Friday Question of the Day – What was your 1st concert? and If You Could See Any Band/Musician (living or dead) in Concert, Who Would it Be?

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I’m in a music mood this week – so maybe we should update one from back in 2008 – What’s the first concert you ever went to? Mine was Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet – 1986 at Nassau Coliseum. I’m still recovering from that epic show… Who was your first show? I’d also be curious to know what’s the best show you’ve ever seen live?

And the other day I was talking to a buddy how much I regretted never seeing Beastie Boys live. So if you could have gone to any show (living or dead) who would’ve it been? I kick myself for never having gone to a Beastie Boys show and while I was way too young – I would’ve loved to seen a Bob Marley show in person. What about you?

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  • Beastie Boys and the Roots at the Patriot Center, 1995

    • First Concert: Genesis at the ABC Theatre in Blackpool on April 6th 1980
      Wish: Led Zeppelin

  • First: Pat Boone (not by choice)

    Wish: t-Rex/Marc Bolan

  • Journey in Flint Michigan 1978 – man I am old!

  • First show – Journey in Flint Michigan 1978 – man I am old!

    Missed the Nirvana show at the old 9:30 club – had tickets but missed the show, always regretted that – they became huge soon thereafter.

  • First concert was a Hard Core show at a rec center in the Maryland Suburbs, late 80’s. don’t remember the bands but it was raw energy.
    Best was The Jesus and Mary Chain at the old 9:30. Still remember how the smell of that place stuck with you after a good show.

  • saf

    1978 – my Aunt took me to a John Denver concert. Unless you count the coffeehouse shows my parents took me to when I was VERY VERY young. Or all the symphonies at Eastman (music students got to go to rehearsals free!)
    First concert I bought tickets for and went to with friends – Rush, Rochester War Memorial. 1979? 1980?

    • saf

      Oh, and who do I want to see? What I wouldn’t give to see Warren Zevon again. (As my friend J once said, “If Warren Zevon is in town, S is spending the night with him. He doesn’t know it, but she is.”)

      Best show ever is a hard question. Depends on the day. I love live music, and my judgement of what was was best depends a lot on my mood.

      • Love the reference, but I believe it is no longer called the War Memorial.

        • saf

          The John Denver show was there too.
          Renamed or torn down? I left Rochester in 1983, and haven’t spent tons of time there since.
          I saw Flock of Seagulls, The Fixx, and the Police at Hollader Stadium.. I KNOW that’s gone now.

  • First show: Boston. Meh.
    Wish I had seen Pearl Jam in Edinburgh, 1992. I was in the 300-person capacity basement hall around 10pm but didn’t know what was about to happen and left for some damn fool reason. Also, Jimi Hendrix .

  • First concert without parents: Bad Religion, the Supersuckers, and Samiam at the Roseland Ballroom in 1994.
    One concert: impossible question. I’ll say Otis Redding.
    Best concert: another impossible question. Most recent mind-blowing concert was Phosphorescent at 930 in January.

  • First: Al Jarreau, with Kenny G opening, Fox Theatre Atlanta, 1980-something.
    Wish: Duke Ellington

    • My first concert was when I was in 8th grade, it was A Flock of Seagulls, the Fixx, and the B-52’s. younger folks at work have absolutely no idea who any of those bands are. i went to the Regeneration tour last summer where I would have seen AFOS again, but they canceled the last minute.

      • Oh man! Loved The Fixx during my first two years in college. Reach the Beach was a outstanding album! Only ever saw the B-52’s once…a show in San Francisco in 2009, about three weeks before I moved away. Great show, but seeing a band you love, now in their 50’s and 60’s, squeezed into skin-tight clothing that even 30 year olds probably shouldn’t be wearing was sort of uh…weird.

  • First show? Faith No More, Metallica and Guns ‘N Roses at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, on the Use Your Illusions tour. It was epic. Best show ever was either Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Metropol in the ‘Burgh, or Lollapalooza ’93 at Starlake.

  • First, with parents, The Beach Boys at Madison Square Garden
    First, bought tickets, Fleetwood Mac, Cap Centre
    Best- Fred Frith at a coffeehouse in Denver
    I Wish- Yes

  • First: Woodstock ’94. 12 years old. Also the first time I saw people covered in mud having sex in the open.
    Wish: Tough call, but I also have to go with Bob Marley. When I hear Babylon by Bus I often wish I was in the crowd.

  • First concert: Gin Blossoms in 1993, l had a piece of the lead singers for a while, it was an interesting evening. Best concert: Nine Inch Nails opening for David Bowie in 96 or so, saw the Foo Fighters on their first tour. Dream concert: maybe this one?

    • +1 on that dream concert. Damn.

    • I think the Blood Sugar Sex Magik is the only era I enjoy of RHCP, and with PJ and Nirvana? Wow. Awesome you saw NIN and Bowie together!

    • I had a ticket to go see a RHCP/PJ/Nirvana concert back in ’91 and opted not to go. It’s kind of a shame not to have gone to see such an epic lineup, but truth be told, I wasn’t into grunge then and I don’t really care for it now so I don’t really regret it. On the plus side, the guy who used my ticket appreciated it much more than I would have.

