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Looking for a roofer/contractor/painter:

“We’re finally getting around to doing a bunch of work on our row house and are in the market for some good recommendations for the following:

1) A roofer who can do some minor work and who’s also handled those old-style flat gutters that most DC rowhouses seem to have on the front. A few gaps have opened up that allow water to leak through and drip down to the foundation.

2) A general contractor (or tiler) type who can install a very straightforward backsplash (just a few large tiles) and expose some brick, which will involve rejiggering two electrical outlets. Plus, someone to hang a new front door.

3) A painter

4) Any of the above rolled into one dynamic package, if such a unicorn exists.

Any recommendations most appreciated.”

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  • We always use Angie’s List, it’s worth the money and we learned the hard way not to try finding contractors any other way.

  • We just used Marvin Gar of MG Roofing to have that exact gutter repair done. Highly recommended.

  • Keith Roofing is a little pricey, but very good. As far as contractors go, I was happy with Mr. Peredo’s work on my crumbling back porch. I’ll give him a call when I save enough dough for a new kitchen.

    • I had Keith Roofing do an estimate for me and it was TWICE what several other roofers offered (partly because they wanted to replace things that others said could be preserved). They did seem very nice and professional, but the folks we went with (Shiner Roofing) did a very fine job and I can’t imagine how Keith can justify charging so much.

  • I recently got a quote from Metropolitan Roofing to restore the old gutters on our 102 year old row house. The cost is steep so we’re going to put off the project, so I can’t vouch for their work, but they seemed to have an expert in rebuilding those old metal gutters who knew what he was talking about.

  • We had our porch roof completely redone on our circa 1860 house. The work was done by Martin and his great crew at Leska Restoration. Great work and they showed up when they said they would. Martin is often busy, so phone calls are best as emails take some time to be answered (always on a job site it seems).
    Leska Restoartion & European Roof Specialists, LLC

  • There is a wonderful guy in Fells Point (Baltimore) who solved a subtle roof / gutter problem for me. A leak near the edge of the roof was sending water down the back of a downspout into a crack in the concrete patio, and thence through tiny cracks in the corner of the basement near the floor. It was invisible except for where the water gathered in the basement, with heavy storms causing bigger incidents. But he figured it out.
    Norman Jones: 443-845-5757. Not sure he’ll come to DC, but why not try. Tell him Nancy referred him b/c she was so happy with his work.

  • Check out Platinum Exteriors. They are a relatively small company, are customer based, and do great work.

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