El Mundo de los Luchadores at the DC Fairgrounds by Nats Park Sunday

El Mundo de los Luchadores

Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling event at the DC Fairgrounds (1299 Half Street, SE) this Sunday, May 4th from 2-7pm:

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by watching live lucha libre, or Mexican professional wrestling. See the glimmer of their colorful masks as wrestlers Pequeno Pierroth, Sangra de Aguila, Hijo de Dr. Wagner, and Hijo de La Park spin through the ring; smell the traditional Mexican street food; and dance to the beat of live music when you attend el Mundo de Los Luchadores — the world of Mexican pro wrestling — presented by Art Whino. Head to Navy Yard on Sunday, May 4 for a full day of excitement, including a Mexican-inspired live mural painting, an art exhibit that lets you get up close and personal with the masks of the luchadores, tropical punk music of Escarioka, and more.

Tickets here.”

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  • White people, please stop exploiting my people!

    • This actually seems pretty culturally sensitive, or at least a genuine celebration of Mexican culture. Better than sombreros and tequila shots.

    • It’s not white people.

    • Luchadores is pretty popular in LA, with both the Mexican families and the hipsters of Silverlake.
      That said – will this have midgets? Midgets luchadores are all kinds of awesome.

      • With a name like Pequeno Pierroth, I’m thinking yes. (Also, dude, I believe “midget” is not the preferred nomenclature.)

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