From the Forum – Driving schools in DC – recommendations?

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Driving schools in DC – recommendations?

“Hi all — I looked through the forum and couldn’t find a similar topic, but my apologies if this has been asked before — does anyone have any recommendations for driving schools in DC? I asked Mr. Yelp, but this is the only one that has somewhat decent reviews.”

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  • I bet you could hire any taxi driver to give you lessons. . .

    • I’m also learning to drive right now (at the young age of 33, it was fun to get the learners permit with kids literally half my age), and have a tangential question. Do any of you know good places to practice driving in DC? I’m going to try and check out Rock Creek Cemetery tomorrow, but if you have any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it!

  • I used CAS to get my DC License and highly recommend. I drove with Mr. Smith and passed my test with flying colors, he knows the routes and will make sure you know them like the back of your hand so there are no surprises on the day of the test. I had two issues driving with Mr. Smith: (1) he’s very critical and I got super stressed out while driving with him and (2) he takes calls while your driving, but only if he feels it’s safe to do so. He only started taking calls after my second time driving with him. I’ve heard wonderful things about their other instructors, who I believe are also a bit less stressful to drive with. All in all, CAS was totally worth the money.

    • Thanks anon — how many lessons did you take with him?

      • I bought 10 hrs, ended up doing 9 hrs before the test. He started taking me on the test routes after my 2nd lesson. I think how many you do really depends on how confident you are driving. I would have probably passed with 6 hours, but it was nice to have those 3 more hours to become more confident.

        Also good to note, we had issues with our car and had to get a test car last minute. We called Dexterity ( the morning of the test and were able to secure a car the same day.

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