Friday Question of the Day – If you could have any restaurant come to your neighborhood – who would you want?


I was walking by Surfside in Glover Park the other day and I thought, damn I wish they were closer to where I live – so for today’s question – if you could have any one restaurant come to your neighborhood, doesn’t have to be a chain, who would you most want to open near where you live?

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  • One of my favorite restaurants/hangouts ever is Teavolve in Baltimore. If Teavolve were in my neighborhood I’d be blissfully happy. My second pick would be a Southern style seafood restaurant which, ideally, would have shrimp and grits and fish and grits (very different combos) on the menu — something like Fish in the Hood or Horace and Dickies.

    • Oh man, I used to go to Teavolve all the time when I lived in Baltimore. I definitely second this!

      • I loved Teavolve as well when I was in Fells. I was back in Balti this weekend and saw that something else had moved into their place. I’m not sure if they have closed or just relocated. Either way, I’d love one in DC.

        • The original Teavolve was in Fells Point. They moved a few years ago to a larger, even more awesome-in-a-different-way in Harbor East on Aliceanna Street. They were definitely still there a few months ago.

    • Ahhh I loved Teavolve – went a couple times when I visited Baltimore. Definitely would love to have one here too!

  • To come to the H ST NE area, I would want Jaleo (for some decent Spanish) + a decent “more than merely pizza” authentic Italian resto like IL CANALE in Gtown or like NINNELLA or AQUA AL DUE to come to H St NE area. We need nice more international (not merely fast food) places that are medium (perhaps medium-high) priced “go-to” places for a casual – but decent and decor and visually attractive – night out that is also authentic and not “cheap and nasty” food. Another thing that would be GREAT is a CHINATOWN COFFEE branch on H because the existing coffee places are not serious – including Sidamo. Lastly PITANGO because the Eastern Market branch is too far. Also TEAISM for cheap and cheerful and real food.

  • I’m in Mount Vernon Squangle, and I’d just like a good restaurant that serves good food at a fair price, without a couple of dozen tv’s blaring sports at me. I’m SO over small plates with large plate prices, gimmicks, weird stuff, $100+ meals, and just plain crazy stuff ($10 hot dogs ?!?! seriously?!?!). Don’t get me wrong, there are some good restaurants in the squangle, but a lot of them are either very specialized (e.g. Mandu) or pricey (e.g. Corduroy).

  • This is wishful thinking, right? I’d like the long gone Fasika’s from Adams Morgan (or Kokeb from GA Ave) in Mt Pleasant. I rode my bike up 9th St a few times this week and could smell the aroma from Ethiopian restaurants around U St and wished they could be found closer to home.

  • For a long time, my family wanted Busboys and Poets to come to Petworth, but after hearing Mr. Shallal’s ridiculous ideas during the mayoral campaign, we have changed our minds.

    • You can have the one at 14th and V St. Please.

      • I don’t mix my politics & food. Busboys & Poets is an amazing business. I’m a Cubs fan, but don’t abandon them because they are owned by a far-right wing nut job family (The Ricketts). B&P come to Petworth!!!!

        • Don’t we have enough book centric restaurants already. I would like a Duffy’s or Solly’s type place that I can actually watch a tv or get decent cheap food. We’ve somehow got three sit-down restaurants and not one has a tv. That has to be a record of some sort.

      • I’ve always had a great experience there.

  • Being in Columbia Heights, I’d like something like Rasika or some other really good Indian food. Second choice would be a Jimmy Johns. Potbelly is fine, sammies at Panera are terrible and that’s about our only options.
    However, with the selection on 11th and the chains on 14th, I’m pretty happy as it is.

    • Finally someone said it. Panera is so overrated. I just find them bland for some reason.

    • yes please to the jimmy johns. stick it next to chipotle and i’m in fast food heaven.

    • I would love it if a Shophouse opened up in Columbia Heights. Also, a good sushi joint. And maybe a decent late night pizza option. Ok, now I’m just getting greedy…

    • I love the diversity in this comment: Either a James Beard Award winning Indian restaurant, arguably the best in America or a subshop that is a step below Subway. Man, do you have range!

