Cat Found at 12th and Maryland Ave, NE


A reader writes:

“I found this sweet kitty on my porch this morning. She (I think) has a lion cut and is clearly someone’s pet and not a stray. She was very hungry and wants attention. Sadly, I had to go to work so she is in our bathroom. I plan on taking her to Atlas Vet to be scanned later today.

In the meantime, does anyone recognize this kitty? I’d love for her to find her caretakers. I’ve also sent this to the Humane Society.”

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  • Oh boy, hopefully you took the toilet paper roll out of there or it’ll be torn to SHREDS. Hope it finds it’s owner soon!

    • I didn’t even think of that! My current cat leaves them alone and we were in a rush out the door.

      I’ll be coming home to an interesting site I’m sure.

    • The TP is hung in the way that will allow the cat to unroll the whole thing! At least it will be contained to the bathroom! Thanks for taking care of the kitty.

  • justinbc

    Why do people do this to cats?

    • Because it’s AWESOME, and if anyone needs their ego taken down a peg, it’s cats.

      -Owner of 2 cats, neither of which has a lion cut, but one of which could probably use one, since he has a double coat and sheds + is like a living furnace of heat in the summer and so, in some sense, would probably benefit from it.

      • +1 million on the cat-ego philosophy!! But also for their comfort in the DC heat, it actually does them some good.

        • justinbc

          Ah, interesting. My previous roommate had a Pomeranian, and she used to do stuff like this to him all the time because she thought it looked cute.

      • I do not think you need to shave your cat for comfort in the heat. It’s a cat. The hair actually protects them from sunburn and other things that would irritate the skin.

      • Double coat – 1 coat for heating and 2nd coat for cooling. Don’t shave your pets! Brush them instead.

    • What Mr. Frackles said — it’s for practical reasons; it’s not a punishment.

    • My mothers cat is long haired and is so old (aobut 19) grooming is a problem for kitty and my mother is somewhat allergic which means she doesn’t groom the cat quite as much as kitty needs. Needless to say the mats build up and it is less stressful to shave (esp during the summer) than trying to comb the mats out.

    • We do it to our long haired cat because she doesn’t groom herself well enough and attacks us when we try to brush her. She develops too many knots and mats if we don’t shave her, and she’s seriously uncomfortable. She’s so much more social and happy when she’s shaved.

    • Because they’re lazy and don’t want to take the time to brush out the tangles.

  • Poor kitty! That’s definitely a lion cut. My Persian cat gets the same cut once a year — it helps with shedding and keeps them well groomed. I hope you find her caretaker and thanks for taking her in. These breeds don’t do well outside.

  • janie4

    That may not be a lion cut – it looks like she has a scar of some kind on the back (although it’s excessive for a wound clipping). She may have been a stray shaved to get rid of mats.

    • I think that’s dirt, but I’ll double check when I get home. So far I’ve contacted Wash Humane and multiple groomers.

    • Ha….ha….good luck trying to lion cut/shave a stray DC cat. Hope this kitty finds his/her family soon!

  • Totally not related, but I love your black bathroom!

  • So the kitty is chipped but the American kennel club thinks the number wasn’t written down correctly. We’re going to try to have the humane society scan tomorrow.

  • UPDATE: Kitticus was reunited with her humans this morning!

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