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  • Sadly, this iteration seems to bear no relation to the original Boss Shepherd’s , on 17th Street NW, across the alley from the Fox and Hounds (site of Agora). Then again, the return of any restaurant dumb enough to hire me would probably not be a significant addition to the DC dining scene.

    • saf

      I was wondering if I was the only one here who remembered that place. Apparently I forgot about you!

    • I swear, that space has had four different names since I moved here in the 90s.

      • Boss Shepherd’s
        Le Pigalle (recipient of possibly the most savage review ever published by Tom Sietsema — “At Least the Water’s Cold”)

      • djdc

        To be fair, it was Boss Shepherd’s and Peppers (same owner) for a good little while. The newer ones, true, didn’t last as long.

    • My sister used to work at Boss Shepherds when she first moved to DC – I ended up spending a good bit of time there waiting for her to finish (so we could enjoy free beverages).
      Then I’d return the favor by getting her into shows at the Wax Museum which is where I was working during grad school.

  • I worked at Boss Shepherds on 17th circa 1990-93 as a server then a bartender. Was one of my first DC restaurant jobs. I made lots of friends there many of whom I’m still in contact with today.
    Some great memories –
    We use to have a dollar beer night which was very popular with the bike couriers (terrible tippers they were though).
    I used to play Grateful Dead bootlegs at the bar on Sunday mornings for brunch. Some folks loved it, some didn’t
    Sunday night was Blade night (1/2 priced burgers) which combined with super cheap drinks next door at JRs made for some crazy nights.
    The high heel race on Halloween were always fun except for the one year the DC cops started beating people back.
    Was great to be able to pop over to the Fox and Hounds post-shift for the strongest cocktails in town.
    Hope the new spot does well.

  • I remember hanging out at Boss Shepherds during the great snowstorm of 96 (or was it 97). The location for the new Boss Shepherds was originally the Neptune Room. I remember going there when I was a very little girl. My father would hold me up so I could look out the porthole windows. It will be nice to have a decent restaurant there again.

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