    • This is just what I was coming here to say. Yes to Indian food in cohi!

    • It’s nothing at all like Rasika, but Salt & Pepper has really good Indian & Pakistani food, if you just want some tasty carryout or delivery.

    • Yes to Indian food in Columbia Heights! Doesn’t have to be fancy – something like Spice 6 (Hyattsville) or Merzi (7th St) would work and would fit in with the other Chipotle-like places in the neighborhood. Will have to try Salt & Pepper sometime, though.

  • I’m between Dupont and Logan – so plenty of great options but I love Hot & Juicy Crawfish and Tono Sushi – both in Woodley. Also, I think DC could have better Mexican options but maybe I’m not going to the right places.

    • No, you’re right – DC could use better Mexican options.

    • We could use a good Indian spot. Malgudi/Heritage isn’t good.

      • maxwell smart

        Have you been to Jyoti in Adams Morgan? Not only is the Indian food great, the staff are so friendly and amazing!

    • The new Mission in Dupont I thought was really good (killer salsa and margaritas). Tono Sushi has great delivery if you want Woodley Park to come to you.

  • H St neighborhood: I would love Bodega in Georgetown, or Barcelona on 14. Both for the food and the atmosphere.

  • H street: tasty, decently priced Chinese. Like Great Wall Szechuan from 14th st.

    • Their 3 pepper chicken!

    • I don’t get the hype about Great Wall. After reading the accolades on this site, I finally tried it, and it was easily the most disgusting meal I have had in DC.

      • What did you order? I’ve eaten there at least a dozen times and never had a bad dish.

        • It was a few months ago, and I don’t remember exactly. Some noodles, some chicken. It was just excessively greasy glop.

    • It’s not *on* H St. proper, but try Panda Gourmet at Bladensburg and NY Ave. Best Chinese restaurant in DC right now IMHO.

  • As a Petworth resident that lives a couple blocks from the metro, I would love to see a family friendly, casual eatery like Busboys & Poets or Stoney’s Pub in Logan Circle move here… Baked & Wired would be great too. Actually any bakery! The area needs more places that cater to young families with children.

    • binpetworth

      I second this. Casual eateries and more take-out options that aren’t Chinese/wings/subs would be great. Stoney’s, maybe a Bethesda Bagels or Moby Dick, etc. and I’d never have to leave the ‘hood.

      • Omg if a Bethesda Bagel came anywhere near Petworth or Columbia Heights I would be in carb heaven! But I feel like these types of neighborhoods aren’t their focus. I mean, Bethesda and Dupont are nothing like Petworth/CoHi so I feel like if they expand anymore in DC it would be to like Glover Park or Capitol Hill, maybe even Logan, but I don’t see them moving some place that’s still “up and coming.” Although, one can dream. Us non-rich need good bagels too!

        • I don’t have kids but I agree with all of you. We need something more casual where it’s not a concern for parents that their kids will be too loud as well as less expensive. I like the stoney’s idea too.
          Lastly I had a relative visit a few months ago and wanted bagels in the morning. I had no idea where to get them. So odd. I seriously ended up at Dunkin Donuts on Barracks Row after searching for so long. A bagel shop would be welcomed.

    • +1. I know it will never happen, my friends tell me parents are not the focus group for the business, but a sit down family friendly eatery with a kid’s menu, even a Clydes or Old Ebbitt knockoff, with seafood and steaks for the grownups would be welcome.

    • +1. I know it will never happen, my friends tell me parents are not the focus group for the business, but a sit down family friendly eatery with a kid’s menu, even a Clydes or Old Ebbitt knockoff, with seafood and steaks for the grownups would be welcome in Petworth.

  • Red Hook Lobster truck in Petworth! Let’s get a brick & mortar place going. Tons of new families from th east coast moving into the neighborhood. I’d also say a great Italian deli like The Italian Store in Arlington. Or So’s Your Mom or Astor Mediterranean in Adams Morgan would be great too!

  • Waffle House!!!!!!!

  • If Toki could move to Upshur, that would be awesome. I could endure the long waits by drinking a beer on my porch.

  • Ravi Kabob from Arlington. Would be so good in Columbia heights. Love their bread.

