DC Water’s Garbage Boat Cleaning the Anacostia


“Dear PoPville,

Saw this “garbage pick-up boat” on the Anacostia yesterday. I know many readers were disgusted by the recent post showing all the trash in the river after our heavy rains, well this might make them feel better. It moves in, opens up its front “scoops” and skims out all the bottles, trash , and debris, then places it in the back. Pretty cool.”

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  • Took a lot of 5 cent plastic bags to fund that boat!

    • austindc

      Seriously. It seems like if we didn’t litter so much, we wouldn’t have to spend our taxes on transformer garbage boats, as awesome as it is. Still, thanks DC water for cleaning up after us and making the river nicer!

  • This is awesome, but what is the boat called?

    The Lady Garbagely? Eh?

  • This is cool, but what happens to the plastic bottles and garbage after they are scooped out of the river? I would hope the plastic bottles, which there seem to be a lot of floating on the Anacostia, are recycled.

  • They also have big trash catchers that are floating booms designed to trap debris. The amount of trash in the Anacostia is truly astonishing. During the Anacostia Watershed Society’s cleanup day my wife and I alone filled 12 plastic garbage bags with trash in about 2 hours. If the tide hadn’t come in we could have done it all day and not made a dent. That two hours convinced me DC needs a bottle deposit. We just need a politician to stand up to the beverage industry, because they fight it tooth and nail.

    • Why does the beverage industry fight the bottle deposit?

      • A bottle deposit means the cost of your drinks go up 10-50 cents (depending on the actual deposit). While you and I may not blink at that, many will and might not purchase the soda/beer/etc. because of it.

        • Yes, exactly. We almost got a bottle bill in the late 80’s, but the beverage industry spent millions of dollars and killed it. They actually made it a racial issue.

    • JCM, totally agreed with you on D.C. needing to institute deposits on bottles and cans. Glass, plastic, aluminum — there’s way too much being improperly disposed of.

  • So just get 50 more of these boats and run them 24/7, and we’ll be good to go!

  • Speaking of flooding cleanup, does anyone know if the area around the footbridge at Rock Creek Parkway and Beach Drive is scheduled for cleanup? It seems to have collected large trees and several hundred plastic water bottles in the recent flooding. Those same rains also shorted out some of the brand new street lighting along the parkway.

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