From the Forum – Looking for outdoor picnic space that can be catered

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Looking for outdoor picnic space that can be catered:

“Looking to host 50-60 people for an outdoor picnic and having trouble finding a location that you can a) reserve ahead of time b) allows catering c) is mildly metro accessible. Any and all suggestions welcome!”

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  • East Potomac Park is a nice spot for a large picnic

  • The shelter at the base of Tilden – reasonable distance from Cleveland Park and Van Ness metros has shelters for reservation, bathrooms, and plenty of parking.
    Montrose Park or Rose Park in Georgetown are also options.

  • Yards Park, top level of the bridge. Great spot, tables & chairs. A few blocks from metro.

  • Contact the events team at the National Zoo

    • Personal special events aren’t permitted at Smithsonian Institution properties/facilities. Check the Special Events Sites Marketing Alliance (, for a selection of special events venues (excluding all SI buildings), if you are looking for an exclusive, catered events-capable location.

  • I’ve planned an office outing at Turkey Run Park!

  • If DC United is playing then RFK parking lot. You pay for parking and set up tables to “tailgate” but stay out even during the game.. booze is legal, plenty of parking, and metro accessible. My friend does his birthday bbq there every year.

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