  • First: Bruce Springsteen at the old Capital Centre in Largo circa 1981.
    Best: X at the old 9:30 Club, The Smiths at the Smith Center, Queen at the Cap Centre
    Wish: Talking Heads on their Stop Making Sense tour
    Yes, I’m old!

  • I think my first concert with tickets was Smokey Robinson, and I think it was at Carter Barron — and I went with my Mom and a family friend. Before that though, I went to Dimensions Unlimited Freedom Festivals with my friends – we had a blast. If I could hear any musician in concert it would be Wes Montgomery in a small club setting. For a living musician, it would be either Keith Jarrett or Pat Metheny — who I recently heard at the Strathmore.

  • After a lifetime of symphony orchestra with my parents, I saw Depeche Mode at the Blossom Music Center (lawn seats) sometime in the early 90s. It was a date, and I think I lied to my parents in order to attend. I don’t remember the guy who sprung for those $16 tickets, but I remember the concert vividly. Bought the tshirt, of course. I saw many groups at Blossom over the next few years, but DM remains a favorite.
    Act I most want to see? I don’t like country music, but I hear Dolly Parton puts on a helluva show.

    • Oh, wait… living or dead? I’d definitely want to see Queen, and Freddie at the height of his glory.

      • +1

        I’d give a limb to see Queen or Led Zeppelin play at the height of their popularity and with their original members

        RIP Freddie (greatest rock singer of all time) and Jon Bonham (greatest rock drummer of all time)

      • If I could go back in time and see just one show, it’d be Queen live at Wembley Stadium in 1986. And Freddy absolutely was the best. A four-octave range!

      • If you haven’t already, rent Queen at Live Aid. It’s their only fully recorded live concert. It is mind-blowingly awesome. Run the audio through your stereo if you can.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I am still pissed at Depeche Mode for their concert in the 90s. I went, they played a song and a half, then went off stage. Then that blonde one came out played the 1 song I hate and the concert was over. No refunds. Rumor was the singer took too many drugs.
      2.5 songs, that’s it. F*cking Depeche Mode.

      • Well. A buddy of mine does a good Morrissey impression and I do a decent Dave Gahan impression, and we’ve been looking for a kinda cheesy jazz combo so we can finally do our Smiths and Depeche Mode Revue. If it ever happens (it won’t), I’ll put you on the list and sing all of your favorite DM songs.

  • Reel Big Fish, Blink 182, Save Ferris, and No Doubt at the Wren Center at UC Irvine in 1995 or 96. This was right before they blew up and was probably the biggest show these bands had played at the time. Ironically, Reel Big Fish was the headliner because they recently had their first single played on KROQ lol

    • AH! Fellow So Cal transplant here! KROQ was my life in middle and high school. Every time I visit my dad in the Valley, I SWEAR I am 17 years old again, driving down the 101, blasting KROQ in my dad’s car. I recently saw someone wearing an Almost Acoustic Christmas t-shirt from the early 2000s and almost proposed on the spot.

      96 was about the time I started (sneaking) listening to KROQ, and remember when all those bands were on the air. Save Ferris is a real throw back. Basically, your post just made my day!

  • Technical first: something at the mall
    High school first: U2 Zoo TV tour at Yankee Stadium. We wandered away from our parental chaperone, bought a beer at concessions, drank it on the ramp between levels and were lectured by a stranger about drinking. Thinking back, 15-yr-old me must have looked crazy young.

  • MC Hammer (headliner) with Boys II Men, Hearnes Center, Columbia, Mo., 1992. First and best!

  • First: Peter Gabriel, the So tour at the old Cap Centre.
    Favorite: U2, ZooTV tour at RFK.
    Wish: I’d pick either Queen early 80s (circa Radio Ga Ga) or Yes during the peak of their 70s prog rock glory.

  • My grandmother, who was a music professor, took me to see Ray Charles play at Penn State when I was maybe 10 or 11.

    I would most like to see Zeppelin in their prime. Maybe Hendrix as a close second.

  • first concert: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and the the Romantics

    Most wish I’d seen: Queen with Freddie Mercury.

    • Queen would have been my first concert, but the tour was canceled after they played a few shows in Canada and people were throwing razor blades on stage. idiots.

  • First concert – The Beatles (with my mother) at the old Washington Coliseum in 1964. Couldn’t hear for the screaming, could barely see the stage because I was little. Now, I guess Aretha Franklin. Wish I had seen Jimi Hendrix.

  • 1, Prince

    2. Bad Brains

    3. The Deftones

    4. Fink

  • First show – can’t remember. Probably something at Fort Reno.
    Best live show is a tie between Judas Priest at the Ontario Theater and Son Seals at Club 21 I think it was called.
    Who I would like to see is Rory Gallagher.

  • First: The Roots and The Fugees 1996 – University of VA Memorial Gymnasium
    Wish: Michael Jackson

  • First show: The Police (went with my older brother as an 8 year old).
    Wish: Velvet Underground (in the 60’s), Husker Du, The Who circa 1969-70, Coltrane 1958-1963, Miles 1956-1967….

