to some brokers?

    • Actually, this house was “For sale by owner” for a few weeks before going officially on the market.

      • And I’m pretty sure it still is, actually.

        It’s a really cute house that could use some work but has a ton of potential. Given the apparent good condition of the “bones” and the great location within CC, I think it will sell at or above the list price.

      • Pretty sure this is still For Sale by Owner. Xrealty.NET (the listing agent) will stick your FSBO ad in MLS for $500. I imagine that’s what’s happening here.

  • It needs work, but I’m surprised it’s even still on the market.

  • Woah, ick. No, not a good deal – I grew up in this ‘hood, and as my folks look to sell their houses, this definitely doesnt strike me as a great deal.

  • Chevy Chase DC is bonkers right now. Would not surprise me if it sold at this price.

  • The list price is a reasonable over/under on the final price. I would bet on the over.

  • It’s still FSBO, just with a limited service brokerage. They are paying for the listing in the MLS (usually around $800-$1000) and offering 3% to buyer’s agents. FSBO can be great…or not. FWIW, the sellers could greatly benefit from better photos and some sort of description. I’m an agent, full discl.

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