Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

1308 Clifton Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1308 Clifton Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Bright & Spacious (~1400 sqft). Enjoy two-level U Street/Columbia Heights living at its finest! Four Balconies for your enjoyment! Stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, TONS of natural light~this condo has it ALL! Gym, secure parking, extra storage, private dog park. WALK to two Metros, Target, restaurants & nightlife in minutes. Pet Friendly!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,450/Mo.

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  • very large for a 2br, probably unecessairly large. And also you get to enjoy the abiance of people hanging out around 7-11 at all hours and waiting for the bus. Oh and many other joys of columbia heights, this is not U street, this is Columbia Heights, and this is the part just before the heights (aka i dont like walking through this strip at night alone)

    • Sorry, I don’t think that criticism of Columbia Heights is allowed on this site, even when it’s all 100% true.

      • you are right, i was thinking that building. However, this is sandwhich between a high school and public housing (not that is a bad thing), i am sure the view is pretty nice depending on which was you are facing

      • HAHAHA this comment though, seriously i feel like you say columbia heights and people think, cool, hipstery, ect. My experience is – i hate going to columbia heights (proper) around metro ect. Its one of the dirtiest places in the city (granted i am not well traveled EoTR or capital hill area). I would never want to live anywhere close to that area. It is just a mess. although i do live just south of this messy area…i guess im saying id much rather be walking to u street metro then columbia heights

        • You’ve got that right. Columbia Heights: The next big thing that never was.

          • the Mrs and I just bailed on CH. The neighborhood just can’t shake the dead weight

            We bought in Dupont instead.

      • I live across the street. This area is fine and I use U St metro for the reasons you state about C Heights. This isn’t “Columbia Heights” by any stretch.

        • totally agree, its not u street and its not columbia heights, its actually a pretty nice area to live

    • This is not the building by the circulator stop, though they look similar.

    • Scrillin

      This is 13th & Clifton, not 14th & Columbia…

    • Yeah, you’re so familiar with the neighborhood you managed to misplace the building by six blocks.

  • Nope.

  • Not a bad place, though overpriced for the location. If it were south of Florida Ave, this would be high but not unreasonably so. In this area, it should be $3k maximum.

  • Overpriced by $600, easily. I pay $3100 for a much bigger 2BR between Florida and U Street at the bottom of the hill. Bad deal.

  • It’s not 2005, this area is great.

  • Yikes! Look at the cheap finishings. And it’s sitting on top of some noisy, less-than-desirable retail. Are the landlords in this city — the entire region — out of their minds? Their greed knows no end — they are absolutely pushing the bounds of sanity with rents. For $3,450/month you can live like a King in London or Paris (dramatically nicer cities than DC) — and like a super-duper-super King in Berlin or Barcelona — and your health care will be free. Any future mayor needs to propose robust, reasonable rent “control” (as is being implemented in Paris):

  • Rent control, please. The landlords — and property management companies — in DC are out of their minds.

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