    • Best shows?:
      Superchunk 1993- Yanni’s cafe Tallahassee FL
      Patti Smith w/Smoke & Michael Stipe- Variety Playhouse, ATL
      Masada- The Stone, NY
      Sleater Kinney- Irving Plaza, NYC
      Organized by venue, bands didn’t play same nights:
      The Point, ATL: Unwound, Moe Tucker, Dirty Three, Yo La Tengo, JSBX
      Maxwell’s, Hoboken: Yo La Tengo, Reigning Sound, The Clean, The Feelies
      Knitting Factory, NYC: Lou Reed, Dismemberment Plan (opening for Jonathan Richman), (Lonesome Crowded West – era) Modest Mouse, The Ex, The Bats
      Bowery Ballroom, NYC, YLT & Jad Fair, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Mission of Burma, Explosions in the Sky
      R&R Hotel- Hot Snakes, Obits, Fucked Up, Dirtbombs
      9:30- The Feelies, Superchunk
      All Tomorrows Partys 1&2, Kutcher’s NY (Mogwai, MBV, Dino Jr., YLT, Bob Mould, etc….)
      Maybe I go to a few too many shows….

  • David Lee Roth and Tesla at the Meadowlands (then called Brendan Byrne Arena) in 1985 (8th Grade). Jesus, I’m old. I did see the DLR and VH reunion show, which, corny as it sounds, filled a gap from my childhood I thougth was destined to remain vacant.

    Wish/Regret – my first year working, I had to miss the Stones show (8th row center tickets!) with three of my best friends because of an all-night project. The joys of being a first year associate. I get crap about it from them until this day.

  • My first concert was The Beach Boys in 1964 at the Convention Center in Asbury Park NJ. No need to think very long of who I would want to see of any band living or dead, it would be The Beatles together. I saw George solo but to see them together. Now that would be just fantastic!

  • First concert without my parents – Nirvana Nov 1993, Lehigh University
    Janis Joplin hands down

  • First: Jethro Tull, Bloomington IN
    Wish: Queen

  • 1st: Elastica, 1995, Gainesville, FL. 2nd: Also, 1995. The Village People!

  • justinbc

    First concert I ever actually remember seeing was Pearl Jam in 1993, my mom took me (I was 13). I distinctly remember it because it was before debit or credit cards were really used for everything, and we had spent all the cash she had on parking, food, beer for her, etc. At some point I decided I wanted a tour t-shirt, so I asked her to buy one, but she didn’t have enough cash on her. She actually asked the guy next to her for some, and he gave her a $20 to buy it. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen her do, and I still have the t-shirt.
    Best concert I’ve ever been to was coincidentally also Pearl Jam, when they came to DC in 2009 or 2010 (I forget this one). It was the first time I had seen them since, and they wound up playing a 3+ hour show with 3 or 4 encores and quite a lot of really cool covers.

    • justinbc

      Dream concert would probably be Guns N Roses playing with Wu-Tang Clan, in their original incarnations.

    • It was ’09. Just remember because I moved here right before their show, and I was annoyed that I was going to miss it.

      • justinbc

        Oh man, that sucks! Yeah I remember who I was dating at the time, but we dated over several years so when it actually happened was a blur.

  • First: The Bangles opening for Cyndi Lauper, 1983 (I was 10).

    Wish: I would’ve liked to see REM or Hüsker Dü pre-1990.

    Best: I’ve been to several Bridge School Benefit concerts ( and some day-long lineups were pretty good (see what I did there, not picking a single artist which is way too hard!)

  • My first concert was probably something at Wolftrap but can’t quite remember. I did see some epic shows through the years though. Dave Matthews Band at American U Bender Arena 1993 with maybe 200 people. Michael Franti at the 9:30 on inauguration night 09, got to echo the Bowie NIN tour recalled above and have seen Metallica twice and they have blown me away both times. And lastly – Tibetan Freedom Fest at RFK with so many acts – most memorable was when Pearl Jam left early and everyone was bummed until Red Hot Chilis came out to close the show in a big surprise.

    I had tickets to Sublime at 9:30 right before Nowell died in 96 but had to back out 10 min before buddies left (still crying about this one).

    If I could go back in time I would see Yes (late 70s), Derek and the Dominoes (70s) or the Beatles roof top show.

  • First concert: Deep Purple + Status Quo in Moscow (1996)
    Best: tough one to pick, so I’ll go with the best recent show – David Byrne + St. Vincent
    Wish: Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense tour), Queen, Miles

  • First concert ever: John Denver at the Omaha Royals Stadium.
    First concert I paid for myself: Lifehouse.
    Dream concert: Benny Goodman and his band. Oh man, would that be awesome.

    • Sad to see the ‘Blatt get torn down!

      • Whoa- wasn’t aware of that. We moved from Omaha in the mid-nineties, so I didn’t know they tore down Rosenblatt and changed the Royals’ name! I have fond childhood memories of baseball games at Rosenblatt.

  • The Jacksons Victory Tour – 1984, Philadelphia. Hot mess indeed.

    • So Jacksons was my first – my dream concert would be to watch Sergei Rachmaninoff play his piano concerto #2 live….