  • Since Van Ness is so restaurant deprived, I’d take anything… except another Quiznos or Subway.

  • I can’t complain because we got Beau Thai in MtP and it is great.

    But if I had to ask for one restaurant that I think could succeed, I’d say Cork. Good mix of food and wine would be great in the neighborhood.

  • Yes, it’s a chain, but I would LOVE for a Bertucci’s to open up on Capitol Hill. I love those rolls!! (Ideally, they could take the space from Good Stuff and We the Pizza and merge the space into one restaurant.)

    • get. out.

    • I would gladly sell my great Aunt Ethel to Al Quada for the following in Lincoln Park area:

      1. Amsterdam Falalfa
      2. a Friendly’s hamburger counter
      3. My grandmother’s strawberry rhubarb pie

  • Living in Mt. P I know Im not going to get anything too fancy and I think I like how the street is. I can walk to Co-Hi or Adams Morgan easily to get what I need. I do think DC needs some more greasy spoons that aren’t hip/fancy places trying to sell you a hot dog or steak n cheese with foie gras on it for $15. Maybe a better seafood place. Maybe its just nostalgia, but I want Commonwealth back.

  • Honey Pig!

  • I’d love to see some Thai food in Takoma, preferably closer to NH Ave. Ah, to dream.

  • If Ambar could pick itself up and move I would be SO happy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Semolina, Commander’s Palace, the Blue Bird (RIP), Raising Canes, the Chimes, Casamento’s, and Taqueria Corona. Basically all my faves from back home.

  • Taylor Gourmet in Brookland or Rhode Island Row.

  • Any good Neapolitan pizza place to Petworth PLEASE!

  • Amsterdam Falafel in MV Square!!! Maybe in that vacant space that a Ray’s place has been rumored to go…

  • I really miss living 2 blocks from the Argonaut. All the food wasn’t amazing, but the vibe there was so great. Tempeh tacos on taco Tuesday with happy hour draft beer deals, sitting on the patio. Always a great night.

  • I would love more diner-type restaurants to open up. Simple, delicious food that isnt pretentious or expensive.

  • Taylor Gourmet in Woodley Park. It makes so much sense!

    Busboys and Poets or something like Logan Tavern also needed in Woodley.

  • Mt. Pleasant would benefit big time from a Sundevich or a similar sandwich kinda place…

  • That’s easy – anything! I live in Brightwood, and aside from the McDonald’s (blech), Simple (awesome!) and Wapa Cafe (great but limited hours), we have nothing! A great ice cream store would be nice, especially in summer.

    • notlawd

      My husband and I really wanted to open an ice cream shop at that place on 5th and Kennedy that was bought out by yet another funeral home 🙁 I think something like that would make a killing. I was literally waiting on my porch for the ice cream truck last night and it didn’t come by until my daughter went to bed. So pathetic.

  • the union station side of H st NE desperately needs a walkable place for a great brunch/comfort food…so id love a Ted’s Bulletin.

    And while what H st does not need is another pizza place….i’ve still been unable to fill a void in my life for ledos. So….ledos 🙂

  • I would love to have a diner/breakfast place in Shaw/Bloomingdale. Nothing fancy, just delicious breakfast food, and a lot of it. And good strong coffee with free refills.

  • I’m in Columbia Heights.
    1. Sushi
    2. Palena
    3. Mexican. Real Mexican, not Salvadoran Mexican, not chain Mexican.

  • Hyde Park Bar and Grill, in Austin, is the most reliable restaurant I’ve ever been to. I would love for it or something similar to come to Mt. Pleasant or even DC. I have yet to find a restaurant in DC that where I would truly feel comfortable and proud calling myself “a regular.”

    • Ah, love it! I grew up in Austin and went to UT living within walking distance of Hyde Park. I so, so miss that place. Family friends designed the big fork out front based on a fork they found at a garage sale. Whenever I go to eat at their house- even to this say- they let me use the “Hyde Park” fork.

