Bonus Brookland Good Deal or Not? (reader request)


Well this is a cool one at 1314 Kearney St, NE sent in by a reader. The realtor’s website says:

“This house was built around 1910 by Ludwig Luebkert, a house builder from southern Germany who lived across the street. He built the house for his sister, and though it is an example of the simpler Edwardian style, he recycled a few architectural elements from the earlier Victorian era: the front porch balustrade, the wainscoting and stairway in the foyer, and the fireplace mantle in the dining room, were all reused from older houses. The stained glass window on the stairs and turned wood above the transoms in the front room are examples of Edwardian features.

During 1978, just after the sellers moved into the house as the third owners, the original woodwork was refinished by removing paint and dark varnish. New woodwork in the kitchen, dining room, and family room was custom milled to match the old woodwork in the front rooms. At the same time, the large family room at the back, which was built in the 1950s by the prior owners, as well as the 1950s vintage kitchen, were completely redesigned. The feel of the house was opened up by enlarging the door from the dining room to the family room, by adding an opening between the kitchen and the family room, and by adding a sliding glass back door that provides a view of the yard. Though they replaced the old louvered windows and knotty pine paneling in the family room, they kept the 1950s pink and black tile in the downstairs bathroom. During 2008, the screened porch was built to replace the deck that we built in the late 1970s, and the upstairs bathroom was completely redesigned. Both of these improvements used environmentally friendly materials and have many hand-crafted details.”

You can see a virtual tour here. This 4 bed/2 bath is listed at $849,000.

Check out some drone video below:

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  • I’d personally use some paint to tone down the heaviness of the wood. But, otherwise, I love it. I’m glad they didn’t paint everything before selling because some people might love all of the wood.

  • Too spendy for rooms that tiny, unfinished basement and attic, and kitchen in need of reno.

    Very pretty, though!

  • Can I just say BRAVO to the realtor for a description that’s interesting and non-generic? Wish more listings described some of the history of the property.

  • I’ve been inside. Kitchen is spacious and much cooler than photos convey. Gorgeous original details in wood throughout. Detailed landscaping and a koi pond!

  • All that glass is just inviting someone to break it.

  • Can I just say BRAVO to the realtor for a description that’s interesting and not generic? Wish more sellers included the home’s history in their listing.

    • Abbott Klar is an amazing team that sells the gems in Brookland. They also sold the Round House a couple of years ago.

  • I want to be on that screened porch. Now. Preferably in a hammock.

  • you can tell that this home was lovingly taken care of and it has a lot of beautiful character. that being said, it needs a good $150k (at least) to make it a show piece. Really small rooms, unfinished attic and basement, no real master, and the kitchen needs to be gutted.

    • True, no real master. But go see it at the open house. the kitchen is cool. Lots of space and neat details. Doesn’t need much work, if any, to be perfectly honest.

    • sorry, I didn’t complete my thought. after renovations you are looking at $1 million and (without reigniting the Brookland hotness debate of last week) I don’t think that neighborhood is there yet.

    • $150K!? Only if you want to transform this into a sterile Crate & Barrel flip. I would probably replace the cupboards, add a nicer stove, and swap out a few of those light fixtures. Maybe finish the attic and basement eventually. A similar property sold nearly a year ago for close to $800k, and prices in Brookland have gone up something like 18% since then. I’m not sure an $850k house is ever a “deal,” but there are plenty of buyers (myself included) who appreciate some character in a house.

      • You can renovate a home without eliminating it of its character. the kitchen needs to be entirely redone and the wall between it and the family room needs to come down. there is no master, there’s only one full bathroom and the rooms are tiny. in which case you are talking bumping out or finishing the attic with plumbing. not to mention finishing the basement. if this were a rowhome in U Street or Shaw then I would say fine. but if you are moving to Brookland it is presumably for space and perhaps a family. this house doesn’t maximize its space and isn’t conducive for a family in my opinion.

  • I don’t know if it’s a good deal or not, but I’ll take it!

  • This almost makes me wish we scrounged up an extra $75k and bought this instead! I’d give up being next to Eastern Market and everything else and just hang out on my porch all the time.

  • So it’s a great size and has a lot going for it, but it still needs a LOT of work.

  • This house is beautiful. The history. The wood. The yard. The porch. The stained glass window. The little book shelf nook in the bedroom.

    Sure, the kitchen needs to be renovated, but the space is well laid out and…. really…. how often do you buy a home and love the kitchen (arguably the most important room in the house)? This way, you get it do it your way.

  • Nothing really wrong with this place. The woodwork is irreplacable. The kitchen has recent appliances and seems fine. The bedrooms look small but not much you can do with that. Lost of people can live w/o a “suite”. Would rather have a functional attic like this one than one that’s been carved into claustrophobic rooms with low ceilings (that will be boiling in summer). Nice balance between period details and modern convenience. Most places that get a mention here don’t accomplish something difficult like that. I suspect that the whiners want a suburban house in an old shell, which defeats the purpose of the old shell.

    • Well said. This one is special.

      • i agree this is a lovely home. but $850k for a house with tiny bedrooms and 1.5 baths in Brookland. i’m sorry it’s priced too high. there are a number of homes in Brookland currently for sale that are hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper and offer more space, updated kitchens and still retain the old original charm.

  • Though I’ll grant that it might be more impressive in-person, aside from the porch and the 2nd floor bathroom, I’m not seeing anything that commands such a princely sum.

  • I love this house, especially the foyer and living room. The only thing I would change is the wall border in the dining room, and put in a full bath in the basement so there’s a bathtub in the house. There’s nothing wrong with that kitchen, and I hope whoever buys it doesn’t paint over that gorgeous wood, or take down walls to create a lame open floor plan. If this house were in my budget I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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