Construction to Start Soon for a Lowes next to Costco

2441 Market St NE

@TonyTGoodman tweets:

“.@Lowes finally has their permit (B1308494) to start construction of first DC store at Ft Lincoln next to Costco.”

With the choice of Lowes vs. Home Depot – which do you prefer?

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  • They’re both pretty similar for me, in general. But the home depot on Rhode Island ave is AWFUL. I avoid it whenever possible. Maybe Lowe’s nearby will be a reason for them to get it together…

  • Lowe’s all the way. RI Ave HD can go die.

  • I think that locstion is the DC area with a suburban feel and drive, it’s like driving to Maryland to me.

  • They have to figure out the parking lot traffic situation before LOWES comes it, right now it’s a freaking nightmare coming in as well as going out.

    • accendo

      This. 1000x this.

    • Costco’s parking lot is one of the most frustrating driving experiences in the city. I’m all for that area getting Lowes and other shops and restaurants, but until something is done about that awful entrance lane that area will be a mess.

    • Spot on. I’m not sure why they couldn’t plan for this while developing the area

    • It’s no more awkward than just about every lot on Rockville Pike or most of NoVa. Actually, the whole experience of this place is much better than the clueless driving and complicated/cramped parking layout they have at the Pentagon City Costco.

      • We were just driving around there this weekend and I commented that I felt like we were back in NoVA with the clusterfuck parking lots.

    • I don’t disagree with you, but it beats the current RI Home Depot entrance. Beats both entrances, really. The back entrance near the Giant is pretty bad.

      WHO designed that RI development? All that space, and the entrances feel like they were squeezed in at the last minute.

      • Totally agree. The parking lot at the RI Home Depot is a mess. I haven’t had nearly as many issues when I go to Costco. I also agree with the above commenter that the Pentagon City Costco is more of a cluster than the DC one.

  • Annie’s Ace.

    I’ve never had a preference between Lowe’s and the Home Despot. Both can be cheaper, and succeed in the “we have nearly everything” department. Some of the people who work there are really knowledgeable and helpful. There are too few service folks on a weekend, but if you can make it on a weekday then they’re usually good.

    Still, if Annie’s has it and the price isn’t too far off, I prefer them. They’re local, there are usually tons of folks able to help, and they have the supply chain of Ace so I can order something and it’s in the next day. When I needed a lawnmower,, Home Depot had either cheapo junk or very high-end expense. Annie’s had the middle-ground that I needed as a city lawn guy.

    • +1 on Annie’s. It’s amazing how fast I can get there, get what I need and get out. Will go to Lowe’s for some of the bigger stuff. They’re generally better than HD and the RI Ave HD is the worst I’ve ever entered.

    • Big Annie’s fan as well, though you have to know your prices before going in. Some things are reasonably priced, some are silly expensive (looking at you, light bulbs). Staff is great, and there’s a lot of inventory packed into that store.

  • justinbc

    All other things being equal, Home Depot generally has a higher quality product available to purchase, which is generally why I would choose them. The staff at the RI Ave HD is just the worst though, maybe the worst of any kind of store anywhere I’ve ever been. So, even if the product might be inferior, I’ll likely be taking my business to Lowe’s. (and hoping they don’t hire the same kind of apathetic, unknowledgeable employees as HD did in DC)

    • what products do you consider to be inferior?

      • I wouldn’t put in such a judgmental frame–it tends to be about range and brands more than quality. HD stores usually have a broader array of garden/yard stuff. They also have more in the way of plumbing fixtures. Lowe’s has a better selection lighting and stuff like blinds.

        • justinbc

          Right. As I stated, it’s obviously a generalization in order to answer a simple question.

          • you said inferior products. i’m just asking what.
            i use hardware stores extensively for work, and my own home remodeling. i’ve been to all the main hardware stores in the metro area. i’ve never noticed inferior quality at lowes, so i’m curious why you say that.

          • justinbc

            Closet materials, appliances, outdoor stuff, quite a lot. And I grew up in NC where Lowe’s dominates, and the HDs there were still better.

