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  • I have no interest in CrossFit myself, but this seems like a good thing for the neighborhood — woot!
    And I had no idea there _was_ any space below the Annie’s Ace.

    • Ditto regarding space below Annie’s.

      I know my wife will wish this was a regular gym, but this will be a great start!

  • Accountering

    No clue that there was space below annies. Very cool. Would have definitely preferred a normal gym (already crossfit at 14th and Longfellow!) but happy to see more amenities coming to the hood! Good luck!

  • epric002

    “below Annie’s”- as in, underneath? i have no interest in the crossfit cult but my husband will be quite excited. welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I hope the gym patrons have their own parking.

    • Accountering

      There is a metric ton of street parking there outside of school hours.

      Most people who can afford crossfit are not going to be at the gym during school hours, they have jobs downtown and such. Seems like this is a good fit for this street.

  • Confused as to what can be “below” Annie’s too.
    Crossfit scares me, from the very little I know. Does it have more injuries and accidents than a traditional gym?

  • How much are Crossfit membersips?

    • ~$200/month

      • wow what a joke who would pay that much!!!

        • I gladly pay it. I’m guessing you’re pretty out of touch with the cost of coaching/training, generally, if you consider $200/month payment for CrossFit coaching to be a joke. Personal trainers in this area often charge $75/hr. and up. My CrossFit membership gets me unlimited small-group classes with as much 1-on-1 coaching as I want. After a few years of paying about $75/month at a regular gym, with no personal training, and occasionally buying some personal training sessions at such gyms . . . my CrossFit membership seems like a bargain.

          All this being said, I fully acknowledge that my CrossFit membership is a luxury that many could not afford. But over-priced? No way.

          • Won’t you learn enough with personal training (or cross-fit coaching) that after a year or two you won’t need it anymore?

          • Accountering

            Its also a motivational thing. These workouts are intense, and for people who really care about what they are doing, and want to get a really good workout, it can certainly be worth it. Just because it isn’t worth it to you, doesn’t mean it is a joke, and the people who do it are idiots..

          • Not sure why I can’t reply to your 2:10pm post, Anonymous . . . but there’s no reply button. The short answer is “no,” I won’t know enough after a year or two of CrossFit to do it on my own, because part of what I pay for is the workout programming. A good CrossFit gym has one or more people programming the workouts to lead participants through specific training cycles. The workouts in a given week are programmed to ensure that different muscle groups are hit, with varying intensity levels (e.g., high rep/light weight, low rep/heavy weight) and lots of variation . . . without over-doing it with respect to any particular muscle group. The workout programming over a given multi-block month will also aim to achieve particular fitness goals.

            Prior to starting CrossFit, I ran and did the same group of gym machine exercises day/week/month in and out. I regularly suffered repetitive use injuries. I got bored with the repetition. I’m three years into doing CrossFit now, nearing my mid-40s, and feel as (or more) fit as I’ve ever been. I love that I can just show up at the gym at 7am and a programmed workout with excellent coaching will be waiting for me. I’ll leave the gym an hour later with my butt-kicked . . . ready to get on with my day. And as a matter of general principle, I don’t think an athlete (including the best ones on the planet) ever reaches a point where they can’t/don’t benefit from good coaching. Technique can always be improved.

            Yes, paying $200/month for coaching and workout programming is a luxury–extravagant even, by some standards–but worth every penny to me.

          • Similar story here. Although I think I am at a stage where I can write my own programming. I still appreciate coaching on the lifts, but I could just repeat a year’s worth of programming from my gym and do it on my own. When I suggested that I outfit the home with CF gear to save money, however, my wife was the one who insisted that I keep going to the gym. She says the competitive spirit and friendships there are worth the extra money, and I have to agree.

  • What about the expansion of Annie’s to the space next door. Was there a post about that?

  • The space is huge underneath, was a former car dealership. 6,000+ Square Feet and is going to be run by one of the larger CrossFit owners in DC.

    • Yup, there is a ramp on the ride side of Annie’s (I think it blocked right now) that goes down to a huge parking area and building below Annie’s. They could probably cut it up into a few different storefronts.

  • Not a fan of Crossfit or their prices but glad to see more businesses opening up in our neighborhood. Perhaps other gyms will consider opening in Petworth….please oh please?

  • I wonder if with all that space the owner would consider putting in some normal, boring old weight and cardio machines and a pilates room for those of us just looking for a regular gym in the neighborhood and don’t want to head back downtown or to 14th Street for a before work or evening workout?

  • Ughh, could we please get a regular gym in Park View / Petworth? How about the space at Georgia and Lamont?

  • Welcome to the neighborhood! Sounds like there is interest among residents! It’s not for me. We desperately need a normal, quality gym in the area. I think the demand is there to support cross fit and a normal gym.

  • Agree with previous posts about wanting/needing a regular ole gym in Parkview/Petworth area! I walk to WSC in CH, its only about a mile but when the weather is bad it feels a heck of a lot longer.

    • how crowded is it there? Was thinking of switchign from my gym by work to that one.

      • It really depends on the day/time you go. I never go in the mornings before work so I can’t speak to that. If I go around 6pm-ish, its crowded but I’ve never had a problem finding a cardio or weight machine (or just waiting a minute or two if there is a weight machine I need). Weekends are great, not too crowded. I generally avoid Monday’s, I hear that’s the most crowded day.

  • this is great news and who knew there was space below Annies? Seems like thats the type of space Annies would need for storage? but this is great news. Between the Yoga Heights on GA (which is awesome BTW) and now this, I have no excuse to not ramp my exercise!

  • this was my petworth get-rich plan. dammit.

  • I know the guys running this place from a previous crossfit gym — they are the BEST! They care about you and take the time to know you, thus are able to offer more effective workouts. Thumbs up to this place

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