  • 1st Concert: Heart (1979)

    Best Concert: Tie – U2 (Unforgettable Fire tour, 1984) and
    Stevie Ray Vaughn (1985 in Austin, TX) and
    Fatboy Slim (2012 here in DC at the 9:30)

    Most Lamented: Despite living for 5 years in Minneapolis during Prince’s heyday, I never saw him play live.

    Fantasy Concert: Steely Dan… playing just about anywhere in about 1975 or 1976

    • I DJ’d for that Fatboy Slim show. So if you were there before the opening act, you would’ve heard me. 🙂

  • PoP, we are simpatico, my first show was Bon Jovi in 1988. I went with my older brother who was a senior in high school (I was an 8th grader). It was, at the time, the absolute coolest moment in my life.

    • Wish I had gotten to a Rage Against the Machine show.

      • I had tickets to RATM in high school, but their drummer broke his arm and they cancelled the tour. Still waiting for my ticketmaster refund for that one…

  • First: some christian band in my small home town

    Best: Dirty Dozen Brass Band in ATL. Pre-katrina. First concert I went to by myself and I had the best time (audience was dancing and singing the whole time). DC crowds are lame and never live up to that experience.

    Fantasy: tie- Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown (60s/early 70s era)

  • First: Billy Squier
    Wish: Jeff Buckley

  • First: I am ashamed to admit this, but it was Color Me Badd (at the state fair, no less). What can I say? I grew up in a really small town.
    Wish: Probably the Beetles or a very young Bob Dylan

    • And I spelled Beatles wrong. I need more coffee (or a respite from this head cold).

    • saf

      I’ve seen Dylan a few times, including the tour with Tom Petty and the Grateful Dead. He puts on a good show.

  • First show was Damnation A.D., Battery, and Darkest Hour at Fort Reno somewhere around 1996 or so.
    Best recent one is Gary Clark Jr. at 930.
    I’ve always regretted not seeing Nirvana when I had the chance.

  • Rush moving pictures tour at the old boston garden! Great show…

    Always bummed, all my friends went to see Stevie Ray Vaughn and I blew it off….

  • Nas performed on campus at my school, 2006.

  • First: Dave Matthews Band.

    I’m sorry. It was 1998 and I was 13.

    • I went to Dave Matthews Band AND Hootie and the Blowfish shows in the mid-90s. On purpose.

      Oh! And Live. Remember them? One radio hit, “Lightning Crashes”. Completely forgettable, all of ’em.

  • First concert I remember was as a toddler to see Michael Jackson and his brothers on the Victory Tour at RFK stadium. In actuality, I think my first concert was when my folks brought me to a Village People show before that, but I don’t remember it.

    Favorite concert, any of the Beastie Boys shows I’ve been to.

    Regrets: I had tickets to a Rage against the Machine/Beastie Boys/Busta Rhymes concert that got cancelled because Mike D broke his arm on his bicycle.

  • First: Bad Religion, Blink 182, and Fenix TX at Waterloo Village, 2000.
    Best: Bear vs. Shark at The Knitting Factory in NYC, 2005.
    Dream: Queen, 1979-1984.

  • First: The Hooters at Hersheypark Stadium. Yes, really.
    Best: Pearl Jam 2008 at Verizon; Sleater-Kinney 2006 at 9:30, Afghan Whigs 1993 at the Cat’s Cradle
    Wish I’d seen: Nirvana

    • I saw Kool and the Gang at Great Adventure in NJ. Wanna trade?

      • I saw the Beach Boys at Great Adventure. I was thinking it must’ve been a tribute band, or I was remembering wrong, but when I googled it, they apparently have played there often.

        • Yeah, I remember going to a number of bands past their prime at Great Adventure with my family. It was always pretty lame and depressing, but since we lived 5 minutes away we were like, why not go?

    • saf

      I’ve seen the Hooters several times – I love them. Still love them.

  • Wow you guys are old

  • First – Yes with my mom circa 94
    Wish – just saw Robert Plant at Jazzfest last weekend and while I heard some Zepp it was nothing like the original, I wish I could rock out to the for the full band in their prime

  • First: Dolly Parton and Hank Williams, Jr. with my dad when I was maybe 5 (not sure about that). Ended up leaving early because of a drunken brawl that happened after one guy spilled his beer on another guy. Shortly after that, I also saw New Kids on the Block with Boyz II Men opening.

    Act I’d most like to see??? Its a toss up between Pink Floyd on the Wish You Were Here tour, Talking Heads in the early 80’s (when the lineup included two bass players and Adrien Belew), and the Grateful Dead (any show in 1977)

  • FtLincolnLove

    My first concert was Tom Petty in 2008….. Loved it so much I’ve seen him twice since then. The best concert I’ve ever been to? Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2012. I was so excited that I was hysterical (sobbing mixed with awkward snorts, laughter, and screams) during their performance!

    • Realized I forgot to mention my dream concert! It’s definitely a toss up between The Beatles and Led Zeppelin

      • Good lord, the struggle is real this morning.

        It’s a toss up between the Beatles and Led Zeppelin!