          • brookland_rez

            Maybe it’s just our Home Depot, but when I was remodeling my bathroom, I found better bathroom fixtures at the Lowe’s in New Carrolton. Like the only tubs at HD were some cheap off brand. I went to Lowe’s and found Kohler and all kinds of better stuff. In the end, I ended up choosing fixtures from Thomas Summerville plumbing supply house that my contractor recommended though.

  • YES. As far as selection, I’ve found Lowes and Home Depot to be pretty similar. The reason I’m excited is because now I’ll have an alternative to the RI Home Depot, which has a dismal selection and staff, but is close to my house. This is only a few minutes further. I very much hope they train their staff better than the RI Home Depot so I don’t have to drive out to Hyattsville anymore for bigger purchases.

  • The RI Ave HD has had lots of ups and downs, but seems much better now than in the past and serves its purpose (big ticket items or bulk quantities I wouldn’t get at a hardware store).

    I used to live near one of HD’s flagship stores in Atlanta (open 24 hours, largest in the chain for awhile) and and as soon as their profits dropped–everything was slashed and the competent staff left. It took months to get a simple item (a rug remnant with finishing) and then they wanted to charge for delivery (after many screw-ups and delay and it wasn’t part of the original deal). As soon as there was a Lowe’s nearby, I scoped out what they did better and quit shopping at HD.

    In general, HD sucks and the hate for RI Ave seems like DC whining more than the particular wonderfulness of other stores. I’ve been to others in the area (Hybla Valley, PG Plaza area, MoCo) and none have been great experiences. As of a few years ago, according to contractors, the one at Bailey’s Crossroads was the only one worth going out of the way to visit.

    • justinbc

      Is it really “DC whining” if they’re all terrible?

      • DCers are Olympic class whiners (suburbanites as well as city folks). And its rarely very constructive–think about all the complaints about where people stand on the Metro escalators–it’s always someone else’s responsibility to know where to stand, when the simplest thing is to say excuse me and walk by. As for HD–they are a horrible customer service operation and at best the stores have ups and downs. I don’t expect much from them. It’s not Nordstrom’s.

    • I’ve had consistently good experiences at the Hyattsville Home Depot (especially compared to the RI one). I go to RI for smaller or quick items, but if I’m buying a big ticket item or need help choosing something, I go out to Hyattsville.

  • Don’t care. It’s all about location and what other stores it’s close to. And since we go to Costco a fair bit (and often also combine those trips with one to the RI Home Depot), I imagine we’ll be patronizing Lowe’s quite a bit when it’s finished.

  • Glad to have a Lowes closer. Sometimes they have something that HD doesn’t that I need. Nice to have the extra option.

  • brookland_rez

    Everyone uses it because it’s so convenient, but the Home Depot on RIA is probably the worst in the entire chain. You have to look at it as a supply house. You go in knowing what you need, find all by yourself what you need, double check the item to make sure it is what you need (because everything is in the wrong bin), go to self check out. You can’t depend on the staff there for much of anything.
    A Lowe’s close by will provide sorely needed competition.

    • justinbc

      Yep, basically. I do all the research ahead of time because I know I’m going to get zero assistance there. In fact I often get unsolicited help from random construction worker type guys who happen to be in the areas I’m browsing, which has been infinitely more useful than anything a HD employee could do aside from say “that’s in Aisle 5”.

      • brookland_rez

        Ha ha. I get that too. I go in with my “working on the house” clothes. People see me and they say, “oh you look like you know what you’re doing. Can you help me?”
        You can’t even depend on the staff to know where things are at. I’ve had them on multiple occasions send me to the wrong aisle the few times I’ve attempted to ask them where something was LOL.

        • Home Depot is the Best Buy of home improvement stores, in terms of customer service. This is where Lowe’s should pull ahead.

          • justinbc

            I would love to think that would be the case, but unless they go and steal all the current employees from Logan Hardware, Annies Ace, Fragers, etc they’re going to wind up with the same lackadaisical employee base…unless they’ve got some unknown hiring leg-up on HD that I’m unaware of.

  • The HD is close to metro, which is nice if I need something small. But if Lowe’s can manage to avoid the HD situation of a bunch of guys standing around in the parking lot yelling/hissing at women, then I’ll go there instead. I go all over the city and am not easily intimidated, but I feel really uncomfortable at that Home Depot. Not unsafe, per se, just unpleasant.

