Former Seaton Market to become “3 Luxury Apartments with Rooftop Terrace” and 1700 Sq. ft. Commercial Space in Bloomingdale

Seaton 1

“Dear PoPville,

Noticed today there is a new banner on the building on Seaton NW and North Capitol Street. I was previously told it would be ground floor retail and three condos above, but still not sure with the sign. It says 1700 SF of Commercial…… and the first floor is about that square footage, and it says THREE condos. I don’t think Condos are commercial? so it must be first floor retail of some sort open for lease. I suppose they could make two one bedrooms on the second floor, and a nice penthouse on the top floor? The design looks nice, will be good to see the architecture brought back to its old glory. ”

Seaton 2

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  • Exciting to have new things come to the neighborhood–can’t wait to find out who leases the space!

  • What’s the source of confusion>? Looks pretty clear that it’s 1700 square feet of commercial space and 3 residential units on the top two floors. If the building is 1700 square feet on each floor, that’s 3400 square feet for 3 condos… that allows for pretty generously sized units, whatever the exact configuration.

    • If you look closely at the drawings on the building it appears that they are planning to add another floor.

  • It’d be nice if DC would restore North Capitol Street to an actual street instead of a freeway-type design and restore Truxton Circle.

  • justinbc

    Funny, we almost bought a place right around the corner from here and when walking by thought this deserted building seemed ripe for restoration. Guess it didn’t take someone long to agree!

  • Great news! North Capitol is going to be really popping in a couple of years.

  • was this the place with the painting of “help a brother up?”

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