  • Wow PoP! Thanks for reminding me how amazing my neighborhood is.. I’ve got lots of great places.. Red Hen being my obsession.. Beau Thai, Stoney’s (though that’s admittedly in Logan and I’m in Bloomingdale)… Vinoteca is close by, El Rey is pretty hot and for good soul, Oohs and Aahhs… I’m straight! To be greedy I’ll take Crisfields and Parkway Deli thank you very much

  • On the edge of Columbia Heights near Park View. Would LOVE to see a local sandwich place on 11th st strip or Georgia Ave. Something like G or Taylor (I know people hate Taylor, but whatever). Decent casual dining options are somewhat limited in that area – it’s either admittedly pretty good for bar food but still bar food, the ever-mediocre Coupe, or nicer places that feel like too much for a quick weeknight meal.

  • I wish Glover Park had an & Pizza and cheap Thai takeout/delivery. But we do have Surfside, Arcuri, and Whole Foods so I can’t complain too much 🙂

  • Logan/U could use a nice Indian and Chinese restaurants. I would also love a Teaism and yes, and Arby’s.

  • Nandos in Columbia Heights

  • I live between Dupont and 14th street so this is really picky but I feel like there is no affordable Pho/Vietnamese or Ramen places anywhere close.

  • I would kill to have Bardo somewhere west of Rock Creek. Drunken 8 mile bike rides home are getting less fun as I near 40 and my pittie and Bardo the dog would get along famously…

  • I’m in Dupont, so I have little to complain about re: restaurant availability. But I would be so happy if we got a Qualia. I love their coffee, but rarely have the time to trek up to Petworth to get it at the source. Bourbon Coffee and Filter are good, but pricier, less complex and less fresh.

    • I live near Qualia but would also love another one in Dupont where I work!

    • I would love any family-friendly restaurant to go in the old Colorado Cleaners at 14th and Colorado.

    • I live by Qualia. Excellent coffee but too small to be a viable sit down place for me. I always end up at the Coupe. Still above average coffee, but more space and better food options. Qualia really needs to expand with all the new people in Petworth, in my humble opinion.

    • I live in Penn Quarter and would love to get Bistro du Coin there. The key isn’t the food (although it’s good) as much as the price and authentic rude french service.

  • maxwell smart

    Since I live in food/bar desert in Chevy Chase DC, I would love just about anything. Comet is fine, but it’s also one of the only places in the area so it’s always crazy busy. Like we can get you a table in 3 hours busy.

  • Bloomingdale – A quick and dirty pizza place that’s open until 2AM. It doesn’t even need to be good. I miss NYC every weekend for this reason only.

  • I want a really good sandwich shop on Georgia Ave in Park View. There’s basically no lunch options between Sankofa and the Petworth metro, except for Rita’s. I can’t eat jerk every day.

    • I agree with you, same-initials-as-me person!

    • DC Reynolds is open for lunch everyday

      • Hmm, I don’t think I was aware of this. Good to know.
        I still miss the ridiculously reasonable prices they had when they opened — e.g. the $4 mac-and-cheese “side” that was big enough to be a satisfying main dish…

        • I’ll never forgive them for getting rid of the pulled pork mac and cheese! Maybe some people thought that getting a pork mac and cheese with your many two-for-one happy hour beverages was extravagant, but I am not one of those people!

          • Not into pulled pork, so I never tried that particular combination, but I still miss the mac & cheese.
            D.C. Reynolds management — if you see this, please consider bringing back the mac & cheese!

    • yes please! hoepfully the keefer/georgia formerly tibet shop will fill this void.

  • Sushi in Takoma DC. Yes, please.

  • Julia’s Empanada’s on H St. Please make it happen!!!

    • I wish we could get Julia’s in Columbia Heights back, too. Sigh. Great for cheap and eat-on-the-go.

  • 11th st could use decent takeout sandwich place, I’d even take a Taylor.

  • I’ll focus on replacing Beau Thai in Shaw. I’d like to see some good Indian/Pakistani or maybe pho. We’ve relied on Beau Thai a lot, so we’d love another place with good quality that is still affordable and available for takeout.

    • Not a fan of the Red Toque?

      • I do like Red Toque, but I think of it more as a halal place. I guess I should take a closer look at their menu.