  • First concert: 2000 Britney Spears at MPP, I was in elementary school, so no judgement
    First concert in DC: 2002 HFSTIVAL (RIP 99.1 HFS)
    First 9:30 club concert: 2003, The Faint, on the school night! I went with my mom and brother. My mom was pretty cool.

    DC’s legacy of tons of all ages venues really impacted my youth so here’s to that.

  • First Concert: The Roots at UMD
    Wish: Michael Jackson

  • First (w/parents): Huey Lewis and the News! In the Oakland Arena in the mid-80s. A few Niners came to the stage to sing along “Hip to Be Square”.
    First w/out parents: BFD II at the Shoreline in ’95. Bush headlined.
    Best: Pearl Jam at Spartan Stadium, also in 1995. They played nearly every song they had made by that point for over 3 hours.
    Wish: Led Zeppelin

  • First: poison & tesla (philadelphia 1988)
    Favorite: Superchunk, GBV and Butterglory state college 1995.
    Dream: Shellac and Drive like Jehu

  • First: The Ramones in ’96 at the Capital Ballroom.

    Wish: Miles Davis in the late 60s early 70s.

  • Realized I forgot to mention my dream concert! It’s definitely a toss up between The Beatles and Led Zeppelin

  • First: Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour, 80s; I also saw the Beastie Boys/Tribe Called Quest just before Tribe broke up.

    Wish: Ella Fitzgerald (love her live albums)

  • I would very much like to see The Replacements on this current reunion tour.

  • First Show: Blink-182 and the Aquabats at a roller skating rink – 1997 or 1998?
    Best Show: Radiohead at the Santa Barbara Bowl, both nights, 2001
    Wish: Radiohead – Kid A tour, Nirvana – In Utero tour, Jimi Hendrix, Ella Fitzgerald….too many.

  • jim_ed

    1st: Sepultura and Rammstein in 1997…? (that middle school metal phase was unfortunate)

    Best: Hot Water Music at the Ottobar in 2003 or 2004. God those were fun shows.

    Most recent great show: The Menzingers with Fake Problems at Rock and Roll Hotel.

  • My first concert with no adult chaperones was Lilith Fair 1997 at the PNC Bank Arts center in NJ. I was 13. I went with my older sister and had the best time. Girl power!!
    One of my favorite shows was Tori Amos at the Beacon Theater in NYC in 2001. She happened to play there right after 9/11 and it was such a beautiful and moving performance.

  • Grateful Dead – Merriweather Post Pavilion June 20, 1983. A big storm laced lightning through the sky and dumped enough rain to raise the stream over the bridge and flood the parking lot. The band played right through short power outages.

    Who would I see? I think Django Reinhardt. Maybe Jimi Hendrix.

  • First: New Kids on the Block (Shut it, I was a teen in the 90s. You would have too.)
    Best: A tie between the Billy Joel half of the first Elton John/Billy Joel tour in 2004 and Paul McCartney last year at Nats park
    Wish: The Beatles

  • I think my first one was either Coldplay or Radiohead.

    • Cyprus Hill opened up for Pearl Jam at a free concert at Magnason Park in Seattle. In between sets, while Pearl Jam was setting up, I burned one with B-Real.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Dang, my parents must have been trusting, I never had adult chaperons at any concerts, even that lame one in 5th grade at the roller rink. I have no idea who it was, my friend wanted to go.

  • First band: BYB. Would love to have witnessed Chuck Brown in his prime.

  • First: Iggy Pop, 1980, Showbox Seattle
    Second: Dead Kennedys, 1980, Showbox Seattle
    Third: Elton John (what can I say?), 1980, Seattle Colosseum
    Best: That’s tough. I’ve been to more than I can remember. Some really memorable ones: #1 & #2 above, the Jam (also 1980), the Ramones, Soundgarden opening for Tones on Tail in the late 80s or early 90s (note to all bands: don’t let Soundgarden open for you), any of a dozen Mudhoney shows in the 90s, Kraftwerk last month at the 9:30 was pretty amazing. So was Cat Power’s last show at the 9:30–she punked it up if you can imagine that. But, I guess the best of the best has to be Etta James. Her concerts are the only ones to have brought me to tears. Such an amazing, unique talent.
    Wish list: Well, Queen and Led Zeppelin. I would also love to see Prince.

    • Solid list. Iggy in 80 is legendary. Was at that Kraftwerk show too. My top wish list would be The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Smiths, and The Talking Heads. Yeah, not gonna happen.

    • Oh man, I forgot the Hole concert circa ’92 in a little dive right after Kurt was arrested for domestic violence. Courtney came out shitfaced cursing the cops and declaring her love for Kurt. It was a classic rock star drunken train wreck. They still rocked it though.

  • INXS and PiL at the caps center!

  • First: Billy Squier (and his band, Piper)
    Best: Stevie Wonder at my high school
    Wish: Danny Gatton

  • First: DEVO in 1980 Freedom of Choice
    Best: Hard one someone mentioned Jesus and Mary Chain and the WUST Music Hall, that rocked Mazzy Star opened. Shane MacGowan and the old Black Cat. Gary Numan during his “farewell tour” in 1980 (hey I’m 50, there is some ground to cover
    Biggest regret: Johnny Cash at 9:30, I’m not paying $50 for a concert . . . whoops.
    One that makes me sound cooler than I am: Josh Ritter playing the Olssens Books at 19th and M before about 20 people.

