Foo Fighters Play Surprise Show at 9:30 Club Last Night

Photo by PoPville reader Sam

“Dear PoPville,

Last night there was a scheduled performance of “Big Tony’s Birthday Celebration” show which was supposed to be a celebration of DC music and was hosted by dave grohl. The acts listed included members of DC punk legends Bad Brains, Scream, and also included a set by Trouble Funk – A go-go legend of DC.

However, later in the night, the entire lineup of The Foo Fighters came on to play a 17 song, 2 hour set. One of the few times they’ve played in the last two years This was not announced ahead of time and was a surprise. Since Dave Grohl is from the area, it seemed appropriate.”

Ed. Note: Awesome.

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  • That is awesome. Reminds me of the show they played at the Black Cat as the end of their 2001 tour. They practically when through their catalog in sequential order up to that point. Amazing show in a tiny venue.

  • It was unreal. Best show I’ve ever seen. period.

  • Farragut

    Wow, one of my coworkers was going to this. She and her best friend were convinced that it was going to be a secret Foo Fighters concert based on some clues; I’m glad it worked out for them!

  • Dave Grohl is the Tom Hanks of music, the guy just upstages everyone. Love that he has done his best to highlight the DC music scene but this was a celebration of DC music and he plays a two hour Foo Fighters set??? Seems like he could have pulled some of the Dischord people in, or other local musicians and played with them maybe? A Foo set seems inconsistent with the theme/purpose of the event.

    • As long as the Foo Fighters set was in addition to — not instead of — any of the listed acts on the bill, it sounds fine by me.
      Pulling in local musicians would’ve required advance logistical work (rehearsals, etc.). It was probably much easier for Grohl to pull off a surprise set with his own band.
      I’m a little envious of the folks who were there.

      • Dave Grohl played drums with members of Scream and The Bad Brains for the first set. Then there was a set from Trouble Funk, and then the Foo Fighters played. The entire show was 5 hours long.

  • Ugh, should’ve gotten tickets when I had the chance; totally regret it now. Grohl is an awesome musician and one of the most humblest guys in the business. Highly recommend Sound City!

  • I can’t even name one song they do. I guess I’m old.

    • Maybe you can’t name one but I would bet that you’d recognize at least a few if you heard them.

  • I’m pretty sure there were strong rumors floating around for a while that the Foo Fighters were going to be playing at this, so while it may have been a surprise to some people I’m not sure it was a surprise in general.

  • Dave Grohl played a song from atop the bar. There is a picture in there somewhere. I saw him play with Them Crooked Vultures at 930 club a few years back. They were great. His drum solo was awesome.

    • I was there last night. Incredible show. Saw them in a small club in 1997. This was just unreal last night.

      •5 hour show
      •FF played for about 2:30, double encore
      •Dave also played drums with Bad Brains/Scream
      •Dave did rock out on top of the side bar and did a jaeger shot

  • At one point in the middle of the show, Dave called out someone named “Omar” in the crowd. Anybody know to whom he was referring?

    • Omar Hakim, a famous session drummer. I believe he made the reference after calling Taylor Hawkins the best drummer in the world. He wasn’t actually in the crowd

  • Maybe I’m totally clueless but then who is big tony if this was his birthday celebration?

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