        • Yea, I don’t quite know what to call it. “Middle eastern” perhaps? I agree that an authentic Indian spot would do great at the current Beau Thai location.

  • Eastern Market/Barracks Row: Amsterdam falafel, Busboys and Poets, Teaism, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, a diner, Protein Bar, a Lebanese restaurant, Ethiopian, Hibachi, and more delivery options in general. I’m pretty happy with what we have though, especially if the options up on H Street are considered.

  • I met the owner of Ted’s Bulletin and begged him to take over the Fire Lake Grill space once it closes (which is inevitable). I would put the same plea out to the Coupe/Open City/Diner owners. Please, have pity us up in no man’s land. I promise if we have a diner restaurant with good food, we would fill the place!

    • maxwell smart

      I haven’t been to Fire Lake, but I looked at the menu when they opened and thought “um, okay. So this is yet ANOTHER mildly over-priced American / nothing special restaurant in this area?” There is already Jake’s on Connecticut and Nebraska (which is never busy… also another place I would be surprised if it lasts) and Clyde’s in Friendship Heights. How about a legit micro-brew place?

  • Ravi Kabob. Pakistani restaurant near Ballston. It would be a dream if it opened up in my neighborhood in Glover Park.

  • Bloomingdale:
    1. Amsterdam Falafelshop!!
    2. ANY sports bar with lots of tvs that actually plays the sound. Something like Capital City Brewing Company, maybe, or Grand Central (Adams Morgan). Doesn’t have to be fancy – actually, I’d prefer if it weren’t.

    • Nellie’s is the closest we have, and it’d great, but SO crowded (a testament to the demand!!) Plus I’d rather it be right IN Bloomingdale, since we’re fantasizing and all.

    • Give it a couple of months. I’m pretty sure that the Firehouse Restaurant will have plenty of TVs and Pub and the People should be opening soon (?) as well. If they’re anything like DC Reynolds, you should have no problem catching sports on TV.

  • Pete’s on Kennedy street! Love the pizza and gelato would be fantastic in the summer. I know… keep dreaming.

  • jim_ed

    I wish Moroni and Bros would come back, preferably on Kennedy St. Otherwise, uptown definitely needs a nice little bar, like a Trusty’s or Lil Pub.

  • SW here. All the things, please. But in all seriousness, I hope the Wharf will bring in a good bakery (good, not Heller’s-ish) or a breakfast place. Bethesda Bagels within walking distance would bring so much joy into my cold, dead heart.

  • Moroni Bros. on Upshur in Petworth!

  • I wish that Quick Pita in Georgetown delivered to Logan Circle.

  • Stoney’s to MVT/Judiciary Sq/Chinatown!

    • This is like the 3rd or 4th suggestion for Stoneys. I feel like I’m missing something – what’s the allure? Is it just a solid no-frills neighborhood pub?

      • Yeah, there’s nothing special about it; it’s just a solid neighborhood pub. I took it for granted when I lived close, and I have to admit I kinda miss it. Loved those grilled cheese sandwiches, and it was just a chill place to get a beer and watch a game. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to have such a thing in my neck of the woods–still trying to forget blue banana and what’s that other crappy one on Irving?

      • With pretty good pizza. The P Street location has quieted down quite a bit with all the new openings up 14th Street. So it’s returned to a reliable neighborhood pub where you can find a seat when you stop in. You’re right, it’s nothing fancy, but I think that’s the appeal.

      • Awesome chicken fingers and reasonable prices make it a solid place to grab some quick grub and drinks with friends on the way to a concert or game, in lieu of a night out, or any occasion. The area has so many great, nice restaurants, but off the top of my head, PQ Sports Tavern is the only place that fills this void and it is generally crowded/more bar, less restaurant.

  • justinbc

    It would have to be something I want / crave regularly, rather than a special occasion type place…so for me that would be Sichuan Pavilion.

  • This isn’t sexy, but I think a Nandos Peri Peri would do really well in that big empty space above the Petworth Metro.

    • I would definitely get behind that!

      • It wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’d love to see just about ANY fast-casual place come to northern Park View/southern Petworth.
        My first choice would be Cosi, second choice Panera. I know there’s a lot of hate for both places but I am especially fond of Cosi’s salads and both are reasonably priced enough that you can eat there often.