  • First concert: Stevie Winwood in 1988 or 89? Can’t remember. I was 11. Couldn’t recognize the funny smell from people smoking in the stadium.
    Concert regret: Guns N Roses, Madrid 1992. I was 15 and decided I was too young to go by myself to the concert.
    Concert I would like to see: U2 during Joshua Tree, INXS

    • U2 put on a free show in San Francisco during the Joshua Tree tour. Things got a little crazy (bono for saw a sign that had “SF” on it and thought it stood for Sinn Fein, and got pissed off) and it made the front page of the local papers. I remember thinking, “Huh? Who are they??” I was 8 at the time…

  • Incubus at Kobo in Detroit

  • anonymouse_dianne

    First I remember: The Band somewhere in Baltimore
    Best lineup: Bob Dylan with Tom Petty on Backup and the Grateful Dead. At RFK. One of Jerry Garcia’s last concerts. They forgot the words to Desolation Row.
    Best recent: Jackson Browne and Steve Earle. How come Jackson Browne doesn’t age? Dorian Gray?
    Also love Queen.

  • First: Deftones
    Dream: Time travel to a Fela show.

  • First concert was Nirvana in 1993, my sister took me. As for someone I would’ve loved to see in concert, it would be Bob Marley easily.

  • first- Rolling Stones on the Voodoo Lounge tour in Hockenheim, Germany

  • First: 10,000 Maniacs at Constitution Hall, maybe 1987? 88?

  • First show: Patriot Center – Rembrandts, Silverchair, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Valentine’s Day 1996.
    Ideal show of a band that actually existed: Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys, but I don’t know if I’d want Mitch Mitchell or Buddy Miles on drums.
    Ideal concert (with lots of interband jamming): Wilson Pickett, Hendrix, Curtis, Parliament-Funkadelic (with the whole lineup available, including the Brides of Funkenstein), James Brown, Rare Essence. I think I would dance my ass clean off.

  • First was REM, probably in 1983. The super cool punk exchange student from Japan persuaded my parents to let me go with her. I’m pretty sure I paid $6.

  • Parliament/Funkadelic – 1991 at D.A.R.

  • First – Beach Boys at Great Adventure in 1988
    First I chose to go to – Deftones, Orange 9mm, and Downset at Birch Hill in 1996
    Best Show – Two tours meeting together at Giants Stadium. Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, Hatebreed, and a ton others. It was my first time seeing Metallica and they blew away everyone else. Looked like the “real” Metallica that I wasn’t expecting.
    Glad I saw – Pantera
    Wish – It would be great to have seen The Beatles, but honestly Jimi Hendrix probably put on a much better show.

  • Best concert I ever saw was Radiohead playing at Roseland Ballroom in NYC in fall of 2000. This was in between OK Computer and Kid A, they played a 3 show mini-tour (London, NYC, and LA) to preview some of their Kid A stuff. Tickets sold out in 2 minutes. However, my freshman roommate at NYU knew a girl working at Roseland and she managed to sneak us in the side door of Roseland gratis. I totally remember the massive line and people desperately buying fake tix off scalpers, with us walking past the entirely line and waltzing right into the venue. It was awesome and Radiohead played an AMAZING show to only 1500 people at the height of their fame.

  • First: Beastie Boys with Fishbone and Murphy’s Law opening, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, 1987
    Wish: Jane’s Addiction

  • Another wish – Would have loved to see the original Traveling Wilburys (look it up, youngsters). I’m pretty sure they never toured, though.

  • First show The Boss — 3 River Stadium 1985 on Born in USA Tour
    Biggest regret — missed a rare chance to see Townes Van Zandt in a club show in 1995 because it would have required me to quit my job at the time. In hindsight I should have quit. The show was predictably a mess (I’m told), but I still would have liked to have attended.

  • First Concert: Smashing Pumpkins 1993/4
    Dream Concert: Janis Joplin or Mama Cass!

  • White Zombie 1996

    If I could see any band it would be Led Zeppelin circa 1973-74?

  • I love this question! It’s one of my favorites to ask friends 🙂

    First Show: Fugazi at the Electric Factory in Philly, 1996
    Wish Show: Nirvana, I’m pretty sure my brother is still mad at my mom who in 1993 said “you can go see them next year”

  • 1st: Rolling Stones Steel Wheels, my 8th grade gf’s uncle was touring keyboardist so we had bitchin seats
    1st w/ no chaperone: Queensryche w/ Suicidal Tendencies, ridiculous
    1st best: Lollapalooza ’92 (Ministry, Soundgarden, Ice Cube, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers – at the time, only RHCP had really hit big)
    Maybe still coolest: House of Pain club tour ca. ’93. HOP totally forgettable, but they had an unknown Rage Against the Machine opening, handing out cassettes. Still have it.
    Most recent best: Perfect Pussy, DC9 last Sat
    Wish: So many bands I wish I could see at their height. Maybe narrow to Beatles ca. ’65; Hendrix ca. ’68; Wailers ca. ’73; Modest Mouse ca. ’97

    • Too many best shows…remiss not to mention P-Funk 94-95. Saw them twice in that span, both shows were like 4 hour epic funk theater life-changing masterpieces

  • My first concert was Bob Dylan in 2001 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. By then his voice was gone and having known Dylan primarily through his 1960s/70s albums that I devoured in middle school, I was severely disappointment.

