Cops in Town for a Bike Race Blocking Bike Lane


A reader writes:

“Here’s a couple shots of cops parked in bike lanes near Thomas Circle. You’d think the police in general would obey laws more than most. But these guys especially-they’re all here for a bike race. Ridiculous.”


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  • How’s that NWA song go?

  • Meh. It’s Police Week. Every year cops come to DC, park wherever, including bus stops, cab stands, and even the middle of the street, engage in otherwise illegal behavior(a coworker saw a bunch of them in lawn chairs, openly drinking on the sidewalk yesterday). Without fail.

    • Joy. Sounds like Sturgis with badges.

    • And then, half-drunk and with their containers still open, they get in and drive off. Last year I watched as one of the New Jersey groups loaded up and then loaded up, with the driver having beer bottles at the ready in both cupholders.

  • “To Protect and Swerve”

  • I think in the 2nd photo the car is parked just on the edge of where the bike lane begins as it is going into Thomas Circle. It is, nonetheless, a no standing or parking any time (tow away) zone. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden in Thomas Circle so I don’t know if they extended the bike lane further up Mass Ave or not.

    • Look further down the bike lane and you can see one of their motorcycles completely blocking the lane.

      • I was referring to the 2nd picture but in the first picture the motorcycle should not be in the lane — however, it looks like it would be easy for me to just go around it. In a city there are always going to be obstructions.

  • I was walking home from work yesterday in that same location and watched about 30 of the cops riding on bikes ignore the bike lane completely and just ride down the side walk full of people (in the same direction as the bike lane 1 foot away in the street).

    • I was pedaling up 13th Street NW at 6 o’clock, in traffic. One these very “officers of the law” in the blue getup was on a bike ahead of me, running red light after red light.

      Welcome to “law enforcement’s version of spring break.”

  • Assuming that cops follow the letter of the law is why guilty people get off and defense attorneys make so much money.

  • To be fair, it doesn’t look like they’re parked in the bike lane. They’re in the media (not sure if that’s the right term) and do have some stuff in the lane itself but aren’t blocking it completely. If they wanted to be total a-holes, they totally could have parked right up next to the curb, completely blocking the lane.

  • Ugh. Police Week. When cops from all over the country come to DC to break “minor” laws and disturb the peace. Can’t some other city host this?

    • Why can’t they have this fake event at a place that suits them – like National Harbor, in PG? Oh yeah, I forgot about their tasteless vanity memorial in the middle of a public space, convenient to crime central, aka the FOP beer hall on 4th St NW.

      • I didn’t want to respond to many of the posts here, but this part ” tasteless vanity memorial in the middle of a public space” got me. So to you, internet tough guy, I say F you. I’m not sure what you find you find tasteless of marble walls with names on them. Thousands of names of men and women who have died doing a job at all hours of the day, many of them dying alone on a road, either shot or struck by a car. Loved by thousands. They’re not heroes because they were cops. It’s a job. That they gave their lives to that job knowing the dangers every day, many times protecting innocents, that makes them heroes.

        It’s comments like this that wish we could all have unique logins so I could just mute you.

  • Cops not following the rules the rest of us are supposed to live by?

    I’m shocked.

  • I’m sick of this. I reported this situation this morning: but of course it didn’t get anywhere.
    Then as I was leaving work I noticed three dudes near the truck in question, and I stopped to talk with them. Before I could even get out what my concern was, they told me to shut up, that “the hotel [Madison]gave us permission to park here,” and they didn’t “give a shit about no motherfucking bike lane.” Then they jaywalked across the street to their hotel.
    Dear Police Week: Go home, you’re drunk.

    • It looks like from the comment around 3pm that a ticket was issued: “Badge #298 1 noi issued #8127714136” – at least that’s something.

  • If the cops don’t have to obey the laws then why should anyone else?

    I’m only surprised that they’re not drinking and/or publicly urinating in this picture, because from what I can tell that is their primary reason for coming to police week.

  • It’s like rain on your wedding day

  • If you see documented cases of this stuff, shoot it over to the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project. I’m sure they’d love to hear about it.

  • Never thought I’d say this, but the Rolling Thunder crowd is *MUCH* better behaved and not as blatantly disrespectful to the DC community than the pack of sociopaths in town this week for Cops on Bikes.

  • Some pigs are more equal.

    These bad cops give the good cops a bad name, and the “good” cops that turn a blind eye to the bad behavior of bad cops are just as bad.

  • By “race” I think you mean a charity ride to raise money for a memorial to officers who have fallen in the line of duty. But f* ck them for blocking the bike lane for a little while while they staged their gear, right?

    Instead of whining to the PoPville community, a more appropriate response would have been to thank these cops for risking their lives for you.

    • Just because they chose to risk their lives for the greater good doesn’t entitle them to be complete a-holes to everyone they come across. Thanks for playing though.

