Crumbs Bake Shop Closed on 19th Street

1107 19th Street, NW

Crumbs opened up in the former Schakolad chocolate shop back in Jan. 2012. A call to their 11th and F St location confirms that the 19th Street store is permanently closed. Thanks to a reader for sending word.


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  • maxwell smart

    The cupcake trend is over! Hooray! Hooray!

  • Best looking cupcakes but always lacked in the flavor department

  • Is the cupcake era/fad finally coming to a close?

    • I always thought Crumbs was well-suited to ride out the cupcake trend. Their coffee was good, and they had more than just cupcakes. Seemed like they could have made the transition to the next trend or just to full-service bakery pretty easily.

    • no it’s just shifted to donuts (here). Eventually it will follow the Kronut Kraze when NYC starts getting bored with it

      • we’ve already got kronuts. Are donuts really a fad? I only know about astro and gbd. I love donuts but no one makes them like my hometown bakery. Of course, they’ve been doing it for 50 years.

      • You can get cronuts at Le Caprice in Columbia Heights. They’re amazing, way better than any cupcake or donut I ever had. (I still prefer a traditional croissant, though.)

  • The 17th & I location is closed too – has been for awhile now.

  • They’ve closed some of their NYC locations, as well.

  • Because it is a slow day I looked at their 10-K forms. Looks like while their stock is absolutely tanking, they have added about ten full-time positions a year for the last three years.

    Also, their is a sole union in the company which is located in Newark, NJ.

  • Thank goodness. Their products were really bad. They need to go out of business.

  • Didn’t like the closing outpost, but Crumbs has the best mix of taste, value and location in the local cupcake wars…if Baked and Wired had a downtown location, that would be another story. I guess the Metro Center and Union Station ones are still open.

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