    My dream concert would be to see Dylan either circa 1962 in Greenwich Village, 1965 with his first electric tour, or 1975 with the Rolling Thunder Revue.

    The best concert I ever witnessed was a dream concert for me that I thought would never happen. I saw Neutral Milk Hotel at the National Richmond last year, which I believe was only the second date of their first reunion tour. It was amazing! I cried at parts, especially Two Headed Boy part 2.

  • 1987 Capital Centre, Landover Md. Chuck Brown, Rare Essence, DC Scorpio, Dougie Fresh, Run DMC

    1991 – Warner Theatre, Patti Labelle

    • My Ideal line up would go a little something like this:
      1. Erykah Badu
      2. Jill Scott
      3. Michael Jackson
      4. Chuck Brown
      5. Bob Marley closing the show.

  • My first concert was Tiffany opening for New Kids on the Block in the early 90s. My Dad took my sister and I because he is the best Dad ever. To this day I can’t believe he made it through that concert.
    The best concert is tough. There was a great Iron & Wine show at the 9:30 club a few years ago.
    Dream concert would be The Beatles in their prime.

  • First: Hall & Oates circa 1983 at the (then) Worcester Centrum….with my mother. I think I was in the 6th grade.

    Wish: It’s a tie for me. Either The Who or Led Zeppelin in their prime. I did get to see The Who in the (probably) late ’80s though.

  • Great Friday Question of the Day!
    First-ever concert (with my father and younger brother): Genesis, circa 1987 or 1988.
    First unchaperoned concert: INXS (with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers opening), circa 1988.
    Second unchaperoned concert: R.E.M. (with Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ opening), 1989.
    Best concert: Hmm, hard to say. Some contenders:
    – The sets from Jane’s Addiction and Siouxsie and the Banshees, Lollapalooza 1991.
    – Gotan Project at the 9:30 Club, 2003.
    – Bonobo, live at a UK festival in 2005 or live at subsequent NYC dates over the next few years.

    • Forgot to address the “if you could see anyone in concert” question. Tons of contenders for this one… the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Liszt (who I believe was supposed to be quite the showman), Paganini…

  • First: Kansas (1982)
    Pretty Damn Good: Ruben Blades (@ Studio 54!), Santana
    Sad I missed: Janis Joplin and (joining the chorus) Queen

  • First show: The Clash on April 6, 1984 at Carmichael Auditorium in Chapel Hill, NC. I was 14. I wore my dad’s old army jacket and thought I was cool.

    Wish: U2 Live at Red Rocks

    Regret: Won tickets to see Nirvana at the Cats Cradle in Chapel Hill. Didn’t go because I was “too tired”.

  • First show: 1986 – Bangles at Smith College in Northampton. They stunk. The next week we went back to the same venue and saw Suzanne Vega (who sang with only her guitar to accompany her), who was amazing.

    Best show: Bruce Springsteen and the E St. Band, Verizon Center 1999

  • First: Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation
    Best: It’s a three-way between Janet, Prince (Diamonds and Pearls/Purple Rain,etc) and Lauryn Hill with my then-crush
    Wish: Bob Marley, all day

  • 1987, U2’s Joshua Tree tour at Rosemont Horizon. I may be old, but that show was totally worth it!

  • First show: Some oldies thing at 3 Rivers stadium in Pittsburgh, with the parents.
    Best: Sublime. I’m the only person I know that got to see them. Such a shame that all my favorites died of drugs.
    Wish: Nirvana, unplugged.

  • Surprised at how many folks didn’t go to their first concert until college. A few weeks back when Miley Cyrus was in town, the area was overrun with prepubescent little gills–with their moms in many cases.

  • Anything Box in 1993! (I know i’m so embarrassed and old!)

  • First show : Huey Lewis and the News, July 1992 at Three Rivers Stadium (literally five days before the FNM/GnR/Metallica show listed above… thanks, Google!)
    First without the folks: Big Head Todd and the Monsters with opening act, the Dave Matthews Band, March 1995 at the A.J. Palumbo Center
    Best: The Polyphonic Spree, November 1997 at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore
    Dream: either Pink Floyd (a longstanding wish) or LCD Soundsystem… saw half of LCD’s set at FreeFest a few years back, but the person I went with wanted to leave halfway through… tried but couldn’t get tickets to their MSG show… fingers crossed on a reunion…

    • Surprised to not see more LCD on here…sorry to see it listed on “wish” rather than “best”, but hopefully there will be a reunion and you’ll get a shot. Saw them three times 2010-11 (including MSG), all three would be on my list of “best shows ever”.