    • nah screw cops

    • Whine much?

      They are not on duty, so there is no official reason to block the lane. When not on duty, these men are civilians. These are off-duty cops who are breaking the law and who do not give a rats ass that they are doing so.

      They are not putting their life on the line here. Do not pull that card as it disrespects those who have died while doing their duty.

      Do not ask others to respect cops who do not respect the laws. Laws apply to everyone, even police officers. It is saddening these off-duty police officers do not think the same.

    • i do thank police officers for their service. it would be nice if once in a while they thanked us for their jobs. but i’ve never heard that.

    • I’ll thank them when they thank me for paying their salary.

      Let’s not act like police officers “risk their lives for the greater good” out of the goodness of their heart, most of them would be working behind a fast food counter if they weren’t cops because they’re not qualified to do anything that requires a brain.

      Most cops spend the vast majority of their time filling out tickets to meet quotas and harassing “suspicious looking” non-white folks to fill in their free time before shift change.

      Maybe some cops are in the job for noble reasons that you claim, I’ve just never met any that do

  • If you look at the SeeClickFix site, there’s a ton of photos showing illegally parked police vehicles (which have nothing to do with the fundraiser). Why can’t these guys pay for parking like everyone else? They’re already here on the Police Department’s dime, getting their gas paid for by their departments as they drive gas guzzlers from their local jurisdictions here.

  • I’m not going to speak on behalf of my brother or sister officers. There is no doubt that some come here to get incredibly hammered and generally treat this city as a giant bar crawl. And yes, adding hundreds of SUVs with attached trailers often require people to park in spots that are illegal. Not excusing that either.

    I would like to ask how many people commenting went to the candlelight vigil tonight. And while I’m sure you’ll say that it doesn’t matter or they’re not connected. 286 names were added to the wall today. And those names came here with parents and spouses and children who are grieving. And the reality is that the drunken louts do clean up well and put on their dress uniforms and stand with them by the thousands to tell the families that they are not alone.

    I’d advise steering clear of Dubliner. Irish Times, The Billy Goat, and any other place that has Guinness on tap. They will leave soon, and then you can rail at UPS or FedEx for blocking bike lanes.


    • Scrillin

      So you’ll all be giving tickets to the 5 trailers parked along Mass Ave in the bike lane by Thomas Circle right now, then, right? Your point is that these citizens will be treated equally?

      • No. I absolutely won’t. They’ll get professional courtesy. Because I know that when I’m getting my ass kicked on a street, they will stop and help and not just video it on their cellphone. If that makes me a hypocrite, I’m fine with that.

        • Accountering

          This is lame. Professional courtesy… Sigh.

          I would happily help you if you were fighting some low-life on the street, and would certainly not try and film it while you struggle with someone trying to grab your gun. I would pile on, and help you take him down.

          Do I get a get-out-of-a-parking-ticket-free card as well?

        • Man up and follow the law.

        • Professional courtesy = corruption, plain and simple.

    • they are CHOOSING to bring a difficult-to-park vehicle, and that’s not MY problem, or anyone else’s.

  • copz on bikez took over the GW parkway northbound during rush hour for a lil bike ride. how fun!!!

  • These comments make me sick. When precious “bike rights” supercede the basic civility of honoring the sacrifice law enforcement officers makes for our fundamental safety and liberty. But yes, let’s all paint LEOs as pure evil based on the actions of a few. Such comments display a maddening level of either ignorance or arrogance. Such broad brushstrokes would be quickly condemned if they were applied to race, class, gender, etc. But they seem fine to say towards an entire, fundamentally selfless, profession?

    It’s the nature of public service at large I guess. The public so rarely appreciates the good, but so quickly magnifies the bad.

    TO THE LEOs out there: thanks for your service and sacrifice. Don’t pay any mind to these negative nancies

    • Accountering

      When the rights of law-abiding citizens, taxpayers, and people who are ultimately more vulnerable, are superceded by people breaking the law, that makes me sick.

      I certainly do appreciate the good work that MPD does. The fact that you think it is okay that our city gets taken over by off-duty civilians from all over the country who break the law with impunity (certainly not all, or most, but some), makes me sick as well. You sir, are part of the problem.

    • You know what makes me sick, Cops believing that the law doesn’t apply to them, cops extending “professional courtesy” to allow other cops to flout the law. This is the definition of corruption, and it engenders a general sense of lawlessness among police across the country. Police, as enforcers of the law, should be model citizens, setting the highest example of lawfulness. They should be a beacon of rectitude and good governance. Instead the bad ones act like idiots and the better ones look the other way. This is abysmal.

  • that is actually where the bike lane begins heading into thomas circle on southbound mass. the vehicle isn’t blocking anything. it may be in an illegal spot, but it’s at the front of a line of parked cars.

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