Dear PoPville – Don’t Forget About Luna Grill & Diner in Dupont

1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Amidst the fusillade of new bars/restaurants we’re still here and serving huge portions of quality comfy food at very reasonable prices…

Luna Grill & Diner is locally owned and has been serving quality comfort food at an affordable price in the beating heart of Dupont Circle since 1996.

Every Sunday and Monday night from 5pm to close = *half-price pasta*
Large portions of penne, linguini, or spinach linguini with your choice of marinara, pesto, parmesan cream, or olive oil/garlic, as well as a host of toppings to choose from (Sun-dried tomatoes, meatballs, fresh mozzarella, spinach, jumbo shrimp, asparagus, Italian sausage, and more)…and as much fresh-baked toast toscano bread you can handle…

$5 Sangria (white or red) and pints of DC Brau Public all night long.

Luna is open 7 days a week at 8am and serves breakfast all day long every day, as well as time-tested “comfort food” items such as meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach, veggie pesto lasagna, country-fried steak, Jambalaya pasta, shrimp & grits, burgers, lump crab cakes, pan-fried catfish, meat chili, and more….Or try our classic grilled cheese/cream of tomato soup combo.”

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  • I don’t know, my friends who like this place, like it out of nostalgia, because they lived in the neighborhood 15 years ago when this was one of the few places where you could get diner-type food there for not a lot of cash. I’ve never been too impressed. But I’m glad it’s still kickin’.

  • justinbc

    Pasta Mia served me a huge portion as well, but it wasn’t very good. I’m not so concerned with getting massive amounts of food, I would prefer the regular sized meal I receive to actually be made well. Presumably if you’ve been around since 1996, in what has been a very competitive area for a while now, you’re doing something right at least, so bravo.

  • I love Luna! It’s my go-to place for reliably good food and great atmosphere. Love the back patio too!

  • A nice little letter to PoPville but the place is dated and the food there is just bland and not remarkable in any way… why would one go there when DGS (and other quality options) are right next door?

  • Always thought the food was decent. The biggest problem is that they have so many tables jammed into a small space. I always feel like I’m on top of the person next to me.

  • Luna is one of the few non-hotel spots in the area to get a solid sit down breakfast. Outside of breakfast, I don’t really see a big reason to go here instead of one of the 100000 other places that are better and in the neighborhood. But for breakfast, it is awesome. Service is always meh, but the food and prices are fantastic.

  • Luna Grill is one of the few places in the Dupont area to get a decent diner-style sit-down breakfast (a la Jimmy Ti’s on the Hill). Glad it’s there!

  • I’ve been looking for a real diner in DC, and shrimp and grits would be a major bonus. Wow. PoPville has addressed TWO of my foodie-longings in one morning! 🙂

  • I like to go to Luna when I need a comfort food fix and don’t feel like cooking myself. Their “pick your own” pasta is my favorite, but I like it all. It’s not haute cuisine, but not everything has to be. Sometimes you just want a grilled cheese and a good bowl of soup, and this is a perfect place for it.

  • Yay Luna!

  • No thanks. The food is mediocre and the service is terrible. There are so many better options.

  • Wow, who knew we had so many restaurant critics…

    It is a great little place for a good price. There always is a reason when a place is around as long as they have.

    Strange comments I must say..

    I recommend you try it if you haven’t.

  • Haven’t been to Luna in a while, but I remember liking it when I was last there, especially the sweet potato fries.

  • This place has gone way down hill in quality of food and service over the years. The cleanliness is also a big issue. Last and final time I went, several roaches were crawling on the table and floor. I know many places have roaches (I worked a a waitress for many years so I’m not blind) but this was just so outrageous and gross I had to leave without eating and will never return. I didn’t love it to begin with, but that just put me over the edge. You gotta care enough to keep them out of the dining room on tables far away from the kitchen. They had quite an infestation.

    • That’s a fib. I ran food at Luna from 2007 to 2012 and saw no bugs ever. They were still using Ecolab on a monthly basis when I left.

    • last time i ate there, clouds of tiny insects (fruit flies maybe?) were swarming around the dining room to the point you had to wave you hands constantly over the food while eating. not good. this was a while back, but like i said it was / will be the last time i at there.

  • This is definitely my go-to place for reliably great food. The 1/2 price pasta is the best in the city. Why would I go and pay double the prices just for ambiance. This place is 5 stars in my book. Good fresh food and good portions a reasonable price.

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