  • First: HFstival in 1994: Counting Crows, Violent Femmes, etc
    Best: Ozomatli every time I see them
    regrets? not being able to see one of the jazz greats like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday

  • First–Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk tour in Dallas, 1980
    Best–Rolling Stones at the Cotton Bowl, 1981, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings at Wolf Trap (early 90s?), X “unplugged” at old 930 club. Most recent favorite–New Order at Merriweather, 2013
    Wish–Joy Division, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Jesus and Mary Chain

  • blink-182 at the 9:30 Club in 2001. I was 13 and I couldn’t stop crowd surfing. I fell in love with live music that night and it’s been the best relationship I’ve ever had.

  • Grandfather took me to see Wynton Marsalis at Ohio University when I was a kid. Best show I went to was My Morning Jacket playing with the Boston Pops in 2006. I would have loved to see Hendrix or any of the classic bands of his era for sure.

    Wanted to see the Rage/Beastie Tour that never happened when Mike D(?) broke his arm(?) and Rage broke up after!

  • Lilith Fair – Summer of ’98 – New World Music Center outside of Chicago (It’s been called several other things since then). Just before my 12th birthday. I didn’t even realize some of the greatness I was seeing (Bonnie Raitt, etc.) – but Sarah McLachlan lived up to my expectations, and I got an amazing hemp necklace.

  • First – Chicago, 1977, Norfolk Scope

    And my dream concert was realized a couple years ago when I got to see Barbra Streisand in Boston. Nothing could ever compare.

  • First Concert: Black Crowes, 1990
    Best Concert: GNR and Metallica 1992, also Radiohead, Nissan Pavilion in the pouring rain for In Rainbows tour was most memorable
    Near Misses: Wu Tang (supposed to come to my college in 1998 but they backed out, didn’t see them until 2010), RATM and Beastie Boys (before Mike D broke his arm in a bicycle accident, did see them in 1998 with Tribe) Nirvana in 1993 (my friends went, but I was on family vacation)
    Wish Concerts: Nirvana MTV Unplugged, Dylan in the West Village in 1961, Beatles on the rooftop, Any Zeppelin, Any Hendrix, Talking Heads at CBGBs, Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon

  • First concert — The Kinks at Jones Beach, NY. Ray and Dave Davies got into a fight on stage. Then it seemed like everyone went to White Castle afterwards.

    Wish I could see Led Zeppelin or Nirvana.

  • First concert I wnto to my mom took me to see the Charlie Daniel’s band at merriweather. I had begged her to go even though i only knew one song by them. Mom got sick of the show and we left early only to faintly hear Devil Went Down to Georgia from the parking lot.

  • First concert was in 1985 and the Beastie Boys opened up for Madonna. Epic.
    First concert I bought tickets to: HFstival 1995, waiting in line outside of Hecht’s. Those were amazing!
    Wish: Michael Jackson

  • First concert was Phil Collins on the no jacket required tour, 05/30/85 at Reunion Arena in Dallas. Luckily this show was taped by HBO and was in heavy cable rotation for the next decade.

    Seen too many great shows to even count at this point. The who with stevie ray Vaughan opening at the Cotton Bowl (1989). Television at 9:30 club. Dave & Tim played a friend’s party in Charlottesville in 1993. Pink Floyd played my college the day after finals ended. Beastie Boys at the 9:30 club. Sir Paul last year at Nats Park. I snuck into last year’s Stones concert at Verizon Center — just straight up walked right in.

    My best / most memorable experiences were probably:

    (1) Phish at Big Cypress. 12/31/99. They played from midnight to sunrise without a break in front of 125,000 freaks.

    (2) In the span of 1 1/2 weeks in October 1994 I saw Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement (crooked rain tour), Matthew Sweet (Quine and Lloyd on guitar), Iggy Pop, Guided by Voices (Bee Thousand tour), DMB, Phish and then Phish WITH DMB on the same stage.

    (3) I was at the final Cream concert, 10/26/05 at Madison square garden. Took off the next morning for a long weekend in Amsterdam.

    (4) Last April I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert as personal guest of Mick Fleetwood. Partied in the hotel suite at the Ritz Carlton, drove to the concert in the limo with Mick and his wife and daughters, then ate dinner with the band and had complete, total access all night. Went in the dressing rooms and whatnot. Met the entire Fleetwood Mac family. Mick’s wife took a pic of my ticket and then came and got me during the show and I watched most of it from the wings, right next to the stage steps. Good times.

    I go to a lot of concerts, about 75-100 per year.

    • Honorable mentions: secret REM show 11/10/92 at the 40 watt club in Athens, GA. The only concert they played in support of automatic for the people. Dylan at the 9:30 club. The pixies in their original incarnation in 1992. Saw bowie in 1990 (sound+vision), 1995 (with NIN), 1997 at capitol ballroom, and 2004 at Patriot Center. King Crimson at the Roxy in Atlanta in 1995 with the “double trio” lineup of Fripp/Belew/Gunn/Levin/Mastoletto/Bruford. Steely Dan at Roseland Ballroom. Seen Phish 129 times so far.

      Oh yeah, my one “big miss” was standing outside the Olympia Theater in Paris, June 1993, unable to score a ticket to see the Velvet Underground’s first “reunion” concert. We went to Bataclan to see Sugar instead that night.

      Would’ve been sweet to see the Beatles but I’m too young.

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