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  • Is it really necessary to call 911 if someone is seen in the garden? Please people lets not bog down our emergency services with non-emergencies.

    • I am also fairly certain that if that is not private property, Phil and Steve don’t get to dictate who is in the garden.

      • It appears to be surrounding air outlets for the metro. So no, it’s not private property. Kudos to them for investing the time, energy, and money to spruce this plot up. But it’s not “their” garden.

        • Isn’t that one of the entrances to the old Dupont Underground? Either way, your point still stands.

    • Several years back, D.C. decided to use 311 as a number for city services (rather than for non-emergency police calls). So now ALL police-related calls, emergency or otherwise, go to 911. Calling 911 is thus not “bogging down our emergency services with non-emergencies.”

      • Be that as it may, do you think it’s appropriate to request police intervention when there’s no crime being committed?

  • justinbc

    So do these guys own this plot of land or what? Technically, couldn’t someone just come rip all of this up and take it home?

  • Geez why all the hate? Yes, that is public property and yes, people can rip out plants or run around their garden, but Phil and Steve have decided to put their time and energy into something beautiful. Let’s celebrate that and not get bogged down in negativity. Steve and Phil – I salute you! Thank you for making this city more beautiful 🙂

  • clevelanddave

    Good for them! It is something metro should do (and based on how they treated the guy planting flowers in the beds in the active metro entrance, might be the ones uprooting the flowers- jerks) but kudos for taking the initiative-

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