First Street, NE Cycle Track Becoming Even More Secure and M Street Looking Good Too


@SawatdeeRuck tweets us the photo above and writes:

“Zebra stripes filling in between flexible bollards on First Street cycle track.”

And props to the guys who’ve been painting the lanes green. I just noticed over the weekend they were doing it by hand:


And thanks to another reader for emailing an update on the M Street Cycle Track:

“The M Street cycle track is nearly ready! Flowers courtesy of Caruso Florist on the 1700 block of M.”


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  • Looking good!

  • They need to add those zebra stripes to all the bike lanes.

    • According to WABA they’re adding zebra striped curbs to the rest of Pennsylvania Ave. And the bollards are at least twice as dense on the M Street cycletrack.

  • Put bollards at the ends of each bike lane. Otherwise trucks and cars are still going to pull into them and use them as parking, waiting areas, and loading/unloading zones.
    You can’t fix stupid, but you can sure make it hard for them.

    • Every time DDOT replaced the bollards at the start of the L Street tracks, they’re inevitably gone within a couple of weeks.

      • Do you think someone (i.e. annoyed driver) is removing them? I guess they can be removed pretty easily with a simple tool. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a contractor or other service provider who is driving a truck with a bunch of tools and wants to park their van in the bike lane while on a job.

        • Why not put in a more permanent bollard that would prevent drivers from driving over while still allowing bikers to get by? Seems fairly straight-forward, no?

  • Great news. Thanks to the area cycling advocates. I hope there is more safe cycling infrastructure to come sooner than later all around the city.

  • maxwell smart

    Glad to see the M Street bike lane FINALLY get finished. I hope in the future they complete these projects a lot faster – the M street bike lane got painted sometime last fall but there was zero signage, no bike symbols, nothing. It was super confusing for drivers and it established an unsafe precedence that it was still okay to drive and park in the bike zone. Waiting 6+ months to complete the job means that drivers are now relearning the traffic pattern for a 2nd(ish) time.

    • Unfortunately, it is not finished. Just some parts. All through West End it is still unusable with cars parked throughout it (as of this morning at least). Definitely some great progress in the past weeks though.

    • justinbc

      Ok…but the streetcar project has taken what, 5 years? No transportation projects in this city move at rapid speed, I’m just glad they happen at all.

  • i saw a guy pull his car into the bikelane while doing a u-turn this morning. Biker and to jump onto the curb to avoid him.

  • The M street bike track is way too bumpy!! Needs to be repaved. Also it is only complete up to 21st St

    • maxwell smart

      Yeah, so do 90% of the roads in DC.

      • Haha. Great response.
        Somehow I think repaving the bumpy spots on the bike lanes are not a priority. Keep building more bike lanes first. In the meantime, ride on thicker tires. You’re in the city!

        • hmm, so the idea here is that we force bikers out of the road into small lanes where it is impossible for them to avoid road hazards, and continue building more of these facilities and limiting the options of cyclists instead of fixing those hazards? as soon as you build a bike lane on a road, car drivers will force cyclists off of the main part of the road. potholes are more likely to develop in the margins of the road (where the bike lanes are) because that is often where the sewers are, where the water pools, and where construction occurs. bike lanes are a poor substitute for the facilities offered to anyone behind the wheel of a large automobile.

          • Huh? So you’re saying you want fewer bike lanes? As a biker, that makes no sense.

          • as a biker, you should already be aware of the unique risks associated with bike lanes, particularly the nonsensical DC bike lanes.

          • justinbc

            You are still fully allowed to ride in the “regular” road, with traffic. Those who wants to be somewhat protected from the cars on the road will have the option of using the bike lane though.

  • Mmmmmm yeeeah. Looks perfect for parking on.

  • Great news! Now they can get to work building a designated bike lane along Rhode Island!!! (Wishful thinking)

  • These should be very helpful, but the biggest issue with painted bike lanes is that they’re high maintenance. The paint wears off pretty quickly, and well, DDOT has shown they aren’t the best at upkeep.

  • In a collective show of class, the flowers were still there at 5:30 PM today. (Not thieving counts as classy in DC.)

    And yes, that M Street lane looks unacceptably rough in places. There were points where I chose to stay out of it and rode in the other lanes, which isn’t such an awful offense when you consider that entire blocks of the bike line were filled with parked cars.

  • Am I looking at the wrong picture…how can anyone park in these bike lanes there are curbs between the bike lane and traffic lane…

    • justinbc

      People aren’t supposed to park here, that’s part of the point of them.

    • This is the first in DC with curbs along parts of it. Even then cars will drive in it, and they may or may not park. You’d be surprised what people are capable of doing when it suits them. But the curb is a big step, a welcomed commitment from the city.

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