    • Yes, yes, yes! They would get my business several times a week I bet.

  • maxwell smart

    There is an empty store front on Connecticut across from Politics and Prose, next door to Jake’s and Terasol. In my wildest dreams, District Taco would move into that space – I would literally stop by every morning and get breakfast tacos on the way to work and then again on the way home. Maybe even some patio seating. I’d even settle for District Taco in Van Ness… or Cleveland Park.

  • Does In ‘n Out burger count? I could use a double-double right now + fries and a shake. Thanks

  • In my ideal world, I would live near a Blue Bottle coffee and ramen joint. Dear Universe, please bring these things to Bloomingdale.

  • Most people will have never heard of this, but I’d love to see a Taco Mac come to Navy Yard. They’re a mostly ATL-area chain that specializes in bar food and beer. It’s reasonable (10 wings and fries for 7.99, for example), fairly tasty, and serves food until 2am every night. Would do a great business on gameday, especially from beer nerds and families with kids looking for a cheap bite where the parents can also get a drink or two. The location I was recently at had over 100 beers on tap, which would draw in a late-night crowd as well.

    • I have been to Taco Mac Midtown (ATL) and way out in suburban Kennsaw GA, mainstream bar food with a big time beer selection (60 on tap?) and a lot of TVs

      I would take a Ted’s in Brookland over Bus Boys.

    • Totally agree with this!

  • ANY restaurant ! I’m tired of walking past fast food/carry outs!

  • I live in Takoma and I want a Blockheads. Blockheads is a tex mex restaurant chain in NYC that is famous for cheap and delicious margaritas. I particularly like the $3 frozen margaritas although I think the price went up a little. When my wife and I were dating she lived on the Upper West Side and we would go to Blockheads on Amsterdam Ave almost every weekend I visited. I actually emailed the owner asking him to come to DC. He said they had looked into it but thought that there was a similar restaurant chain already here. There is most definitely not.

  • I want a Torchy’s Tacos (Texas-based chain). I crave their Green Chile Pork tacos.

  • H St . NE:

    Pete’s! My favorite pizza in the city and we’re so far from any of the locations. Pittango Gelato and Baked and Wired for sweets and dessert. And a version of 2Amys with a huge bar seating area (the opposite of how they opened Etto on 14th st.) Lastly, The Italian Store from the Lee Highway. Best sandwiches ever.

  • Chick-fil-a H street

  • The Red Hen to Mount Vernon Triangle and Clyde’s to NoMa.

  • A Chopt in Columbia Heights or U Street/ A-Mo/ Petworth!!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      There is a Sweetgreen right off 14th street on W Street. Give it a try! You can even order online.

  • I would love an English pub in Petworth, any bar that would play premier league games early on Saturdays and Sundays in a perfect world packed with hardcore supporters. I would love not to have to schlep to Chinatown, Dupont, or H Street to watch games. Also it would serve great fish ‘n chips and English breakfasts.

  • notlawd

    I am going to go for the very reasonable request of an &Pizza on Kennedy St. I could also stand to have a CPK in DC proper again for my random, but frequent thai crunch salad craving.

  • Having an Italian store or Litteri’s in Columbia heights would be life altering. A really good sandwich, in other words. Not Taylor, in other words.

  • you people on here are crazy! hands down a Caroline’s Kitchen on Kennedy St. NW. followed by a Waffle House!

  • H Street NE – I know that Rose’s Luxury is only about a mile and half away, but would love for them to open up a similar concept on H! Runner up, Table (Shaw) would be a great addition to H St as well.

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Mark’s Kitchen in Takoma Park, to anywhere closer. Dear god.. so good.

  • I would like Pasta Pomodoro to expand to DC from California. It’s inexpensive Italian.

  • A proper diner on H st and a good Thai place and good pho!!!

  • engine company 12. On north Capitol street.

  • Anita’s Mexican breakfast burritos in Petworth!

  • I live in Shaw. I would be awesome to have Vedge from Philly in the neighborhood – let alone anywhere in the city.

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