Delays on the Green Line – Photo from Columbia Heights


@DeejStu tweets us the photo above from Columbia Heights around 8:40am.

@Metrorailinfo tweets:

“Green Line trains currently holding in approach to Fort Totten due to a signal problem. Expect delays. 8:23a #wmata”

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  • busses werent much better! #Sbusproblems

    • The brand new 16th street paving job done across the bridge just north of Spring Rd flooded and the lanes became a bottleneck. Even when we have new infrastructure it is not designed for reality.

  • I waited 10 minutes at the U Street station and then trudged a few blocks in the rain to pick up a Car2Go. Worst commute ever! Ugh.

  • gotryit

    glad I biked in today…

  • bike to work day was a success for me.

    just sayin’

  • What a mess. Stood for 45 minutes between one woman complaining she wouldn’t get paid today and a mother telling her kid they wouldn’t make it to school.
    Millions in lost productivity thanks to second-rate transportation infrastructure.

  • It was so miserable. Sometimes I just want to punch Metro in the face.

  • Why do people keep putting up with this garbage? There have been track outages every single weekend for YEARS, which make riding the metro on the weekend almost impossible, and it never gets any better.
    They raise fares while breakdowns and outages become more and more frequent and never explain or apologize for the thousands they make late. This entire city is such a third world hellhole unless you can pony up several grand a month to rent a half decent place and drive around everywhere. I wouldn’t wish having to live here on my enemies.

  • Got to CH at 8:15 – waited until 8:50. Decided to try the bus. Walked half a mile to U St, ran to catch the 96 bus, which was a completely packed sauna with no windows open. My 30 minute commute became 90 minutes today. Thanks Metro.

    The best was when they said customers should use the Red line as an alternative. I use the Green Line to get to the Red Line! Brilliant.

  • That picture doesn’t look all that bad. I’m sure people had to wait longer than normal, but that doesn’t look that crowded especially for such a rainy day.

    • That pic was probably taken early, just after the delays started.

    • The Petworth station didn’t look half bad either, but that’s because a lot of people gave up and headed back up the escalators

  • Thank god I walk to work on Fridays. Even though my shoes and socks are wet, at least I got to work on time and didn’t have to deal with that crap.

  • Do people still have to get to “work on time”? If it’s a shift job and there’s a need to be there when one person leaves that’s understandable. But if you’re a salaried employee….can’t you just do some work at home until the mess clears? Is there someone standing at the door of your work at 8:32am pointing at their watch when you’re 2 minutes late?

    • For many people yes. Exactly that happens.

    • I work for myself now but for a few years I had a boss that did stuff like that all the time, including docking salaried people’s benefit time when they went home on 9/11/01 — even though our agency was shut down. I finally quit in disgust and she was fired not too long after that. So yeah. There are people like that out there.

  • Any chance metro will reimburse those of us who tapped in at the station and then tapped out to go take a bus and were charged the $2.10 regardless? I know it’s just $2.00, but why should we have to pay just to enter and leave a station a few minutes later without going anywhere?

    Also, the Petworth station was flooded today by the platform steps. Super safe.

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