    • brookland_rez

      That’s unfortunate. I park at that area sometimes to avoid getting caught up in the clusterfuck that that parking lot can be sometimes on the weekends. As a guy, I don’t get hissed at, I just get them running up to me to try and get work. It’s been a while, but I’ve actually used them on more than one occasion. Mostly low skill manual labor stuff like digging holes for the fence I built, installing flower beds, etc. I would never trust them with anything higher skill than digging a ditch and would never let them work inside my house where they can scope out my belongings. In general, they work hard, you just have to be careful how you use them.

    • I was just noticing the other day how the RIA HD has far fewer day laborers lingering outside than the locations I used to go to out in Fairfax County. I guess it’s because more day laborers live in Fairfax County.

  • I have always gone to the HD in Hyattsville, lots of parking and competent staff even tho the RI one is closer to my house. I will probably continue to go out to Hyattsville even after the lowes is built unless the Lowes has something I am specifically looking for and/or I am already heading that way for Costco.

  • Well, I used to always go exclusively to Fragers, but since the fire I’ve tried a couple other options, and I have to say I’ve been very impressed with the Ace on 5th Street and Logan Hardware. The Home Depot on Rhode Island has always been a last resort – I’ll head to Lowes when it opens for things that the smaller local stores don’t carry or for plants and flowers. I’d love to support Fragers for those, but the prices just aren’t competitive!

  • I’ve never really had a chance to do much shopping at Lowe’s, because there wasn’t one nearby.
    I’ve heard great things about Lowe’s and will be keen to check out the D.C. location!

  • This shopping center was in planning for a decade. And yet, it appears no consultation was done with DDOT to align the exit and try to plan for traffic. I’m assuming none was done, because it’s a terrible mess that I would hope DDOT would never have allowed.
    The exit onto South Dakota is doesn’t align with the driveway to enter and exit the Goodwill industries store and warehouse. there’s no exit to New York Ave westbound toward DC [eastbound has to first exit to south dakota]; i guess this reinforces the message that this store is intended to collect taxes from Maryland shoppers.
    i know some people were unhappy about the planning for this shopping center, that it was more suburban and didn’t maximize uses by building mixed-use. But even as a suburban shopping center, the traffic planning was awful.
    I like Costco, but I have reduced my spending there because it’s such a terrible experience getting in and out of that shopping center.

    • I really don’t understand why people are complaining so much about getting in and out of the shopping center. I’ve been a number of times and have never had a big issue, or really any issue. That said, I usually go on a weeknight when there are far fewer people than say, a Saturday afternoon.

      • +1. I’ve never had a problem getting in or out. It’s very, very busy, but manageable. And considering the location of this development, its suburban nature makes perfect sense. There is nothing remotely high density for miles. All of the District does not need to be super high density, at least not at this point.

      • On my last visit (a Saturday afternoon) MPD had set up cones and was directing traffic in & out of the parking lot. That tells me something is wrong.

  • I’ve actually had pretty good experiences at HD on Rhode Island (and I’m there a LOT). Those of you having issues with the staff may either be unlucky or… something else. I also frequently encounter contractors willing to answer questions if I’m, say, standing in front of 2,000 kinds of light switches looking lost. I do think Lowe’s has a better selection of higher-quality materials though, and would probably shop there for some things.
    I wish they were being a little smarter about this whole development. It’s already kind of a disaster getting in and out of the CostCo parking lot on weekends even though the lot’s always 50% empty (not enough exits), and it’s only going to get worse as more stores are added.

  • When the HD on RIA opened, Home Depot’s management team was in cost-cutting mode, and it showed in the extremely poor level of customer service and spotty inventory management that you experienced in the store. This has changed dramatically over the past two years or so. I am consistently surprised/impressed by the friendly helpful customer service I encounter at the Home Depot these days.

  • I was hopeful a Target would also open?! I’m
    thrilled about Lowes. Agree with masses that RI HD is the worst for service cleanliness etc. But can’t beat convenience so I often go there doing research beforehand.

    Any updates on the other shops that are going to come in?!? Very excited about this!

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