From the Forum – lawn mower repair and/or mowing service and tips for dispossing of dirt

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lawn mower repair and/or mowing service:

“We have a Honda Lawnmower that we bought last year but it won’t start after the winter. I put new gas and oil in it, but it still won’t turn over. I am pretty sure its probably a simple repair for someone who knows about mowers. We also don’t have a way to bring the mower to a shop easily. Can someone recommend a reasonably priced and reliable (safe) lawn mower repair service?

We would love a reasonable service to cut the grass in front of our house, and resorted to purchasing the mower since the lawn mowing rates we were quoted in this areas were outrageous… a reasonably priced bi-weekly mowing service/person would also be appreciated.

We are located at the north side of Petworth…”

Tips for disposing dirt?

“I have four big pots (5 gallon I think) filled with dirt that I need to get rid of, and have no idea how. I live in a second floor apartment, so carrying all that dirt downstairs would be difficult. Besides, I don’t think I can just put all of this dirt into the trash even if I did get it down the stairs. So I am wondering if there any service that will come and pick it up? Or as a last resort, if I need to rent a car, is there a place I can bring it?”

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  • justinbc

    We take all our excess dirt to the Fort Totten Transfer Station. Not sure of a service specifically, but I’m sure you could find someone to Task Rabbit it to.

    • I have done this too, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to. I’ve known people who were turned away for dumping dirt at Ft. Totten. If it’s bagged, they will often not notice.

      • justinbc

        That’s odd. When we drive up we always tell them exactly what we have, and they direct us where to dump the dirt. I’ve even seen guys pull up with pickup trucks filled with nothing but dirt.

  • change the spark plug? there should only be one

    • I should have started with: reference your owners manual.
      does it have a little priming pump (a lil rubber bubble type thing, it’s to get gas into the motor) if it has one give it about 3-4 pumps and turn your throttle to low (lever that has a rabbit or turtle image) then try to start it.
      If this doesn’t work check the spark plug and also the carburetor.

  • dispossing?

  • Put an ad on craigslist that you have free dirt. You will be surprised how many people respond.

  • jim_ed

    I got a guy in N Petworth who does my lawn for dirt cheap. email me at dcjimed at gmail dot com and I can see how close you are (he walks his mower when he does side work like my yard) and if he’s interested in adding a new lawn.

  • Simple! Throw a heaping table spoon’s worth of dirt out of your window every day until it’s gone, daddy, gone, till the dirt is gone!

  • gotryit

    Is that clean garden / planting dirt? I’ll take it. I need to mix anything / everything into my clay yard.

  • Construction sites are good places to dump dirt, under cover of darkness if possible. Also beside railroad tracks. When I did this, I mean when a friend said he did this, it helped to have a pickup truck at the time.

  • My neighbors throw all sorts of shit in the bus stop trash bin……. Just saying

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